Bombay Cats; Look-alike of Mini Panther, 5 Aspects of Its Personality

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Black Bombay cat

Bombay cats, as the name may suggest, do not belong to Bombay. They were named as such because they resembled a wild panther that belonged to the same port city. They are said to be very rare cats, so you may need to learn a bit more about this rare breed before actually getting one.

This cat, bred to resemble a certain wild cat, has a jet black coat and coppery eyes that look fascinating to others. They are bred to look like panthers. However, there is no blood or genes of any wild cat found in Bombay cats.

It is related to the Burmese cat, so there may be one or two spots of different colors present on its fur due to its relation to the Burmese cat breed. They do have some other qualities, which are described below:

1- Bombay cats are very active

Due to their wild heritage, they instinctively have more energy than other breeds while not having any wild DNA. You will always find them on their feet even though they might be tired or sleepy.

Bombay cat sitting outdoors

Bombay cats are very outgoing and would never miss an opportunity to go outside and play. And while they are outside, they are never afraid of any other cats, little children, or large dogs. So you can rest assured that these cats will not cause a problem whenever you decide to take them out for some fresh air or a walk.

2- Bombay cats are very cooperative

Bombay cats would not have any trouble adjusting to a new environment or a new place; they would be ready to explore their new surroundings. They do not mind being picked up while walking, and sometimes some Bombay cats even appreciate getting picked up.

They would never be found fighting with another cat or another animal and would always be seen grooming them. Bombay cats do exceptionally well with little children and can be the perfect little playmate for your child.

They get along especially well with the elderly, so it’s a perfect cat if you want an elder loved one a cat for their birthday as a companion in their last days. Bombay cats are also known to be ‘lap cats,’ meaning they love to sit down or lie down in their owners’ laps and would rather not sit anywhere else.

3- Bombay cats are highly intelligent

They are known to be a very intelligent cat breed by many researchers with a whole portfolio to support this fact. They have certain problem-solving skills, and their reflexes are surprisingly sharp too. This enables them to be able to detect the slightest movements and be able to react accordingly.

Staring Bombay cat with yellow eyes

Bombay cats can recognize their names in a matter of weeks, and they can be very easily trained, and some of them can perform bizarre tricks. They are also very vocal, and they do not waste a moment voicing their opinions. They tend to understand what is going on clearly, and they would intelligently react to it.

4- Bombay cats are affectionate

Bombay cats are affectionate towards their favorite animal companion and any human being they interact with daily. It may not necessarily be their owner, but it may be someone from the house. Bombay cats are known to develop deep bonds with their human companions, so much so that they can recognize their companions based on their sense of smell and hence can find them anywhere in a crowd of people.

They can sometimes show affection and receive it, and they can even inherit some human behavior such as hugging. Sometimes Bombay cats think of human children as their kittens, so they can be found grooming them as a sign of affection.

5- They are very friendly

Bombay cats are known to be the friendliest cats in the world. They may look intimidating, but they’re very friendly to other cats and other animals. They may even make a friend or two and can develop deep connections with them.

They are always in a hurry to find a playmate to jump around and run here and there. They also love to communicate with other animals and are always very vocal with other cats. They are considered the most extroverted breed in the world and are the best at making friends.

Bombay kitten sitting and looking up

Bombay cats are excellent pets for large and small families with children. They are even recommended for families with smaller children because they are not likely to hurt them due to their gentle nature. That’s because Bombay cats tend to consider smaller human babies as their litter of Bombay kittens and will behave similarly towards them.

However, Bombay cats are rare and expensive, so if you go out asking what a Bombay cat’s price is, you won’t get a reasonable enough answer.


Bombay cats are also known to have huge appetites. So it is important to regulate what they eat because they are quite prone to a quick increase in weight, leading to difficulties such as rapid weight gain and obesity.

They are easy to take care of and do not require weekly grooming sessions, so older adults can easily spend time with Bombay Cats, and they will not have to make that big of an effort.

Bombay cats are also very popular among people who are not at home for most of the day because Bombay cats can be trained easily, which allows them to become somewhat independent of their owners. Hence they do not have to depend on them compared to other cat breeds, which tend to be possessive.

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