Cat in Heat: Why Do They Scream When Mating?

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Why Do Cats Scream When They Mate?

You might be wondering why your cat is so loud while mating. It might seem like a violent feline fight with screams and scratches instead of a pleasant and smooth love. This yowling of your cat can be frightening.

We know how much you love your cat, and when your companion is in pain, it sounds uneasy to you. This expressive behavior of your cat is a sign of getting ready for the mating period. For an inexperienced cat, mating becomes a painful act and that may be the reason why do cats scream when mating.

Cats cry in mating because of the painful scratches that female cat gets from male cats’ hooked reproductive organs. Sometimes male cats also make loud noises in response to female cats’ screams. These screams are a natural response to the inspiration of severe ovulation in getting pregnant.

There are various facts that you need to know as a cat parent that will help prevent your cat’s screams and make their mating process smooth. Before going into details, it’s better to know the reasons behind screaming and why your cat screams when she is in heat.

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Female Cat in Heat

It depends on the cat’s mating period and seasons, as some cats start crying even before mating occurs. According to veterinarians, an unspayed female cat can feel this mating cycle from the four months of their age. They are approachable to male cats for the mating system during this time.

This season starts from February and lasts till October for indoor cats, and sometimes it lasts for almost a whole year. During this season, they will show a few abnormal characteristics such as rolling on the floor, rubbing themself, and massaging their back feet. These are the tactics cats opt to attract a male.

Facts You Need To Know

Why Do Cats Scream When Mating?

Female cats tend to make more noises than male cats. Felines usually make these noises when they are set to mate or breed. Similarly, male cats also make vocals in response to female cats. If your female cat is in heat, she will show the signs of heating before a week. Therefore, you will hear the loud mating calls of your cat just about a week before their heat cycle.

Some cats make loud voices only for a day or two, while others get more vocal and loud for a more extended period. Their voices tend to increase when they are ready to ovulate as they are supposed to attract male cats.

Two cats are currently mating

How Do Female Cats Acts After Mating?

Female cats naturally change their behavior after mating. They show various behaviors that you might not have seen before, but these characteristics usually happen in mating. This is when your feline will act abnormally and become a bit aggressive until she becomes normal. The female cat needs some time to calm and react to the hormones released after mating.

This behavior might scare a male cat but try to give some time to your female cat. Once they are back to routine, they start grooming their private parts by rolling on the floor. Her actions include some strange moves due to the same hormones still flowing in her body.

Why Cats Roll Around After Mating?

This action has a variety of reasons, as mating is a change cycle for them. It happens as a response to hormones related to ovulation. Female cat rolling behavior is a way to relieve stress and spread her scent in her surroundings.

Sometimes they roll to get rid of the male cat’s odor or even when another male cat is interested in a mate. As there are many other reasons, you don’t need to worry about their rolling situations.

How Long Do Cats Mate?

Cats are quicker in mating than other animals, which is good for them. Due to this reason, they become less vulnerable and wild. For the majority of cats mating period is less than 5 minutes, but it can last longer. Therefore, you might see your cat in a mating position for a more extended period only if the male tries to mate with a feline.

Do Cats Stay in Heat After Mating?

The mating process is not the only reason to instantly take out the female cat’s heat. One thing is sure, she will get rid of the heat within a few days after mating effectively. Mating moves the hormonal cycle into the subsequent phases of ovulation, such as getting pregnant after it occurs.

Pregnant cats will not experience a heat cycle in the whole tenure of pregnancy, but they do share the hormonal changes throughout the pregnancy period since mating is not a one-time process, so your cat might need a few rows to relax.

A surgeon veterinarian team is performing sterilization operation on a cat

Importance of Spaying Or Neutering Your Cat

Most owners do cat breeding, and it requires plenty of knowledge if you are breeding your cat. There is a wide range of kittens born every year, and some of them become stray cats while others find homes. A feline is likely to produce 15 kittens per year. Whereas male cats can have more kittens as they don’t have to wait till pregnancy or till the end of the heat cycle. It is essential to be spayed or neutered while adopting a cat as it lowers the risk of various things.


By reading our writings above, we really hope you can understand about cats in heat and why cats scream when mating. The responsibility to own an intact cat is a bit of extra work than owning a stable cat. It would be good if you could keep your cat indoors with a male cat of your choice. You can also prevent accidental breeding by keeping the intact cat sex segregated.

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