Cat Winter Care: How to Keep Cats Warm and Healthy in Winter?

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Cat Winter Care

When winter is around the corner, it’s time to keep your feline fur baby indoors. If you are one of those cat owners who think that the warm fur coat keeps feline animals warm during winter, then better think again! Naturally, cats are independent, but sometimes they also need help to get through the cold of winter.

This article will help you know how to keep your cat warm and healthy in winter. It includes all the information you need to know, from dressing up her warm clothes to providing her warm foods. So whether you have an indoor cat or an outdoor cat, read on to find out the winter care tips for cats.

Dress Up Your Cat With Warm Clothes

Not all feline cats enjoy wearing clothes, but when they get chilly, they start singing different tunes. Choose warm and soft clothes, like fleece sweaters, to keep her comfortable. When she is ready to wear or hold the sweater, give her a treat as a reward to develop a positive association with clothing instead of stuffing her into her winter wardrobe.

Note: If you have a Sphynx cat or any hairless cat, ensure that the sweater isn’t that itchy as it will irritate her delicate skin.

Create a Cozy Nook for Her

Have you ever wondered why your cat loves jumping into the basket of dried laundry? Because they find it warm and cozy!

During the cold days, create a cozy nook for her. Warm a few blankets in the dryer and provide her some coziness. The blankets will not stay warm for a long time, but she will become used to burrowing down in those blankets for warmth. For extra heat, place her blankets near the sunny windows, where she will be able to use rays for a boost of warmth while enjoying the view of the outdoors.

Cat looking out the windows during winter

Brush Her Coat Regularly

Brush your cat regularly, especially if she belongs to the breeds that develop undercoats. The thicker fur helps her insulate from the coat, so if you do not maintain it during winter, the matting will cause discomfort to your cat. Use a good quality brush, especially in winter, because it is essential to ensure that your pet cat doesn’t develop unwanted mats or knots. This will also create a bond between you and your feline companion.

Provide Her Warm Food and Water

There is a lot more to do than a safe shelter when it comes to keeping your cat warm outside when it is usually cold. You need to provide her with warm food and water too.

During winters, cats use more calories to keep themselves warm, and hunting for prey is tougher. Therefore, your cat might need extra help and attention from you. Putting out the warm canned food more than once a day also provides her plenty of dry kibbles.

You will also need to provide her with a bowl of fresh water in an area protected from wind and rain. Check at least twice a day to ensure it’s not frozen. It would be best if you set out heated bowls of food and water, and this will give you peace that your cat is having a portion of fresh food and water that is not getting frozen during the colder days and nights. Moreover, consider putting the water and food station in a quieter covered area so the snow or rain can drain away.

A black cat is lying near a bowl of food

Keep Your Cat Indoors

If you have a cat that likes to spend most of her time outside, then during wintertime, you might want to keep her inside the home for the whole day rather than debating if it’s too cold. Provide her scratch posts cat trees and make her sit in the window to look out so that your feline friend will not get bored while indoors.

Note: If your cat is trying to escape outside, you can also keep her warm outside with the help of heated food, shelter, and water, which will help your furry feline stay toasty warm.

Bring an Electric Bed for Her

Our heating pads are too hot for cats, but an electric bed can work for them. Try out plug-in electric beds because they use low wattage and will also keep your pet cat warm and safe during colder days. These beds come with removable cushions, allowing you to keep your cat free of furry buildup.

Provide Her Flea, Tick, and Worm Medication

Parasites live in the environment all year round, but they are more prevalent during warmer seasons. Provide your cat flea, tick, and worm medication because it is crucial for her health in the winter months.

You might have experienced outbreaks of fleas during winters, especially if you have a carpet in your home, as indoor heating creates an opportunity for the eggs and larvae of flea in our surroundings to hatch and thrive. Therefore, use finder tools for flea, tick, and worm treatment to comprehend what products will be best for your cat to keep her safe from parasites.

Cat playing in the snow

Keep Your Fur Baby Active

Some cats are active and create their exercises, while some need encouragement to exercise when the weather turns cold. Keep your cat engaged in extra playing time, such as giving her catnip, cat toys with battery-powered, and a flashlight that encourages movement.

Keep in mind that cats take the same amount of calories daily, and not moving too much will soon let them put on weight. For more physical and mental motivation, hide her food in different places around your house. This trick will help encourage her to sniff and search for food.

Final Thoughts

Living with a cat sometimes becomes challenging, especially when pet owners have to take care of their needs and requirements according to the weather’s moods. While keeping yourself warm during winters, it is also essential to ensure that your pet cat doesn’t get cold because if she is not treated correctly, she can get a severe cold. I hope the above tips for caring for your cat will help you during the winter season.

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