Why Does My Cat Stare At Me?

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Why Does My Cat Stare At Me?

If you are a cat owner, there have been several occasions where you find your cat staring at you, right? While you are engrossed in doing something or eating, you must have felt someone was watching you. After noticing, you realized it was just your cat looking at you with those big round eyes. You might be wondering, why does the cat stare at you?

You are already aware of the fact that direct eye contact is considered a threat in a cat’s world. Sometimes you may have laughed it off, and you might have had a little scare about your feline friend’s staring. I am sure this might have left several queries in your mind, like why does my cat not stop staring at me? Or am I in trouble now? What is she going to do now?

Well, in this post, we will discuss various reasons why your cat is staring at you and how to determine your companion’s behavior. So let’s get started!

Reasons Your Cat Stares At You

Eye contact is one of the important languages of cats to express something. But there are some different reasons behind their staring. Keep reading to learn why your cat stares at you!

Cat portrait with selective focus on a yellow eye

● Your Cat is Hungry

One possible reason your cat stares at you is that she might be hungry and want you to give her food. In this situation, cats might communicate with you with their muffled meow. Your cat’s time from feeding to sleeping is fixed; you probably have noticed she starts staring at you around their eating time to get their food. By accompanying their meow, they keep staring at you to tell you that they are hungry by making eye contact until their food is not served. 

● Stares at You Out of Curiosity

Cats are curious by nature, and they have an innate desire to keep themselves aware of their surrounding happenings. Cats are always on alert due to their hunting nature – because of having implausible visual acuity. Cats are always on alert when managing fights or something moving in their wild world. 

I know you must be thinking now if your cat wants to hunt you down, well, absolutely not! Jokes apart, your cat is just curious what you are up to. If you are doing something in their presence or moving about the room, it is natural for cats to keep staring at you to know what’s happening, specifically when sharing the same space.

● Your Cat Might Be Sleeping

A cute cat is sleeping in a basket with partially opened eye

It might sound awkward for you, but your cat might be catching forty winks that cause them to stare. Cats often sleep with their eyes partially open, which leads them to stare at you for long periods while enjoying their dreamland. This type of staring will make you feel weird and uncomfortable, but it is harmless.

● Your Cat is Showing Affection

Feel lucky if you see your cat staring at you with its eyelids half-closed because this is a sign that your cat loves you and trusts you. The reason behind staring is nothing but the best compliment your cat gives. It shows how your feline friend has formed a bond with her owner. You can also make eye contact with your cat with a smiley face and slowly blinking gestures to show them love back. Enjoy this affectionate moment with your feline companion!

● Your Cat Needs Something

Unlike humans, cats cannot express their needs in words when they want something. They know that we are servants in their lives and take care of their needs, from providing food, shelter to comfort and affection. Therefore, they merely stare at you so that you may figure out their needs eventually. This may be the reason you find those eyes to be especially intense around their feeding time.

● Your Cat is Sick

It is a rare cause of staring, and it is caused by high blood pressure due to some illnesses, especially in older cats. This can dilate the cat’s pupils and cause their eyes to stare slightly stiff.

Some medical problems result in the cat’s staring appearance. Following chronic issues associated with cats lead them to death.

  • Heart disease
  • Kidney failure
  • Untreated hyperthyroidism

Seek medical attention if you notice that your cat is staring more than usual, has open pupils, or has reddish eyes even in bright light.

Pay Attention to Your Cat’s Body Language

Judging your cat’s body language is also essential to determine why your cat stares at you.

● Happy and Relaxed

A nice white and gray cat is relaxing while staring to something

When your cat is happy and feels secure to be with you, they stare at you with a comfortable and relaxed demeanor. In the meantime, slowly blinking your eyes is also a clear indication of showing love to you. In addition, they are enjoying your company or staring at you to seek your attention.

● Scared Cat

If you notice that your pet cat is staring at you while crouching down with her tail tucked under its fluffy body, or if she is hiding behind any furniture, this is a sign that your cat is feeling scared. In this scenario, try to understand them and help them with whatever they are going through.

● Stressed and Stiff

If you see your cat’s tail moving from side to side and staring at you with her dilated pupil, then there is a clear sign that she is trying to tell you her stressed and stiff behavior, and your cat wants you to leave them away by showing their annoyed and threatening staring. In this condition, it is the best time to give her some space and avoid staring them back until your cat feels relaxed.

The Bottom Line

In reality, it is very difficult to ensure that your cat enjoys staring at you so much. You are a vital part of your cat’s life, and they want you to know about their underlying medical issues or their requirements with their body language. Acknowledge the reason behind your cat’s staring and behavior to treat them accordingly!

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