5 Reasons Why British Shorthair Cats Hate Being Picked Up

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Two British shorthair cat

Cats are usually very friendly, and they like being pet and cuddled. However, just like dogs, there are numerous different breeds of dogs, and every breed has a different set of character traits. British shorthair cats are also one breed of felines. A British shorthair cat usually does not like being picked up.

It is not fond of being carried away or cuddled in a human’s lap. Some numerous different explanations or reasons that are thought to be behind this. We tried our level best to understand this side of their personality and the reason behind their behavior. Experts and vets have many opinions about this, and it can be quite interesting to explore them.

Since animals, including cats, cannot voice their opinion, a lot of our understanding is based on inference, research on their behavior, expert opinion, and sometimes mere guesswork. We cannot guarantee the accurateness of these theories and ideas. However, we have a credible reason for including them in this article. We hope you enjoy reading this article and end up discovering new facts about these adorable pet animals.

What are British shorthair cats like?

Let us give you a brief description of a British shorthair cat that will help you identify one if you see them. These cats have a round body type, and, Interestingly, they also have round eyes and round-shaped paws. Their tail also ends with a C-shaped tip. Historically, British shorthair cats were known as British blue cats. This was mainly because, many decades back, this was because it only came in blue color.

However, now it comes in many different colors and patterns. British longhair is another variety f breed, which is very similar to the British shorthair variety, except for the fur coat of the felines.

Nature and characteristics of British shorthair cat

British Shorthair cats are extremely dignified, smart, and compassionate animals, and they serve as amazing pets. They are beautiful and have a rich fur coat that further adds to their beauty and magnificence. However, if you plan to get a British shorthair cat, you must be aware that they are not very friendly.

They are not very expressive in showing their emotions for their humans. They despise being picked up. Hence, if you have a British shorthair cat, it would be very rare for them to lie or sit on your lap. At times they do not even like being in the same bed or couch as other humans.

Is there any difference between female and male British shorthair cats in their behavior

Female British shorthair cats have a more serious attitude as compared to their male counterparts. The male cats tend to be more relaxed in their demeanor and have a much more laid-back attitude. However, for all cats of this breed, regardless of their gender, it takes some time for them to open up and get accustomed to their new environment.

They may feel scared and threatened when they meet new people, and hence they can be a little more reserved than usual at first. However, it is important for you as a cat-human to make them feel at ease and comfort them at all costs.

What should you teach your children about having British shorthair cats

British shorthair cats do not like to be picked and feel attacked when this is done. Hence if you have children at home, it is important to teach them how to treat them respectfully. Children should know how to respect the cat’s boundaries. This will make the cat much more comfortable and help kids learn about the do’s and don’ts of having a pet, which is invaluable for their future development and growth.

Be patient with your British shorthair cat

Like humans, cats have different personalities, leading to having different and unique likes and dislikes. While most cats do not mind being snuggled, they will start resenting you if you try to do this with a British cat with short hair. They would avoid your company and run away from the sight of you. If you want to develop a better bonding with your cat and want to have a healthier long-term relationship, give it time to grow. Allow it to occur naturally. Do not use coercion, and it rarely works.

British shorthair cat has their way of showing expression

Consider cats like your own children. Just like each child has their way of expressing their love and affection or fondness for someone, cats are also unique in this way. Every cat will not snuggle in with you in bed every day or come to get patted on your lap. However, we urge you not to get disappointed.

British shorthair cats have their way of expressing their fondness to you, and if you treat them with respect and love, they will reciprocate. They might not jump into your lap, but they will show closeness towards you. You will see them close to you. They will start following you everywhere you go and will not let you out of their sight.

How to engage with them in activities

Now you must be wondering how to develop a bond with your British cat. Let’s keep it simple. Be playful with them and engage with them in all sorts of activities. Play with them. Invest in getting toys and treats for them. These are readily available at many pet stores and even online.

Having a pet is a big responsibility, and it is normal to feel scared and overwhelmed by its thought. Like any other major step in life, you should be careful to plan and research well before you bring a cat into your home. If you bring a cat with unique character traits like a British shorthair cat, you must seek a professional such as a vet or a former pet owner.

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