Cats Sleeping in Your Bed – 3 Reasons Why It’s Not a Good Idea

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A sleeping cat

Cats are adorable pet animals. They are warm, and it is an absolute treat to cuddle them at night and have them sleep next to you. It is extremely heartwarming and endearing. Many pet owners love having their cats curled up with them. Cats can be your best friends, and they prove to be amazing companions. Their company makes your heart full and gives you a feeling of being loved.

However, it is important to make sure that the cats are taken care of properly. One must be aware of what a cat’s likes and dislikes are. Often cat humans or pet owners make gestures and act out of their love and affection for their cat. However, they tend to be counterintuitive, and there are more disadvantages to those gestures. One must be well-read on what cats’ preferences are and behave with them accordingly.

Where should my cat sleep?

Cats are sleeping, and resting can be found in any corner of the house. Their priority to sleep at a spot is to have a warm and comfortable space, and they like to snuggle in a cozy space and have enough room to stretch. Cats have the reputation of being very selective; however, they can pretty much sleep anywhere, from the floor to the top of a closet.

Cats are also great attention seekers, and sometimes they like to lie in the spot where they will be the center of your attention. For example, if you are working on your laptop, computer or desktop, they will lie on top of that. Another example would be working with a pile of papers; they will lay on top of that.

Should my cat sleep in my bed?

Tempted as you might be to have your furry friend tucked next to you in your bed, it is important that you carefully consider this. Having your cat sleep next to you can come with several problems and troubles for you in the future.

Cats are very habitual creatures, and once they develop their habits, it is very important to get them out of them. Hence in their earlier years, it is important to make sure they develop convenient habits for both you and your cat. We will be discussing why having your cats sleeping with you in your bed is not the best idea.

You may hurt your cat or kitten in their sleep

Cats take their own time to start trusting their humans, and sleeping with you on the bed means that you must have earned their trust. However, having them on the bed with you can be tricky. This is because, at night, some people move and stretch more than others. Others might even be fidgety.

At times, cats can creep into your bed late at night without you even realizing or noticing them. Hence, you may hurt them while you are asleep. There is a chance that you may accidentally kick them, put your foot on their tail or hurt them at a spot where they are injured.

Some options about where your cats can sleep

So the priority for cats sleeping is to have a warm and comfortable place. There are numerous and a variety of different types of cat beds available for your cat to rest on. Cat beds are widely available both in-store and online.

You can easily find a cat bed of your liking that suits the best to your cat. Cat beds include beds such as igloo beds or even hammocks with a soft cushion. If you want something like a do-it-yourself project, you can use a cardboard box to make a cat bed yourself and place a soft blanket inside it.

How long do cats sleep?

Many cat humans complain that their cats sleep for very long hours and spend most of the day sleeping. However, rest assured that this is normal for felines. On average most cats sleep for up to twelve to fifteen hours in the twenty-four period. Cats are also nocturnal creatures, so there is a high likelihood that they are outside hunting and doing other outdoor activities while you are asleep. Hence managing their sleep schedule with yours and sleeping with them next to you can be challenging. It is a better idea to have them sleep in their own designated spot.

Kittens sleeping next to you

Kittens are young and playful. They are more active than adult full-sized cats, and hence they also require less sleep. If you develop their habit of sleeping with you, there is a high chance that they will disturb your sleep at night. They might be playful the most when it is your nap time. Having a young kitten in your room can mess up your sleep hygiene and might even be frustrating as a new cat parent.

Our take on your cat sleeping with you

A cat sleeping with humans is very common; however, it may not be every cat’s cup of tea. It would help if you considered what suits you and your cat the best. Having a cat, or any pet for that matter is very comforting and can even be relieving at times.

However, one must make sure that one’s behavior with a cat should be such that one must feel comfortable.


Cats sleeping with you on the same bed can also become a safety concern for you and your family. This is especially true if you have young children or kids with you. You must consider your situation to see what sleeping arrangements you need to make for your cat that would suit both of you in the best possible manner. Having cats is a very individualistic experience, and every cat owner should discover what works the best for them. Cats sleeping pattern keeps on changing; hence you must be adequately prepared to deal with these changes.

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