Best American Cities for Cat Lovers

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Best American Cities for Cat Lovers

You must have often heard dogs being called a human being’s best friend, not once, but indeed time and time again. While that does hold a lot of truth, it sidelines our other favorite furry little animals, cats.

We must not deny the fact that cats are also a human being’s favorite partners in crime. Cats are always up to something with their tiny little paws and mischievous minds. They would run around the house and courtyards or chase things such as laser or mouse-shaped objects.

Are you a cat owner who is planning to move to another city? If that is the case, you will need to consider your cat’s needs as well. A list of the best cities for cat lovers in America would definitely help you decide where to move and what place would be suitable for your family, including your furry friend.

We have compiled a list of the best cities for cats and humans both. Needless to say, it is going to be purr-fect for the entire family.

Portland in Maine

First on our list is Portland, a city in the US state of Maine. It is considered to be one of the best cities for cat lovers and their lovely feline friends. Research shows that 46 percent of the houses in Portland have at least one cat.

So wherever you go, you will be in a cat-friendly neighborhood in Portland city. The number of houses with registered pet cats in Portland has compelled the government to introduce strong animal protection laws.

Not only that, but Portland is also one of the three states in the US that have an official cat of the state; the Maine Coon. This city is not only best for cats but also has a lot to offer to its human residents. It is considered to be a large city with a beauty like that of a small town by the sea.

Portland, Maine, USA

Seattle in Washington

Ever heard of Colonel Meow? That cat was from Seattle, Washington. This city is considered a home for cat lovers and coffee lovers alike. Seattle also celebrates National Cat Day in full swing annually and shows how amiable this city is for our feline little friends.

This city is not only ideal for your cat but also for yourself. Enjoy the city’s beautiful and scenic national parks, numerous job opportunities annually, and diverse restaurant options.

Pay a visit to the excellent Seattle metropolitan area, and you will find big organizations like Amazon, Microsoft, Costco, Nordstrom, and Starbucks residing there.

St. Louis in Missouri

The third city in our list of best cities for cat lovers is St. Louis in Missouri. One of the biggest reasons behind this claim is the Mauhaus Cat Cafe and Lounge. If you are a cat lover, then you must have heard of this name. This is a cat cafe that offers excellent coffee and a more fantastic company of cats from the Stray Haven Rescue.

While Japan is one of the most famous cities for cat cafes, the US is certainly not. But if you decide to move to St. Louis, you can also experience this for yourself.

Whereas for humans, there are many other exciting things to do around the city. There is a lot for you to enjoy, such as eating amazing barbecue, the Busch Stadium, or the big lavish St. Louis mall.

St. Louis, Missouri, USA

Scottsdale in Arizona

Scottsdale is one of those cities with which your cat will ultimately fall in deep love. This city has been built on a love for cats over the years. It features several pet stores, shelters, and vets for the cats to make a decent living.

Living in Scottsdale, your cat will definitely have the best care, treats, and toys to play with. This city’s long and unbearable hot summer season is particularly ideal for cats to sunbathe and chase insects around houses.

There is also an excellent spa for cats in the city, called the Applewood Pet Resort and Spa, where you can give your cat a relaxing evening every now and then. Not only for your cats, but this city offers a plethora of spas for humans.

Residing in this city will also let you experience its lavish nightclub nightlife, luxury shopping areas, and upscale dining restaurants.

Orlando in Florida

Another city that opened its doors to the cat cafe experience was Orlando in Florida. It is immensely loved by the residents and cat lovers of the area, making it another one of the best cities for cats to live in. This city is also known to be one of the biggest owners of pet stores.

So if you decide to move here, your cat will be getting a new toy every day. Not only this, but Orlando also houses Disney World and has a significant tourism and gold industry. So it is definitely a perfect fit for a cat’s mom or dad. With golf courses, restaurants, hotels, and significant tourism industry, this city is thriving with job opportunities.


If you currently reside in a city that is not ideal for your cat, you can consider one of the best cities for cats mentioned above. Is one of your friends or relatives looking for a place of the same essence? Then share this list with them and help them make a sound decision.

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