8 Indoor Games Your Cat Would Love

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8 Indoor Games Your Cat Would Love

Are you looking to get your cat involved in some exercise? Do you not have enough time to go to the park? Indoor cat games are an excellent way for you and your feline friend to bond and engage in some light exercise. Keeping your cat physically and mentally active is necessary for your cat’s health. We have gathered some games that you can play with your cat even when you are indoors.

1. Chase the paper ball

A white cat is playing with a paper ball.

This game may seem simple, but it can be great fun for your cat! All you need for this easy game is a piece of paper rolled into a tight ball. Once you have done that, keep it on the floor in front of your cat, and enjoy the fun! Your cat will start chasing the ball and stay busy. This game is an easy way to utilize leftover paper in the house as well. Who says cat games cannot include recycling too?

2. What’s inside the bag?

This is another one of those cat games that can be played with the minimum amount of maintenance and cost. You require brown paper and some smaller paper cutouts or cat treats. Place the colorful paper cutouts and treats in the bag and close it lightly. Place the bag in front of your cat and watch its curiosity force it to open and explore it. Cat games like these keep your cat physically and mentally stimulated. However, be extremely careful to only use a paper bag for this game. Plastic bags can be a choking hazard and be hard to handle for your pets.

3. Hiding

Hide and seek with your cat? Why not?

What’s a better rainy day game than hiding and seek? Such cat games are an ideal way to keep you and your cat occupied on a day when you cannot go out to the park. Hide behind sofas, chairs, or curtains and call out to your cat. When your cat looks around and does not find you, it will roam around the entire house till it does. Hide and seek is one of those classic cat games that you and your pet can enjoy in equal measures.

4. Tablet-based games

Play on your tablet with your beloved cat

In today’s tech-savvy age, why should cat games not be virtual too? If you have access to a tablet, such as an iPad, you can access thousands of cat games online. However, we recommend keeping a separate tablet for cat games since it is likely to be scratched when your cat jumps on it again and again.

Some of the most popular cat games on the internet include paint for cats. Yes, you heard it right! The pattern of such paint-based cat games (you can find various versions online) is that the cat is able to dip its paws in a particular color and move it across the screen to draw colorful lines and scribbles. Once your cat sees that its paw movements leave colorful marks, it will be encouraged to participate more fully in the painting activity.

5. Pandora’s Box

We all know that Pandora’s curiosity got the best of her. Well, who can match her curiosity better than the famous cat? For this came, take an old shoebox from your closet. Place colorful confetti and some of your cat’s favorite toys in it. Shake the box in front of your cat to get its attention. And then place it in front of it. Do not open the box yourself; your cat can manage that on its own!

6.  Catch the feather

A cat likes to play with feathers.

A cat’s curiosity is piqued by things that it cannot have. A simple way to conduct a kitten match in your very own living room is to catch the feather. Take an old wooden ruler or stick and tape a feather to it. If you have 2 little kittens sitting in the corner of your house, go over to them, tickle them with the feather and then raise it so high that it is out of their reach.

Just see how the little kittens jump up and down, trying to catch the feather. This is just one of many great cat games in which you can engage multiple pets at the same time and unleash the inner battle cats in your normally calm pets.

7. Plain old fetch

When we say fetch, our mind immediately goes to dogs. However, cats are just as good at it as well! If you throw a stick or a ball far away, you can count on your cat to run after it. While it is true that a cat may not be as enthusiastic as the dog is doing this numerous times, you can still give your pet cat a good workout with a few throws. It is not necessary to play cat games like fetch outdoors. You can play these from the comfort of your living room by just throwing the toy/stick from one end of the living room to another.

8. Catch the laser

All you need for this game is a laser pointer. Make yourself comfortable on a couch and point the laser on the floor in front of your cat. Your feline friend obviously does not understand the mechanics of laser pointers, so it will try and catch the shiny red/green light.

Your participation is limited to moving the laser pointer in various directions to keep your cat engaged. Such cat games will provide a good workout for any pet and give a bit of entertainment for you as well.

We hope that the cat games mentioned above will keep you and your pet occupied on rainy days. Even when you are too busy to go out, these games will provide you an opportunity to engage in some healthy activity with your cat.

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