Why Do Cats Like To Knock Things Over?

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Why Do Cats Like To Knock Things Over?

When it comes to owning a pet such as a cat, you have to look forward to countless things, such as their health, engagement in activities/ playtime, sleep schedule, and so much more. Almost all owners can agree on the habit of seeing their little cats knocking on various objects in the household, such as mugs, books, pens, makeup, bottles, and much more.

Most of us have a question: Why do they repeatedly perform this habit despite knowing the outcome? Let’s take a look in detail as to why your cat loves to touch and throw things here and there.

A Form of Hunting Instinct

Cats can be funny and mysterious at times, from performing adorable acts such as purring, nodding their head around your knees to randomly attacking objects that, in our thought, seem quite normal. Many cat owners do not know this, but the habit of cats knocking things over is mainly made to practice their hunting instinct.

As we all know, cats are natural-born hunters, and the habit of hunting their predators is deeply found in their DNA. For instance, if you have a furry ball resting on a table or bed, your cat will first try to sniff it to ensure it is edible.

In the cat’s mind, the cat knocking on items in the house is an indication to check whether the “thing” is alive or not. If they see that the object is not moving after the cats knock it down, they will ignore it and move on.

A cat dropped a glass flower vase

Attention Seekers

Some people find it quite challenging to believe this. Still, cats, just like humans, also have different personalities and habits that develop over time as they shift from childhood into adulthood.

Some cats can be needy, extroverted, and extremely playful, while others prefer to hide in nooks and crannies and are generally introverted. With that being said, you may notice that your cats constantly knock things, which can mean that they want attention from you.

Depending on your personality type, cat knocking can be a common way to capture your attention. If you have noticed your cat purring to you while cats are knocking things, it is best that you quit doing what you are doing and spend time with your cats and give them treats. This way, your cat will feel safe, protected, and loved and will not repeat the same habits over and over again.

Resisting Boredom

If you have a busy schedule and have noticed that you cannot give your feline the time and affection they need, your cat will try to fight boredom by doing things that will amuse them. As mentioned before, cats are natural predators, and they love to engage in activities that keep them busy; hence, they persistently knock things over.

If you have noticed that your cats are knocking things over and over again, give your cat a view with birds chirping or other animals walking around, and you will see its amusement and interest.

Cats Want To Play

One of the most common reasons cats knock on different furniture and objects in the house is simply to play around. You may not know this, but you have to give him enough playtime daily to avoid getting lazy, leading to obesity. It is crucial to ensure your cat is healthy and safe.

Hence if you have noticed that your cat is constantly moving objects that make sounds, it is best to give them some playtime for about 10 to 15 minutes. Ensuring enough playtime every day will not only reduce its chances of gaining weight but will also reduce the probability of depression, anxiety, and high levels of aggression in your little loved one.

A messy broken pot after knocked by the cats

Building a Pet Safe Environment

Although the habit of cats knocking things over and over can seem like a cute habit, sometimes it could be pretty dangerous to your cat’s health. For instance, if your cat notices a glass bowl sitting on a table and decides to knock it over, it may get shards of glasses in its paw, which can cause bleeding and discomfort.

Even though cats are quite sharp-minded when protecting themselves, they could still hurt themselves if cats knock dangerous and harmful objects. For this particular reason, you must create a safe and healthy home environment where your little loved one can play with objects and furniture without hurting himself.

Covering Furniture

For the safety of the cat and your household, it is best to spend some time noticing your cat’s interaction with the objects and furniture in the house. This way, you can better understand what furniture or objects to hide to ensure cats’ complete safety. If you do not want to stop cats from knocking objects as it gives you a sign of your cat’s mood, you could only keep items lying around that are safe.

Try to remove all sorts of glasses or mugs, perfume bottles, mirrors, sharp and pointed objects out of the reach of cats. Besides that, another great tip is to place carpets or small rugs around areas where you see your cats knocking things over so that it does not break and hurt you or your feline friend.


Ensuring your cat’s health should be your number one priority at the end of the day. One thing worth mentioning is that cats can understand human emotions directed toward them. Hence, always try to communicate with your cat to feel comfortable and safe around you.

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