How To Keep Your Cat Happy and Healthy

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A woman holding a white cat

If your cat is sad, there could be three reasons behind it:

  • It’s sad, stressed, or suffering from anxiety
  • It is tired and wants to sleep
  • It is ill

If your cat is tired, it is happy. If your cat is ill, you should immediately take it to a vet. However, if your cat is sad, then here are 10 things to make your cat happy:

1. Let your cat hunt

Cats still have their hunting instinct even after they get domesticated. Therefore, no matter how much you feed your cat, it wants to hunt and will hunt down small animals like rats, cockroaches, and birds. Cats love to hunt, just like lions, tigers, pumas, and other wild cats. You can’t stop your furry animal from hunting as it will make it more repulsive. So, let it do what it’s doing. You can also take your cat out in the park for hunting as it is a great physical exercise for them. You can also hide treats around your house and make your cat find them.

2. Treat your cat frequently

Your cat can get lazy and it needs the motivation to do a certain activity. Whether you are playing with your cat or training it for something, you have to keep rewarding it to keep it motivated. The best way to motivate your cat is by offering it delicious treats frequently. Cat treats are cat snacks that are low in calories, high in nutrients, and extremely delicious. However, if you don’t have cat treats with you, do not offer your cat human biscuits or chips in the form of treats as they are extremely unhealthy for cats and are high in calories.

3. Get your pet a sibling

Just like us humans, cats also feel lonely at times and need a companion with them. They want a fellow cat with whom they can play, have fun, eat and do other activities. If your cat is feeling lonely and sad, even though you are giving it a lot of attention, it might want a new friend in the house. Many homeless cats in shelters are waiting for a nice owner to adopt them and give them the life they deserve.

4. Use Catnip

Catnips is a plant from the plant family, Nepeta cataria. It is a mint plant that contains nepetalactone, natural oil that has a great effect on cats. It makes them happier and removes stress and anxiety from their system. Cats can either rub or chew a catnip. It’s harmless and has no side effects. Remember that catnips don’t affect all cats. They don’t affect most female cats. However, most of the male cats get affected by catnips. Therefore, if you have a male cat, you should have catnip with you.

5. Buy a climbing structure for your cat

Cats love to be agile, which is why they love climbing on high platforms like the top of your wardrobe and even your fan. However, your cat might end up hurting itself by falling from such high surfaces that are certainly not made for your furry friend to climb on. To cater to your cat’s climbing urges, you can buy a nice climbing structure and place it on a wall. It can be a great place for your cat to climb and play.

6. Go for a walk

If you want to train your cat to be on a leash, you have to take your cat out for a walk as you can never train your cat indoors, no matter how much you treat it. If you want your cat to learn, you have to take it outside for a walk, where it can explore the outside world and interact with other people and animals as well. Remember that your furry buddy has a very sensitive neck, so you should never pull on the leash at it can hurt it and it will try to get out of the leash and harness.

7. Give your cat the affection it deserves

Cats need attention and love, and to keep them happy, you have to give them that. Love is the most powerful tool to improve the mood of your cat. You can cuddle with it, groom it and you can even watch TV with it. You need to spend some more time with your cat, as your cat might be sad because its favorite human doesn’t spend enough time with it.

8. Buy new toys for your cat

Like children, cats also love it when they get new toys. So, you can buy them new toys if they are bored of playing with the ones they currently have.

9. Bird Viewing Stations

Cats love the outside world, and you might see your cats pushing you to take them out as there are birds outside. This means that not only your cat wants to go outside, it also wants to hunt. Birds are one of the cat’s favorite prey, which is why when they see birds, cats want to hunt them. To allow your cat to hunt down birds, install a cat window perch and put up a bird feeder to attract birds.

10. Play with your cat

Last but not the least, you have to spend some time and play with your cat. You can search the internet for cat activities and play with your cat. Don’t forget to treat your cat frequently to keep it motivated.

A happy cat is a healthy cat, and if you want to keep your cat happy, you have to give it the love and attention it deserves. Also, it is important to cater to all of its needs and make your house a great environment for it to stay in. If your cat is still sad and stressed, you should take it to a vet as it can be suffering from some illness or pain.

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