How Much Does a Cat Cost?

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How much does a cat cost?

Like dogs, cats are also the most popular pets among animal lovers. Many people like to have feline companions, making them the second favorite house pet. Cats are easier to care for than dogs, as they don’t require much attention, and you don’t even have to walk your cat or let it out to do its job.

So, this time if you have plans to own a cat, you first need to be aware of how much it costs to own a cat. The financial cost is more than just buying or feeding her. Along with her vaccination, veterinary fees, routine checkups, there are many other expenses that you need to look out for in running your cat’s life.

Before heading out to get a cat, you need to decide first whether you can afford her upkeep or not for the duration of your fur baby’s life.

In this article, we will cover the different costs of owning a cat, and this will help you estimate the accurate and solid budget you may need to spend on your cat expenses.

Cost for Bringing a New Feline Friend

Bringing a new cat home requires one obvious cost, which is the purchasing cost. On the other hand, there are also some less obvious costs like the cat’s food, initial supplies, and first-time veterinarian visit. These costs need to be covered just for the time when you are first welcoming a new cat.

Bringing a Cat for Free

Many people own more feral cats than they can care for. Cats who are not spayed or neutered give birth unexpectedly, which results in many unwanted kittens that need to be cared for. You can take advantage of these circumstances by adopting one of these kittens or cats for free. If there is an advertisement for kittens in your area they are giving away, then check the details and get one. You might be lucky to welcome home a little feline kitty for free of cost.

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Cat Adoption ($15-$200)

If you can’t find a kitten for free, then adoption is another option that costs less than purchasing a cat from a breeder. You can check different humane societies and local shelters for available cats, and you can relatively have the selection to choose from. Adoption fees range from $15 to a couple hundred, but some other costs come with adoption, such as routine health care examinations, vaccinations, and spaying or neutering.

Other Cat Breeds Cost ($500-$1,000+)

If you are purchasing a cat from a popular breeder, then it is the most expensive way to add that specific popular breed to your family. These expensive cats also come with lots of benefits. If your cat is purebred, you will be provided with its pedigree papers. You can also purchase a show-quality cat breeder, but this would cost you more than your typical pet-quality cat.

Setups and Supplies ($160-$450)

If you are purchasing a new cat, it comes with many additional supplies that you cannot overlook because these are major expenses. If you get a chance to adopt a cat from the right place, then feel lucky because you can forgo some major expenses associated with your new cats, such as microchipping, spaying or neutering, and vaccinations. Otherwise, you will have to spend on these things and accessories such as food and water bowls, litter boxes, a carrier, toys, and much more.

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Monthly Cost for a Cat

So far, the above cost we have discussed is only the one-time cost associated with a new cat. But, there are some monthly expenditures that you need to add to your budget along with your home necessities or essentials. Cats monthly expenses include her healthcare, food, grooming, and much more. Over the passing time, these expenses can add up a substantial amount. If this is your first-time cat ownership, then be aware because monthly costs can be much higher at the first time.

Food ($30-$90 per month)

A cat’s food budget depends on her age and size. Adult cats or senior cats need more food than small cats; this makes their food expenses higher. While walking down the cat food aisle, you will also come across major discrepancies at the prices of their packed food from different manufacturers. You might end up spending just $1 per day on your cat food, or you can also spend $3 per day for feeding a large cat, which adds up to between $30 and $90 each month.

Health Care ($50-$380 per month)

For some recurring costs, you will need to be well prepared to cover them each month. Consider food as your top priority, as well as grooming and vet visits. The cost of health care can vary drastically. If your cat is healthy and fit, it won’t cost you that much. If she is prone to some illness, then you need to care for her and always store some additional amount for her health.

Veterinarian giving a cat vaccination

Grooming ($0-$50 per month)

Grooming significantly depends on the type of coat your cat has. Some cat breeds require little grooming, but some cats have large fluffy coats that need to be groomed frequently. For this reason, you will have to check the cost of a hairbrush. Thankfully, you will not need to replace hairbrushes too often. Some cats have long coats that can be tangled easily even after regular brushing. They sometimes need professional grooming or a haircut that can cost you substantial amounts. Moreover, it is sometimes difficult to trim your cat’s nails; you may require professional help as well.

Medication and Veterinarian Visits ($0-$150 per month)

If everything goes well according to your plan, you are lucky because your cat will not require regular vet visits or medication. But sometimes, things also do not go as we hope. Your cat can get sick, or her health ailment can become serious; it may require daily medication and regular vet visits. This category falls into quite a bit of additional expenses.

Wrapping Up

Cats are somewhat cost-effective pets. The entire cost of owning a cat depends on the type of breed, age, and health. If you purchase an expensive breed, it will cost you at least $500 or even $1,000. There is also a good option of adoption for a small investment.

No matter what type of cat and what age of cat you purchase, the first and foremost priority is to take care of her health. Once you love your cat unconditionally and care for her health, you will not feel too heavy a budget when it comes to spending time with her.

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