How Much Does It Cost To Spay a Cat?

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How Much Does It Cost To Spay a Cat?

If you want to spay your cat, there are many things you need to be aware of before deciding. Many vets might tell you that spaying a cat should be the main priority for cat parents and that without that, there are many risks. However, it is crucial to learn the cost of spaying a cat and why it should be done before deciding.

What Is the Difference Between Neuters and Spay?

Spay and neuter refer to removing the reproductive organs in animals through surgical processes. However, spaying refers to a female procedure, which means removing the ovaries and uterus in the cat. In contrast, neutering refers to removing the male testicles. This can also be known as desexing the animal.

Anesthesia is required in both processes, and an appointment should be made with a vet in a clinic. However, spaying tends to be a much longer and more complicated procedure than neutering. The female cat takes more time to heal. Hence, if you spay a cat, keep these things in mind.

How Much Does It Cost To Spay a Cat?

Usually, the cost to spay a cat varies according to the type of cat, the vet, and the clinic. However, the actual operation might cost around $300 to $500 for a female cat to be spayed. However, for a male cat, it takes $200, especially when it is to be done in private, providing all the services.

However, there are less expensive and cost-effective options available as well. For just a fraction or percentage of the cost, cat owners tend to have the surgery performed by a non-profit or a neuter service; such services cost no more than $50 or a maximum of $100. It mainly depends on the location. Moreover, many cats or pet insurance plans tend to cover spaying and neutering, making it easier for cat owners.

Cat spaying surgery

What Is The Best Time to Spay a Cat?

The best time to have your cat spayed is before the cat has her first heat. This varies according to the breed of the cat and whether the cat lives indoors or outdoors. It also depends on whether the cat has reached maturity or not, as puberty tends to hit them by the sixth month. Due to the uniqueness of each cat and varied cases, it is best to consult with the vet about the best time to spay a cat.

Can you spay a cat in heat? Technically, it is possible. But vets recommend waiting until the heat cycle is over, which is usually around 7 days. The reproduction organs and the blood vessels surrounding them are swollen and engorged when a cat is in heat. The surgery may be more difficult, but the outcome should be fine.

How Is a Cat Spayed?

The cat tends to be anesthetized before the surgery begins. The surgeon tends to use a scalpel to make an incision within the abdomen to start the cat spaying process. This helps in revealing the reproductive tract. Then the ovaries and the cat’s uterus are removed after the incision is closed using the sutures.

Such an operation tends to last for about 60 minutes. Even though this doesn’t seem like a lot of time, spaying a cat is much more complicated and time-consuming compared to neutering.

During neutering, the surgeon tends to make just a single incision over each of the testicles of the cat, which helps in removing it. Then the spermatic cord is tied off to prevent any bleeding. This takes 30 minutes or sometimes even less than that.

Cat spaying incision covered with blue antiseptic

What Are The Benefits If You Spay a Cat?

If you have your cat neutered or spayed a cat, you can fix many things that might’ve been bothering you. The cat won’t show undesirable behavior, such as territorial urine, roaming around too much, or spraying. Its aggressiveness is also controlled, and it might be more tolerant towards other cats.

Once you spay a cat, it probably won’t go in the heat every three weeks and might even be less frustrated. Moreover, if you spay a cat before the first heat, you can prevent primary uterine infection and breast cancer in the cat, which tends to be highly fatal and a life-threatening situation.

Moreover, it is cost-effective once the pet insurance kicks in, or even without it, it won’t cost as much if you find the proper place.

By spaying a cat, you’ll be helping to control its homelessness. There are also many behavioral and medical benefits for the cat, which one can gain if they spay a cat.

Medical Benefits of Spaying a Cat

If you spay a cat, the cat will probably live a longer and healthier life. It helps prevent uterine infection and breast cancer, as mentioned before, and protects against heat and other likely diseases.

Behavioral Benefits If You Spay a Cat

Female cats usually go out in the heat for four to five days, with it is breeding season, but after being spayed, that won’t happen. If you spay a cat, the cat probably won’t roam around in the heat aimlessly, as it won’t be necessary anymore.

Similarly, if you neuter a cat, its aggression may be controlled in many ways. Like the female cat, it won’t be seen roaming around aimlessly and ruining the furniture at home.


Conclusively, it is seen that the cost of spaying a female cat and the cost of neutering a male cat tends to vary. Not only the cost but the time taken also varies. It might cost more to spay a cat, as that procedure is more complicated than neutering.

The cats are given anesthesia before their reproductive parts are surgically removed. If you have pet insurance, the cost can be easily covered without any issue. 

We hope this article can answer your questions about cat spaying costs and all the information related to the process.

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