8 Favorite Things Cats Love The Most

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8 Favorite Things Cats Love The Most

Cats tend to be highly aware and intelligent animals. They have certain likes and dislikes, which can differ according to the cat breed. However, cats have many similar things, which they tend to like a lot. Cats’ favorite things tend to be related to cozy spots, activities, and long naps.

As a cat parent, you need to know your cat’s traits, characteristics, and favorite things. Cats’ favorite things vary and depend on many factors, but it is important to understand that cats are mesmerizing, fun, and exciting species that tend to be very playful. Like humans, cats have a lot of likes and dislikes as well, and they can face the same sort of excitement while doing something as humans do.

Here are the eight major cats’ favorite things.

A cute cat is napping with a toy in his paws

1. Cats Love To Take Naps

Instead of something to read in an article, this is also a fact that everyone usually knows about, that cats tend to enjoy naps and love to sleep a lot. They tend to have 12-16 hours of sleep per day. This is one of the cat’s favorite things, as cats tend to be nocturnal creatures.

They have a lazy and careless nature, napping most of the day. However, it is important to remember that kittens and senior cats spend more time sleeping than adolescents. If your adolescent cat signs napping an extra amount, it is better to consult a vet.

2. Grooming and Being Groomed

One of the cat’s favorite things is that they love spending their time grooming themselves. It is a pretty important part of their lives because it helps them stay clean. It also helps remove all sorts of dirt and grime for their fur.

Moreover, it is great to prevent the predators and prey from detecting them because the smell is absorbed through the grooming. Furthermore, it keeps their skin healthy and makes them feel relaxed. Regular grooming is cats’ favorite thing, and it leads to more shiny, healthy, and hydrated skin.

Cats tend to groom themselves because it also helps them bond with their other kitties and kittens. This is because cats tend to groom each other, especially in places that are sometimes hard to reach. Furthermore, it cools them off, as cats licking themselves helps them when it’s super hot outside. 

A kitten is enjoying its meal

3. Cats Love To Eat Nutritious and Fresh Food

In this case, cats aren’t any different from humans. They also like having nutritious and fresh food. This is one of the cats’ favorite things, as they love having freshly served meals.

If you give them stale and spoiled food which doesn’t taste good, there is a good chance they won’t eat it, or they might get sick as such food might host different sorts of bacteria. Hence, whenever you check your cat’s food and serve it, check the expiration date and how nutritious it is before serving it.

4. Running Water Fascinates Them

Another cat’s favorite thing is running water. If you’ve had a cat for a long time, you’ll know how it likes to drink water from faucets whenever it can do so. There are a lot of water drinking fountains designated especially for cats.

The fresh, running water available makes them feel happy and relaxed as it is one of the cats’ favorite things. This might be unbelievable, but many cat breeds like to play in the water. In this case, you can prepare a bathtub or a small pool for your cat.

5. Scratching and Clawing

Cats’ have two basic instincts, scratching and clawing. These instincts are meant to sharpen their claws and start scratching different places and surfaces. It is also one of the cats’ favorite things to do, and they sure are fond of it. Moreover, scratching can also help them feel relaxed.

Two fluffy cats are playing with boots

6. Daily Playtimes

Cats’ favorite things mostly include their daily playtime, where there is no serious business but a good amount of laying around. Playtime doesn’t only help them stay lively but also caters to their instincts and keeps them exercised and fit.

It doesn’t take a lot to entertain and play with a cat. Cats’ favorite things include playing with anything, including lint to string and tricked cat toys. It is also an essential part of their health and development.

7. Watching Birds

Wanna know more about cats’ favorite things? It is watching birds, which isn’t uncommon for them to do. You might’ve noticed that they curl up on the window walls and sills and stare outside. This is because they are locating a prime bird.

They love to watch birds fly and also prey on them. This makes sense because they observe their movements and capture their attention by watching them.

A woman is hugging her beloved Maine Coon cat

8. Cats and Their Love for Humans

Cats are often known as solitary animals. They tend to need a lot of love and attention, especially from their owners. Cats’ favorite things include getting a lot of attention and being loved and liked by their owners, making them feel happy, safe, and protected.

Many cats show their love through purring, bunting, putting their heads on you, or even sleeping near you. They also love meowing, licking you, or following you around. Without a doubt, this is one of the cats’ favorite as well.


Cats’ favorite things include many aspects, which work differently in cats, concerning their famous naps, playtimes, and eating good and fresh food. They enjoy their owner’s company and express their love through different actions. However, the cat’s parents need to understand some basic likes and dislikes.

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