10 Fun Activities To Do With Your Cat This Summer

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10 Fun Activities To Do With Your Cat This Summer

Whether it’s summer or winter, cats are one of the most active pets around and they love to play. If you want to make sure that your cat doesn’t get bored during these summers and wondering what do cats like to do for fun, here are some fun things to do with cats this summer. Through these fun cat activities, you can not only entertain your furry buddy, but it will also improve the bond between you and your cat.

1. Making Frozen Cat Treats

To beat the heat, you have to give your cat cold treats so that your cat doesn’t feel hot in the summers. You can give your cat frozen fruits, cat food, tuna, and meat. Avoid buying frozen food from stores and try making cat food and freezing it on your own as this is a much healthier option for your cat.

2. Build Large Structures for Your Cat

If you have Legos or spare cardboard boxes, you can use them to make a castle for your cat. This is a new activity for cats and they’ll like to play around the castle. This fort can also be your cat’s favorite place to lie around. However, we recommend you use cardboard as Lego might hurt your cat.

3. Take Your Cat to the Park

Even though it’s hot, it is important to take your cat out for a walk, as no matter how cool it is inside, your cat wants to explore the outside world more and will keep pushing you to take it out on a walk in a park. It is a very healthy activity for your cat as it lowers its anxiety. Also, cats get to be more playful when they go to a park. However, carry more water with you and once you bring your cat home, give it a nice warm shower.

4. Play Different Water Sports

The best way to beat the heat is by playing different water sports in your house’s backyard. While cats don’t like to bathe, they love to play water games. There are many water activities that you can do with your cat. One of such cat activities is a fishing game where you can put some treats and toys inside a water tub and make your cat fetch them from the water. Cats love to splash and this activity can be a great boredom buster for them.

5. Hide and Seek

Another activity that both dogs and cats love is hidden and seek. There are two ways in which you can play this game with your cat. You can either hide and make your cat find you around the house, or, you can hide your cat’s toys and turn this activity into a scavenger hunt game. Once your furry friend finds you or its toys, reward it with treats because cats love it.

6. Food Hunting

Cats love to hunt, and if they don’t find insects or rodents in your house, they want to do a hunting-centric activity. Just like dogs, cats also love hunting activities, and you can use stuffed animals or food for that. You can hide food in different places and make your cat find it with or without your help. Cats have a natural hunting instinct and they will love this activity. If there are rodents and insects in your house, this activity won’t be needed, as your cat will be hunting them down anyways.

7. Watch TV

If you are feeling lazy after a tough day of work and don’t have the energy of having a physical activity with your cat, you can just sit with your cat, switch the TV on, and put on some entertaining pet videos for your cat. It’s up to the cat, whether it wants to watch TV or play around with the stuff lying around in your room. Cats love TVs and if it’s tired, they can just cuddle up and watch TV with you. A very relaxing cat activity indeed!

8. Toys

This is a very basic activity that cats love and this is a very productive activity for cats, regardless of the season. You can have your cat play with a ball, a stuffed toy, or any other toy that your cat likes to play with. Even though cats like to play alone, they like to have you around, and if you leave your cat with its toys, it might come back to you, because the cat likes to play with its “hooman” more.

9. Jumping Over Obstacles

Cats love to be athletic, so why not use their athleticism to cure their boredom? You can make obstacles for them in the hallway using cardboard boxes and make them jump over those obstacles. You can treat them once they successfully hop over the obstacle, you can keep increasing the size of the obstacles to challenge your cat. However, you need to be careful as you don’t want your cat to get injured in this activity.

10. Tricks

Cats love to be surprised, and the best way to surprise them is by doing a magic show for them. All you have to do is learn a few simple tricks on the internet and try to show these tricks to your cat. The reaction of cats when they see magic is quite funny and cute. This activity will also give you many funny cat videos that you can upload on the internet. During this activity, it is also recommended to keep treating your cat so that it remains engaged in the activity.

You can find even more ideas related to the ones mentioned in this post. Just make sure that your cat doesn’t suffer from injuries during these activities. Also, if your cat is acting lazy and is not as active as it usually is, consult a cat as it might be suffering from sickness. To keep your cat motivated during these activities don’t forget to reward it with treats. Hope you and your furry buddy will have an entertaining summer.

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