9 Things Cats Hate the Most

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9 Things Cats Hate the Most

Does your cat give you an attitude when you do certain things, even if you’re doing it out of love?

Let’s just say that this challenging time can end right now because we’re going to tell you how to do it right so that your cat isn’t annoyed by you! Cats are the most favorite pets in the world, but they have their traits; one of them being independent, and that is why your hands might be engraved with bloodlines; you love to be there for them. Well, for your information, these are a few things cats hate and might make your life easier too.

Things That Cats Don’t Like

1. Medicine

Treating your cat is much easier said than done; this is one task that cannot be completed without getting a bunch of scratches down your skin. Cats HATE to get medicines, and rightfully so because they don’t understand the reasoning behind getting medicated.

In any case, though, if your vet has prescribed medicine to your feline, it is essential that they take it, so you should wrap them up in a cloth and hold their mouths after inserting the medicine so that it encourages them to swallow it.

2. Bathing

If you have a cat, you know what I am talking about!

Bath time is the WORST time for your cat; not only do they feel highly endangered, but the uneasiness takes a toll on them. The heavyweight of fur can cause uneasiness after it gets wet, and it feels weird to cats. You can always get them used to it, but some cats might not want to change their opinions, so keep watch.

Woman bathing a gray Scottish Fold cat

3. Too Much Attention or Being Stared At

Trust me when I say this, staring contests with cats will always go wrong, and by wrong, I mean you’ll end up with numerous scratches, so try staying at a bit of distance. The species of cats are naturally independent, and they do not like an excessive amount of anything, be it affection, attention, cuddling, staring, following, you name it! Give your time some alone time, let it be for a while, and don’t force them to spend time with you if they don’t want it. They will automatically come to you when they need it.

4. Competition

Your cat will be fierce for this one! When their territory is shared by anyone else, specifically another cat, they will lose it. They feel intimidated by just anyone’s presence because they usually don’t enjoy a stranger’s company. You might notice that they start getting angry even when they see a stray cat outside the window. And sometimes, this isn’t just a phase; it’s the cats’ nature; therefore, it can’t be changed.

5. Dirty Places and Spoiled Food

Cats are incredibly particular when it comes to cleanliness, and they need their spot to be squeaky clean; otherwise, they don’t want it. Cats refrain from using dirty litterboxes or places due to anxiety, resulting in them doing their business someplace other than the litter box. And it can be somewhere you don’t want them to do; therefore, clean your cat’s litter before you all regret it!

Additionally, cats are sensitive to smells, so their hating spoiled or expired food goes without saying. They are petty eaters when choosing between eating wet or dry foods. You should keep both foods in cold places as warmer temperatures can make them bad.

Cleaning cat litter box

6. Traveling

Specifically, car rides are terrifying for cats as they instill motion sickness, diarrhea, excessive howling, meowing, etc. In case your cat has any of these, talk to your vet about it and get details. Car rides are also known to feed into feelings of anxiety, but these stressful effects can be reduced by spraying Pheromone.

7. Cat Carriers

A cat carrier is a spot inside a box where you place your cat while traveling. No matter how spacious or comfortable you try to make it, it will always be an uneasy space for your cat. Cats do not like to be held hostage in a small container; they like to be free.

To make your cat used to this feeling, you need to keep the carrier open at home so that it is easily accessible to them and they get familiar with the internal environment. Conduct little practices with your cat by taking them out in the carrier for short periods. Try getting through with this process before you travel so that it doesn’t cause them a lot of stress on an actual day.

8. Change

Cats hate change; they desire to go through the same routine every day, with the same food, treats, and people to interact with. A new environment is scary for any cat, and a fixed routine keeps them content and comfortable. Keeping this in mind, make sure to stick to one schedule, and don’t keep changing locations. If, for some reason, you are bound to do it, then be present with your cat because they might need extra reassurance during these times.

Kitten sitting on its owner's lap

9. Loud Noises

Even though a cat’s meow is enough to wake up the entire house, you should know that cats hate when their surroundings get loud. Screaming in front of them is totally out of the question, but even noisy public places make them anxious so try not to take them to such places. A loud cry or scream can activate the flight or freeze response in their brains which can be brutal for you too.

Wrapping Up

Cats are susceptible and can’t adapt to new things as quickly as other animals; therefore, it is important that we care for them accordingly. Especially considering how they cannot adequately convey their messages as they can’t speak.

Besides this, regardless of what pet you have, before adopting them, you need to know the basics about them and their likes and dislikes in order to create a safe place for them, and that is only possible if you educate yourself about it.

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