Should I Get a Cat?

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Should I Get a Cat?

Cats are funny, loveable, and gorgeous creatures. From their mesmerizing eyes to their furry body, muffled meows to cute paws, there is a never-ending list of their characteristics and personality traits.

Owning a cat means getting unconditional love and companionship in life. They are a great addition to any family and the best gift you could ever wish for!

Around one-third of the US families have cats as pet animals. This beautiful feline animal is popular around the world for very good reasons. If you need some convincing reasons for their greatness, then keep on reading!

In this article, we have covered why you should own a cat.

Benefits of Having a Cat

Cats can adapt to any environment; pet lovers love to adopt them. Whether you live in a tiny apartment or a big house, they never mind their size. Cats can provide you with all the fun and entertainment compared to other pet animals:

❖ Cats Are Easy to Train

When choosing a little pet baby, don’t forget the training. It is one of the most challenging moments that pet owners want to overcome. Unlike puppies, you will not need to make efforts to train your little kitty because they are easily trainable. You will only require to show them their litter boxes, and that’s it; they know where and how to do their business without making a mess in the home.

❖ They Are Great Companions

When you introduce a cat to your family, it will become a part of your family. Cats enjoy human’s company, which makes them great companions. If you live alone in the apartment, then bring this pet; trust me, you will not get bored for a single minute. But don’t forget to provide them the same loyalty and unconditional love because they have sharp senses and can quickly gauge your mood when you try to ignore them.

Play and cuddle with your cat on the couch; you will mean the world to your precious companion!

A beautiful girl hugs a cat

❖ They Are Independent

One of the best personality traits about cats is that they are very independent. Like dogs, you will not need to give them close attention. Cats are happy and enjoy their time to themselves. Cats like to sleep for hours, so don’t worry about being bored when you are away from home. Cats feel content when their owners are home. On the other hand, dogs demand individual attention from their owners.

❖ They Can Be a Great Alarm Clock

Who needs an alarm when you have a cat? Cats can be your excellent alarm clock! Yes, when you don’t feel like leaving your warm bed in the morning, your cat will enter your room as soon as she comes across the sunlight. She will perform her duty to let you know that waking up that late isn’t a good habit, no matter how much you will want to sleep for the next more hours.

❖ They Keep Away Pests

You probably know that cats are great hunters and like to hunt rodents. They protect your home by keeping all the insects, rats, and unwanted animals away from the home premises. Many cats enjoy examining spiders or house flies, almost like they are being paid for doing this job.

❖ They Have Long Lifespan

Pet lovers know how heart-wrenching is to lose a pet. Fortunately, if we talk about house pets, cats have a good and long life expectancy. Cats have an average life span of 12 years, but it is not uncommon for cats to reach their high teens or early twenties.

They Are Quiet

If you are concerned about the noises in your living situation, then better opt for a pet cat! Even the quietest barking of dogs may be much louder than their persistent meow. Depending on the cat breed, you may need to worry about other sounds such as fighting with other cats, running at top speed, or knocking things off the surfaces, but still, they have a quiet nature.

They Are Low Maintenance

One of the most alluring reasons is that the maintenance cost of owning a cat is lower than dogs – who demand great outdoors, frequent training, more attention, toys, and grooming. Cats don’t demand a perfect place; even if you provide them with a nook or crannies in your home, it will keep your cat occupied for hours.

A man is playing with his cat to relieve stress

Health Benefits of Owning a Cat

Ever thought about getting health benefits from a cat? If not so, the following are some benefits that you can get just by having a cat!

❖ Cats Can Help Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Cat owners need to have one session daily of petting and playing with their beloved pet because these feline creatures can turn anyone’s bad day into a good one. According to science, cats’ purr can lower your blood pressure and calm your nervous system.

Cats Improve Cardiovascular Health

It has been reported that cat owners have a lower risk of heart stroke and disease.

❖ Cats Prevent Allergies

Cat hair is frequently known as one of the reasons for prevalent allergies. However, if a child is exposed to cats throughout their first few years of life, they are more likely to build an immune system against cat allergies and other allergens.

❖ Cats Reduce Feelings of Loneliness

As we mentioned above, cats are great companions. They offer unconditional love or, even more significant than that, equal to human friends or confidants.

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Wrapping Up

The pet you choose may have a significant impact on your living situation. However, if you have unlimited options for pet animals, we hope the article will be helpful for you. We have highlighted what makes the cat an ideal companion and why you should own a cat!

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