What Are the Signs of a Cat Mating?

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What Are the Signs of a Cat Mating?

Sometimes cats show unusual behaviors that are difficult to explain; one of those is their desire for mating. You may have seen your cat showing unusual behavior such as strong mewlings, lack of appetite, rolling on the floor, and raising her rear train frequently. You do not need to worry because it is her heat period!

Your feline friend wants to mate when she becomes sexually mature; that is, she is now fertile and interested in mating.

In this article, we will tell you in detail what the heat is in cats and the signs of cat mating. So the next time, you can properly understand your cat’s behavior and know what to do when your cat is in heat!

How Often Do Cats Go into Heat and at What Age?

When your female cat becomes 4 months old, it means she has reached her sexual maturity and can breed as well. Outdoor cats are more likely to mature quickly because they have males around. She enters into heat season between February to October every year-round.

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Generally, female feline cats have short heat periods about 2-3 weeks apart. Their heating periods can be lengthy because they don’t ovulate until mated with male cats. Older cats still have fewer cycles until they are spayed. Longer days can result in an active reproduction leading to the birth of many kittens in March, April, and May.

The heating season in male cats is usually between September to March. However, a male cat, when he reaches full maturity (typically at the age of 6-12 months old), can mate with a female cat if she allows doing so. 

Signs that Your Cat is in Heat

If your cat is 4 months old or older, she will exhibit the following signs when she wants to mate.

● Cat Calling

Your cat will howl and make loud vocals to invite and attract the male cats for mating. Her meowing will make you wonder if she is in pain. Your cat will be more likely to meow, wail, and moan than usual when she is in heat. Her voice and cries may sound distraught to you, even may keep you up the whole night.

● A lot of Affection

You will notice that your cat is becoming more affectionate than usual. She may rub her back and legs against furniture, other cats, stuffed toys, and even you. You can differentiate her behavior from restlessness if she lifts her tail or even assumes the mating position.

Two cats are sniffing each other outside

● Spraying

Check out the vertical surfaces for urine spray. Your cat will do this by backing up to the wall and surface, treading her back leg, and raising her tail while spraying. Her urine will be heavily scented with estrogen enough to attract male cats to mate.

Excessive Licking

When they want to mate, Cats will swallow the vulva or its slight discharge. If your female feline is already spayed, this could be a sign of a urinary tract infection. 

Escaping Outside

If your cat usually spends her day indoors, but you see her attempting an escape outdoor, this is a sign that she is seeking a mating partner.

Excessive Tail Movement

Your cat will keep her tail in the air and move it to one side, which is in the mating position.

Excessive Grooming

Your little cat will lick her genital area more than usual, even if there is no blood. There is a popular belief that when a cat is in heat, she doesn’t bleed. If your cat is showing this behavior other than the heat reason, you need a trip to the vet!

Loss of Appetite

Your cat will show you a decrease in her appetite because her mind is on other things! Her body will need reproducing rather than feeding herself. Keep monitoring her behavior because the loss of appetite in heat does not last more than two weeks. If she doesn’t return to her routine eating schedule, there could be another sign.

How to Calm a Cat in Heat?

The heat cycle of cats is a normal and healthy part of their life. It commonly does not need any calming unless she is in pain.

However, there are some tips to help your cat calm down in the heat.

  • Try catnip or any other play toy
  • Keep your cat away from male cats
  • Don’t allow her to go outside
  • Make her sit on a warm towel, heat pack, or blanket
  • Play with your cat more often
  • Keep her litter box clean
  • Use synthetic cat pheromones
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Can I Spay My Cat While She Is In Heat?

Yes, you can spay your cat when in heat, but many veterinarians advise having your cat spayed once her heat cycle is over.

When your cat is experiencing a heat cycle, her reproductive organs become distended with blood, causing the spaying process more time-consuming. Spaying operation and facility may cost more spaying when your cat is not in heat.

If you do not want kittens and do not want your cat to get pregnant, then get your cat spayed immediately, even if she is in a heat cycle.

Your vet will prescribe some medication to reduce the heat signs in your cat. However, getting your cat spayed is the best option to prevent her from being heated. Once she’s been spayed, she will not go into a heat cycle, become less territorial, and reduce her scratching.

You will need to pay attention to your cat when she is in heat because there will be more chances of getting pregnant and having kitties. Therefore, if you don’t want your cat to breed, get her spayed by your vet to avoid the heat cycle and the risk of unexpected litter.

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