9 Interesting Chartreux Behavior Concerns

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Staring Chartreux cat

Not only do Chartreux cats look cute and cuddly, but they also have their mysterious ways. Finding out how your cat will behave before you adopt one is very important because some people might find some cats annoying, while others might find the same ones playful and friendly. Today we’ll talk about Chartreux cat facts related to their behavior and what makes them so desirable because if you have done your research, these pets are pretty high in demand.


These cats are known for their sweet and affectionate nature. They will follow you around wherever you go. Does this sound annoying? Well, no! even though Chartreux cats are so loving, they do not demand attention. Though not demanding, they will never forget to appreciate it if you show any affection and then be just as loving and sweet towards you.

You’ll find them showing this affection in little ways without being too intimate. For example, they will come into your lap whenever you sit down.


Chartreux cats, due to their nature, will easily develop friendships with other pets as well. These cats also make really good friends with children, so if your children are going to be affectionate towards it, petting it all the time, they’re going to love that.Chartreux cats mostly devote themselves to one person in the household, and they show that love to that one person by doing stuff like following them around or sitting with them in their bed.

However, this doesn’t mean they won’t be affectionate towards other family members. They are not extremely social and not very shy with newer people, but somewhere in between.


There is a legend about the Chartreux cats: they lived with Carthusian monks in France and took the vow of silence with them! Other cats might be annoying due to their constant meowing and demanding nature, but not the Chartreux. These are not only calm and not aggressive, but they don’t make too much sound.

They are very communicative; however, instead of crying or meowing, Chartreux cats will do so in other ways, using their body language. Some of these cats are even mute. Theywon’t make any sounds very often, but that doesn’t mean they’re not observing everything around them. And when they do speak up, it will sound more like a little chirp than a meow.


Due to their curious nature, Chartreux cats might go exploring out the window someday if they feel like it. They also love to climb walls, so they’re going to walk around your house and get themselves wherever they want easily. Some cats also figure out how to open and get into cabinets, which can become a problem; however, you can always use toddler locks if your Chartreux figures out how to get in there.

Anyhow, these cats are going to observe everything around them, and there’s always going to be stuff going on in their head that you might not realize because they look so calm and quiet, but don’t be fooled by that!

Quick Brain

This is one smart and intelligent breed. They will pick up things fast, and some might figure out how to turn on lights, radios, or even open doors. They’re so smart that, for example, if you have a guest over, they’re going to think and decide whether to go and greet them or find themselves another way to deal with that situation. It is a good idea to make Chartreux cats play problem-solving games for treats; you and your kitty are going to love that! Observe your Chartreux cat some time and see what they’re up to. You might be surprised at how smart this little thing is.

Calm and Peaceful

Scared of getting a cat that might keep getting into fights with other cats inside and outside the house? Well, you won’t have to face that problem if you get yourself this cat. You already know that Chartreux cats do not make much noise. In addition to that, they are very calm and can adapt to new surroundings easily.

If they get involved in some form of fight or conflict, they will leave the scene quietly instead of doing anything aggressive. So if one of them is a Chartreux, you won’t have to deal with any catfights going on inside your house.

Great at Hunting

Owing to their heritage, Chartreux cats are great at hunting. They might surprise you with the acrobatic actions that they perform and have really fast reflexes. And as you already know about their quiet, obedient, and smart nature, what does that make it? An excellent hunter, of course.

If you’re sick of having mice inside your house, the Chartreux will take care of that; these cats are known to be especially great at hunting mice, so say goodbye to all the mice you ever had to deal with, this cat is going to scare them all away.

Silly and Playful

Well known for their dog-like behavior, Chartreux cats will always be pleased to play with you. They enjoy fetching toys and responding to names and are very playful. Although these cats will not always nag you to play with them, they’ll bring a toy if they want to, and they also enjoy playing by themselves.

Problem-solving games, due to their smart brain, are some of their favorites. Not only playful, but some owners also find their Chartreux cats very funny. They will do silly things and on purpose because they know they have a sense of humor when they’re funny! Pretty smart for a cat. Well, it’s all thanks to that smart brain of theirs.

Loyal and Obedient

Lastly, these cats are known for their dog-like characteristics and bonding with their owner. They’re going to be especially loyal when they develop a relationship and also very obedient, so one doesn’t have to worry about their Chartreux cat doing whatever she wants against your wishes; they will listen to you. Here are all the reasons that make Chartreux cats so interesting in their way. If you want a lovely cat for yourself to make into a lifelong companion, then consider getting a kitten Chartreux who will stay with you for life.

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