Russian Blue Cats Have High Kitty IQ, Is It True?

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Russian Blue cat sitting on sofa

Russian Blue cats are a shorthair breed, and they have coats that are blue or gray. They are usually mistaken for another breed, called the Chartreux, due to their similar physical attributes, among other things. They are rumored to be very intelligent cats, hence without further ado, let us evaluate the facts.

Behavior as an Indoor Cat

Russian Blue cats are very active animals, so it is important to tend to their physical and mental activity needs. Russian Blue cats are a very affectionate breed of cats, and they do not shy away from showing love. However, they tend to keep away from visitors and will get anxious and hideaway in large gatherings of people.

It would be better for you if you get toys that require more physical activity from your cat.

Outdoor Activities That Russian Blue Cats Love

Due to their energetic tendencies will always be ready for a walk since Russian Blue cats are very sociable animals. They are very friendly, so you do not need to worry about their behavior once you are outside. If they see another cat or maybe a large dog, then these cats will rarely feel threatened by them (unless they’re threatening.) They are wonderful hunters, so you might want to keep an eye on them unless you want a few dead mice lying around and outside your house.

Hunting Skills

As stated above, Russian Blue cats are excellent hunters. Their skills are so sharp that there would be no doubt about their high I.Q. They have extensive attention spans, and nothing would be able to deter their focus. Russian Blue cats are very slender cats, and they tend to be very agile so that running after their prey becomes easier, which helps them outrunning bigger animals such as dogs.

Behavior That Suggests Their High Intellect

Russian Blue cats even know how to open some doors and cupboards, so you need to incur safety measures to prevent them from hurting themselves or other pets around the house. They are very compatible with children and other pets and do not get bored easily, so you can keep playing with them for hours on end.

They are very demanding when it comes to receiving love and adoration, and sometimes they even get jealous if they see you cuddling with another kitty. This shows how many emotions they can produce and feel.

Russian blue cats are sometimes even known to notice different human behaviors and emotions and manifest them onto themselves. Russian Blue Cats can even adopt some habits of their pet parent to show how much they love them.

The Russian Blue’s Temperament

They are very affectionate when it comes to their partners or friends. They are very loyal and will follow you anywhere you go, in any corner of the world. They are like a furry best friend who will never leave your side just because of their love for you.

Despite their tendencies to remain active all the time, they are very timid when it comes to rest and will probably try to find a secluded private spot to get some rest. They are very well-behaved if you see to their needs, but they can be very vocal when getting attention from their parent.

They are the type of cat that can be left alone at home for long periods, and they are unlikely to make a mess out of your home when you’re absent.

Can People Allergic To Cats Still Own A Russian Blue?

The answer is YES, Russian blue cats are one of the most hypoallergenic cats in the world, so if you want to get a cat with the least amount of allergens, then the Russian Blue cat is the one for you. These cats like to keep themselves very clean, so finding a lot of salivae on their furs will be rare since their coats do not get dirty easily.

Can Russian Blues Quickly Adjust To Changes in Their Routine

Russian Blues are very intelligent cats, and they are very adaptable to changes in their routine, but that does not mean that they prefer making changes.

Do Russian Blue Cats Become Picky About Their Diets?

Yes, they do; their intelligence causes them to have preferences for what types of food they eat, but primarily they eat meat-based proteins only since they are obligate carnivores, so plant-based proteins are not an option.

How Is Their Physical Activity Related To Their Intelligence?

Russian Blue Cats are an extremely active breed. This activity level requires a fast brain that can make decisions quickly and formulate up a response; it is evident in their hunting abilities that their brain cells work at full capacity 24/7.

Some Other Traits Of The Russian Blue Cat

Russian Blues are said to have a ‘special person with whom they like to spend most of their time and are the most emotionally attached when compared with other people in the same home. They are especially fond of children, and they will become a perfect furry companion for your child; they will accompany them through different stages of their lives since Russian Blue Cats are known to live to the age of 15 -20 years.


We hope that after reading this article, the rumor that Russian Cats have a high kitty I.Q. It is consolidated and that the next time you think of getting a cat, this beautiful breed is on top of your list. Beware, though, you may find shelters full of cats that look a lot like the Russian Blue, but it might end up being a different breed because since this is such a rare breed, it is unlikely that someone will leave it at a rescue center. This kitty is the best for you if you don’t want to work too hard to keep your house clean on top of having a cat.

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