Using Public Transport with My Cat

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Using Public Transport with My Cat

When taking care of any animal, such as a cat, you must consider its health, comfort level, and safety. You might be wondering that traveling with a cat for the first time can be a simple and easy thing to do. But in reality, there are some things you should be aware of, so your cat will not suffer any discomfort and anxiety. In this article, we will be looking at how you can safely use public transport while having a cat on board.

Understanding Their Comfort Level

Before putting your cat in a carriage to travel, it is crucial that you allow your cat to get used to being inside a carriage first. A great tip to make your cat comfortable with the carriage before traveling is to place food or treats in it, and then gradually shut the door and hold it around the house. This way, your cat will get the experience of being moved around.

Besides, you could also try traveling with a cat on short distances such as to the supermarket, etc. The overall motive is to make your cat think positively towards the carriage, which will surely help make things easier during traveling. Another thing worth mentioning is that as your cat gets used to the carriage, remember to place a soft cloth or towel so that your cat does not get scratches or bumps when moving around.

Preparing a Travel Kit

Now that you have prepared your cat, it is time to prepare a travel kit that you can use while going together with a cat. Keep in mind that throughout the traveling journey with you, your cat will experience new sights and smells, and so you should always make sure it is feeling safe and comfortable. It is recommended as you begin your trip, you should place your favorite toy or pillow so your cat can get familiar and will not get anxious.

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Besides, you should also make sure that plenty of water bottles are packed to feed during the journey. Many cat owners make mistakes in feeding their cats right before or while traveling with a cat. This should be avoided; instead, you should feed them 4-5 hours before the start of the journey to ensure it does not suffer nausea or even vomiting due to anxiety and stress.

Securing Your Cat Carriage

Out of all the things that you should keep in mind, the most crucial is placing the carriage in an area with low bumps/ shakiness. Another common mistake many cat owners make when traveling with a cat is placing the carriage on the vehicle floor, such as a car or train.

Although you may think this is a safe idea, this should be avoided at all costs. This could potentially cause harm to your cat and increase its anxiety levels. Instead, try to find a place with a smooth surface. If possible, place a seatbelt over the carriage box itself and place your hand on the handle at all times.

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Planning Detail of the Trip

After you have completed all the requirements you need when traveling with a cat, one important and easy step is to plan your trip and understand to what degree your cat could feel anxious and anxious. The majority of the cats out there prefer to travel during the day as it allows them to see new sights etc. So for this particular reason, always try to plan your trip in broad daylight.

Besides this, make sure that you have pre-planned all the stops and rest time so that your feline friend can get plenty of rest before traveling again. Remember, the main thing is to ensure that your cat is entirely comfortable and safe throughout the entire journey.

Hygiene Control

Besides packing several water bottles, treats, and cat foods, one more thing to always bring when traveling with a cat is its hygiene products. There is a good chance you will need a pack of soft tissues, gloves to clean if the cat passes stool or pee, and a cat deodorizer during the trip.

You could easily find a pet odor eliminator at any cat shop or from your local vet. This is important so that your cat does not smell like urine and be clean from all sorts of germs and diseases. If you are traveling with a cat below one year of age, you could pack in baby-sized pampers and place them on their back body so that they could easily pass stool and urine.

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Prepare All Required Documents

Airlines or other public transport do not allow cats to go onboard due to a shortage of basic requirements such as a proper ID and passport. Before traveling with a cat, you should prepare all the necessary documents and tick all the health checklists such as vaccinations, rabies tests, blood tests, etc. If you are unsure where to find these requirements, you could contact the airline or the related public transport provider beforehand. Explain your situation, and they will gladly assist you.

You could easily prepare a passport of cats by visiting your local veterinarian, who will research and list down all the requirements that you need to complete. At the end of the day, you have to make sure that your feline friend is safe and protected from all sorts of germs and diseases that they could contract during the traveling journey.


So that is all when it comes to traveling with your cat. Traveling with a cat is easy if all the requirements are completed. Remember to plan everything before you rush into things so that they do not suffer from anxiety or depression when traveling with a cat.

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