Choosing The Perfect Cat

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Choosing The Perfect Cat

You’re going to adopt the perfect cat for you; let us warn you, as a newbie, you will be very confused, as you don’t know how to choose a cat. As soon as you step inside the pet shop, you’ll see that cats are present in the shop belonging to different breeds. Even though all of them look cute, it’s tough to decide which one is the right cat for you to adopt. Here’s a guide on how to choose the right cat:

Note down your requirements

If you’re wondering how to pick a cat, the first thing that you have to do is to be a little specific regarding what you want. This includes the cat’s breed, color, or age. You can research breeds and check their general characteristics. You can check whether they are friendly, playful, and good with children or not. You can also decide whether you want a kitten or an adult cat. When you are specific about what you want, you can make a much better decision and save a lot of time.

Where can I get a cat?

It is also essential to decide where you want to adopt your cat from; a shelter or a rescue group. However, do keep in mind that cats from shelters and rescue groups and usually stray. You can also purchase a cat of your choosing from a pet shop or an owner selling his/her pet. The good thing is that these cats will be trained, and you can also get the cat’s medical history from its owners.

Look for a healthy cat

A healthy, friendly, and playful cat is the one you should seek.

Whether you adopt your cat from a rescue group or a shelter, it is important to adopt a healthy cat that is not going through ongoing medical issues. This will save you from many problems and medical bills as you will have to take your cat to the vet all the time. Therefore, try adopting a cat that is healthy, friendly, and playful. You don’t have to get a cat checked to see if it’s healthy or not. You can observe that from a cat’s behavior and appearance. Healthy cats have bright eyes, a playful demeanor, and are very active. If a cat is just lying around and is not active enough for its age, it’s probably going through illness.

Choose a cat that has a personality that you prefer

Like humans, different cats have different personalities, even if they belong to the same breed. Even though there are many personality traits that cats belonging to the same breed share, every cat has some unique personality features. You can interact with the cat you like and check whether her personality is suitable for you. If the cat is grumpy, shy, or repulsive, then you might not want to adopt her. However, if a cat is playful and friendly, then you might want to adopt her. Some cats are friendly and are easily approachable as soon as you meet them. At the same time, there are also shy cats, who are a little hard to approach at first, but as it gets comfortable with you after consistent efforts, even shy cats can be lovely pets to have. Now, it depends on you whether you wish to put that extra effort or you want a happy and easily approachable cat.

Enquire about the cat’s background

Checking a cat’s medical background is extremely important.

Before adopting a cat, it is crucial to know about its medical and personal background. Sometimes, a cat might look healthy, but it might have some medical history that you might not know about. You can ask whether the cat has been to the vet before, has previous illnesses, or has been vaccinated. It is also interesting to ask about a cat’s background as it tells you a lot about the cat’s personality. It can also help you determine whether the cat will fit well in your family or not. You can ask about the cat’s history and ask whether it gets along well with other cats and animals, such as dogs. You can also ask whether the cat is good with children. Even though many cat breeds are good with children, some cats of the same breed can have different personalities and might have a repulsive attitude towards children. So, it is always better to enquire.

Once you choose a cat, get to know it

Now that you have chosen a cat that satisfies your long list of requirements, it’s time to know about it. Once you have chosen a cat, you can ask the shelter or rescue home management if you can visit with the cat outside its cage. Many shelter homes and rescue homes have an acquaintance room where owners can bond with cats and learn about their personality traits and habits. You should bear in mind that cats can be scared of new people, which is why it might need time to get comfortable with you before you take it home. Cats can have distinctive personalities, they can be playful at first, and they can also be shy. Hence, you need to interact with your cat accordingly.

Trust your instincts

Even though many would recommend you to adopt a playful and friendly cat as it is easily approachable, it might not be the right pet for you to adopt. Maybe, a shy cat that develops a bond with you over time is the cat that you should be going for. This is why you should trust your instincts and adopt a cat that you think can be your best friend, regardless of its personality traits.

Check if the cat likes you or not

You should like your cat, and your cat should pick you.

Even if you like a cat and are ready to adopt it, it’s also essential for the cat to like you back. It’s similar to how human friendships work. You can only be friends with people who want you back. Similarly, before adopting a cat, take some time and find out whether it likes your personality and can be your best friend. If the cat is shy, you can spend a few days trying to approach it, but if it still doesn’t accept you, you should consider choosing a different cat, a cat that likes you.

We hope that this guide will be incredibly helpful in determining which cat is perfect for your house.


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