Cat Breeding and Mating Season

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Cat Breeding and Mating Season

Things you should know as a cat parent

A healthy pet brings more satisfaction and happiness to the home. As a cat owner, it is your responsibility to take care of your cat’s needs and wants, but you might get confused at some points where your cat behaves unusually.

There comes this time of the year when your cat will be silent and act abnormally. This is probably the time when your cat is on heat. Their mating process might seem simple in the first place, especially to the observer. Still, their loud voices will force you to look at them because they mate habitually and extensively, leading to reproduction.

As a female cat gets pregnant and gives birth to a group of kittens. You need to know many facts as cats do not ovulate until they mate. Your cat might show various signs that you won’t get in the first place. Your cat will be rolling on the floor, stops eating, and seems to be suffering.

These signs show that your cat is in a heat period. It’s easily noticeable, but no one knows how painful it is. The loud voices and other signs show that it is an uncomfortable process, but the main goal of yowling is to get attention from other cats. This article will find the truths of breeding and mating in cats. 

Cats on Heat

When female cats reach puberty, their estrus cycle begins as early as 4 months. Even cats can be on the heat any time of the year and produce kittens in the right situation.

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How often do cats come on heat?

  • Cats are polyestrous species which is that they can come on the heat at any time of the year compared to dogs that only come on heat twice a year. Female cats are on continuous heat until they get pregnant, and this oestrus lasts for 7 to 10 days with the following outcomes. 
  • They will generally return to the heat within 8 weeks after giving birth to kittens, and it stops in the time when the mating is stopped. 
  • Your cat might look pregnant, but in reality, she is not pregnant, and she has the pseudo, which is false pregnancy signs. During this time, she will show all the signs of being pregnant. She will gain weight, eat more than usual, and produce more milk. There will be no kittens in her belly, and she will return to her routine and again be on heat after 4 to 6 weeks. 
  • She will continue this cycle until she is mated, and she will be back in the season after a day or 2 weeks later. 
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Signs Your Cat Is on Heat

Your cat will behave differently when she is on heat and not desexed properly. The following are a few behaviors that you need to notice in your cat.

She Is Loud 

She may sound distressed and may stay the whole night. You will hear more meow than usual. Maybe your cat is naturally loud; then you have to look for other signs. 

She Is Not Relaxed

The signs of inability will show how uncomfortable and unrelaxed your cat is, which is the sign that she is in heat is. 

A Slow Crawl

In heating, your cat will crawl slowly and moan. It is the expected oestrus behavior, so don’t think your cat is in pain. 

Excessive Grooming

In such cases, you will notice your cat’s genital area slightly swollen and uncomfortable. You will also notice your cat grooming that one area more often. 

Little Affection 

She might need extra affection from you in the period of heat. She will rub the furniture and your feet to spread the slightly changed odor she gets during this cycle. She can usually be affectionate to you then; this is a pretty good indicator. 

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Cat Wants to Roam Outside

Your indoor cat would like to go outside when she is on heat to spread her scent, and she will look for a male friend. In such scenarios, keep a cat flap and make sure to lock it so that she can’t go out and other cats can get in. 

Signs in Cat’s Tail

Your cat will adopt the mating position, and that will twig her bottom in the air and move the tail on the other side.

Final Verdict

When your cat is on heat, she will need some extra effort and attention from a parent as she will become pregnant and have kittens. There is one thing that will help you, and that is you can get your cat neutered by your vet. In this way, you can avoid this cycle and extra litter. 

The cat breeding and mating seasons bring many changes in a cat and some extra efforts for a cat parent. The good thing is that your cat will give signs when she is on heat. Their severe physical and mental behavior are the most significant signs to notice when she is on a heat cycle.

Although cats are energetic, playful, and agile, they are more active near male cats. Also, to adopt a breeding cat, several agencies will help you to choose, and your vet’s recommendation will be good advice regarding the cat’s mating and breeding system.

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