Is My Cat Happy?

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Is My Cat Happy?

If you have a cat or have known about them, you would be aware that cats aren’t the most accessible pets to be around. Cats need a peaceful and comfortable environment. And to top it off, they need satisfaction to stay content. If you are in contact with a cat, then you might be wondering how to know if the cat is happy or not. But don’t worry, because, in this article, all your queries will be addressed.

How to Know if a Cat Is Happy?

Well, a cat’s happiness can be evident and direct; look for the following signs and if you detect any, be at peace knowing your kitty is one happy pet.

Signs and Expressions of a Happy Cat

Vocals and Expressions

Vocal cats are known to express happiness through their purrs. Although, do note that not all purrs refer to happiness. If your cat does not purr often, it might ask for something or show feelings of distress.

On the other hand, if your cat does purr a lot, then it might be vocalizing happiness and contentment. In other cases where cats are usually quiet, purring or expressing happiness through vocals would probably not be their way of showing contentment. However, in any case, remember to be patient.

Body Language

This is instead an essential factor to consider when talking about contentment. Through their body language, you can know instantly whether or not they are happy. You might notice them sleeping in a stress-free way, perhaps with their paws tucked in and sleepy eyes.

Or they might even blink at you from a distance when they catch your gaze on them; even the little gestures direct towards contentment. Additionally, their tails are erect and crooked, more so in a welcoming way, and their pupils will dilate. You can catch this especially when you put a bowl of treats in front of them or shower them with immense love.

Cat blinking one eye

Playing Energy

One thing you’d notice a change in will be their increase in energy. They will play and jump around extensively because they are happy and excited.

Sleep Levels

If you have a cat, then you know they usually tend to sleep more when sick or depressed. However, if your cat nudges to sleep with you, that’s a good sign because your cat trusts you!

Check on Their Eating Habits

If a cat eats right and healthy, that’s a pretty good sign indicating happiness and contentment with their situation. Although, do keep a check on their eating habits because sometimes when cats don’t eat right, they might have a severe medical problem.

A cat is eating dry food from a bowl

Now that we know what a happy cat looks like, let’s focus on the unhappy versions of your cat.

How Do We Know if the Cat Is Unhappy?

Be on the lookout for the following signs if you feel that your cat may be unhappy.

Signs and Expressions of an Unhappy Cat

Excessive Hissing

Even though vocalizing may not ultimately indicate that your cat isn’t happy, it can be a sign of frustration and uneasiness. In this case, try making out what the problem could be; maybe you have additional cats in the house that might come forward as intimidating, or maybe they aren’t feeling okay. Get them checked professionally if you think there may be a more significant issue.

Sleeping More Than Usual

Cats don’t usually sleep for really long periods, but if their sleep schedule exceeds 10 hours, then there’s something wrong, and that’s your cue to get them checked. Sometimes, there may be health issues, whereas other times, they might just be sad or want attention.

A sleeping cat

Demotivated and Uninterested in Usual Activities

If they aren’t active or haven’t been for a while, they are low on energy. Try feeding them properly and keeping them in a quiet environment to feel at ease. Additionally, low motivation sparks depression and sadness; therefore, keeping tabs accordingly might favor you both.

Showing Aggression

Aggressive behavior is another way cats communicate sadness and despair. They would be unfriendly to other cats or even your guests, refraining from a proper diet and keeping away from you as much as possible. In this case, give them space and let them discover their toughness to get back on track.

How To Keep Your Cat Happy and Comfortable?

Here is where your part comes in. Making your cats comfortable in your home environment is your responsibility. But for all new pet parents, know that it is not too hard. You need to create a bond with your cat, and here is how you start.

Spend Time With Them

When you are busy, it’s hard for you to take time out to be with your cat. However, this is necessary for a cat’s happiness and contentment with you. Try taking out some time and spend it around them. Play with them, take them for walks, etc. Building a bond is extremely necessary for a cat’s comfort.

A girl is holding her cat high in the air

Keep Your House Clean

Cats like it spick and span, and they don’t like hanging out in places where it is dirty or smelly, and they feel nice in clean and fresh places. So if you are trying to build a healthy and comfortable zone for them, make sure to pick up the vacuum cleaner and start now!

Allocate a Spot in the House to Your Cat

There is not much coverage on this, but cats like their own space. They like their alone time and act sophisticated sometimes when they are through with their clinginess. So make sure you dedicate a spot for their territory and privacy in the corner of your house. Trust me; it comes in handy!

Final Verdict

Whether your cat is happy or not, you need to make sure that their things and preferences are sorted beforehand as a pet parent. Cats are incredibly picky and proper, and they need to be treated accordingly, especially since these are animals that can’t speak or express themselves adequately. We need to make sure they feel comfortable around our company.

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