How to Choose the Right Cat Breed for My Lifestyle

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How to Choose the Right Cat Breed for My Lifestyle

When it comes to owning a pet such as a cat, it can be a great responsibility as you have to make sure that they are provided with all the love, time, nurturing at all times. Many people do not know this, but just like humans, cats also have different personalities and habits that gradually develop and change over time as they shift into adulthood.

This article will be looking at some common and unique cat breed that suits your personality and lifestyle.

Personalities of Cat

Before you decide to adopt any cat breed, it is extremely crucial to know that certain factors influence a cat’s behavior and ability to interact with you.

Besides, you should also consider the environment it grows up in, food and litter habits, and the overall amount of time and care you need to put into your cat to ensure it is safe and healthy.

Although personalities depend on their genetics and environment, all the cat breeds thrive in love and care their fellow humans receive. Moreover, cats’ personalities can change quite easily depending on how you treat them as they are pure carnivores; they can easily fend and take care of themselves.

Illustration of cat's relationship with its owner

What Do Cats Say About You?

It is a well-known fact that the type of cat breed you choose for your family reflects your overall personality and lifestyle. The cat’s quirkiness, physical activity levels, and emotional states all reflect who you are as a person. You may find this shocking, but the more you research different cat breeds, the more you will know that quiet people often adopt extremely shy and introverted cats while outgoing. Extroverted people will adopt cats that are more playful social.

For this reason, it is crucial that you first truly reflect on tour self and understand what type of cat you are looking for. One common mistake that people make is to adopt a cat that is entirely different from your personality, which can cause discomfort and annoyance in your overall lifestyle.

A cute Ragdoll kitten is sitting near purple flowers

Ragdoll Cats

If you are often busy with loads of work, then adopting a Ragdoll cat is an excellent option as this cat breed is known for being smart and can learn tricks overall. One thing about ragdoll cats is that they get along with human families quite well. Since they have a sharp memory, you can expect them to remember your scent and body for a long time. This cat breed is also a great companion and can be used for snuggle sessions.

One thing worth mentioning is that regardless of cat breed, most of them can suffer from illness and diseases, so make sure you take care of this. Although Ragdoll cats can be extremely adorable and fluffy, they shed more than other cat breeds, so you should always ensure they are kept clean.

A golden Bengal cat

Bengal Cat

This next type of cat breed is opposite from the one mentioned above as they can be highly energetic and playful. Having a Bengal cat breed in home, you can expect them to run around, jump on items and heights, etc. Many people believe that the Bengal cat breed belongs to the jungles from the overall look.

Although this cat breed is extended playful and packed with energy, they are affectionate and extremely loving towards their human families. If you want a cat that runs around all day and can fulfill its tendency to play, you should adopt this cat.

A light gray Chartreux cat breed


Although the majority of the cat breed out there love to play around until they get exhausted, the Chartreux cat is more on the quiet and shy side. Although this cat breed is introverted at first with their human companions, they still love to communicate and follow their owners. One downside of these cats is that grooming them can be a challenge despite being shy and quiet as they despise being touched excessively.

With that being said, this cat breed is also known for shedding just like a rag doll, so you have to ensure that you have the tools to clean them. Overall, though, if you are also quiet and love to spend time alone, adopting this cat breed will not be a hassle to your lifestyle as they too sit in a corner and be quiet.

Best Breed for First-Time Owners

Choosing to adopt a new cat for the first time can be an exciting and one-of-a-kind experience. Although most cat breeds are great for snuggling and playing around, some cat breeds, such as American short hair, Birman, and Kurilian bobtail, can adapt well and are really lovely to have a good time with.

One of the great things about American short hair is that they are low maintenance, extremely affectionate, and have a longer lifespan than another cat breed.

On the other hand, Birman cats are known for being patient. They can quickly get along with other family members like children and dogs. For this reason, many cat owners out there choose to adopt this cat breed.

Two very adorable Kurilian bobtails

The third breed, the Kurilian bobtail, has unique characteristics with relatively short tails. Besides, the Kurilian bobtail is one of the rarest breeds, with only around 100 or so in America.


So that is all when it comes to understanding the different cat breeds out there and why it is essential to adopt a cat that reflects who you are as a person. What truly matters is how willing you are to give your feline friend time, love, and nurturing.

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