5 Things You Should Know About While Selecting a Cat Insurance Plan

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Selecting Cat Insurance

If you are living in the US, keeping a pet can get very expensive for you. Healthcare for both cats and humans is very expensive here. This is why over 91% of American citizens opt for health insurance so that their medical costs can get covered. Just like you pay for your health insurance, you also have to pay for your cat’s insurance as well.

However, cat insurance plans can get very confusing. Therefore, if you don’t want to get robbed by your insurance provider, there are 5 things that you have to keep in mind before buying a cat insurance plan.

1. Your Cat’s Age

Your cat’s age is a major deciding factor when you go for cat insurance. Normally, the best time to opt for cat insurance is when your cat is young. It’s recommended to get your cat insured before your cat is 3 months old. At this age, your cat normally doesn’t have any pre-existing diseases. Therefore, most of your cat’s medical expenses can get taken care of when your insurance period is active. You save a lot on your cat’s medical expenses, depending upon your reimbursement rate. Also, when you apply for insurance with a young and healthy cat, premiums are normally much lower.

However, if you are opting for pet insurance for a senior cat, you might not get nice plans. Insurance plans for senior cats give little to no medical expense support to cat owners. Moreover, when your cat has grown this old, this means that it is more vulnerable to diseases. This is the reason why cat insurance providers might ask you for higher premiums and your plan might have some crucial exclusions that can break the deal for you. If you have an old cat, it is better to open an account and save for your cat’s future health expenses.

2. Your Cat’s Medical Condition

Illustration of cat medical condition

When you are applying for cat insurance, your insurance provider might ask you for your cat’s recent medical records first. The reason why they might do that is that they want to make sure that your cat is not suffering from any pre-existing diseases. Because if insurance providers find out that your cat is suffering from pre-existing diseases, they will simply exclude the medical expenses for that disease from your plan. Cat insurance plans only cover medical expenses of diseases that have been diagnosed during your cat insurance’s active period.

Also, cat insurance plans for cats with preexisting diseases come with very high premiums. The reason behind this is that your insurance provider will have to cover medical expenses for diseases that might originate from your cat’s previous health condition. This will make your cat’s insurance plan very expensive, and because your cat’s insurance won’t even pay for the medical expenses of your cat’s pre-existing health issues, it doesn’t make any sense to pay high premiums.

3. Pet Insurance Can Be Expensive

Cat insurance can be expensive

Veterinarian costs can get very expensive in the US. Health care is expensive in the US anyway, which is why more than 91% of US citizens have health insurance. Health care for your furry buddy is expensive as well. Spending thousands of dollars on an urgent basis for your cat’s medical bills can be very difficult for most viewers, especially those who are working on low hourly wages. Therefore, cat insurances are very important in the US as it relaxes financial pressure and you just have to pay a fraction of your cat’s medical expenses depending upon your reimbursement rate.

However, it is worth mentioning that no matter how useful cat insurance is, it’s quite expensive as well. Premiums can get very high, especially if your cat is old or is going through pre-existing health issues. Cats who suffer from chronic diseases like cancer have the highest premiums in their cat insurance plans. There are also many conditions that you have to understand before opting for an insurance plan, and these conditions are very confusing. Therefore, it is important to get your insurance plan checked by a lawyer or an insurance agent so that you can take better and more informed decisions regarding cat insurance.

4. You’ll Be Stuck with Your Insurance Provider for Long

You can get rid of a dysfunctional marriage, but it is extremely hard to get rid of a dysfunctional cat insurance plan. Because once you opt for an insurance policy and take an insurance provider’s services, it will be extremely difficult to switch, as you won’t be finding better insurance policies for your furry buddy. The main reason why you won’t get better cat insurance deals is that your cat is older now, and it won’t get the kind of cat insurance deals that it was being offered when it was young and healthy. This is why you are forced to stay with your insurance providers for as long as your cat is alive.

Also, cat insurance providers can make any changes in your cat insurance plan when you renew your cat insurance plan annually. They can increase your premiums, reduce reimbursement rates, and can also add multiple new exclusions. They won’t ask you before doing that and it’s up to you to renew your insurance with these additions in your pre-existing cat insurance plan.

5. Always Check What’s Excluded in Your Plan

Always check what is included and what is excluded in your cat insurance plan

Cat insurance plans can be very confusing and if you don’t understand all the conditions properly, you’ll suffer losses. Therefore, it is always better to check all the conditions and exclusions in your cat insurance plan. Normally, cat insurance plans do not include the expenses of routine vet visits. Also, your cat insurance provider can revise your contract the way they want and can also increase your premium and number of exclusions.

Cat insurance is very important for your furry buddy. However, you have to be wise and careful while choosing the right cat insurance plan for your furry buddy.

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