How to Keep Your Cat Obedient?

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How to Keep Your Cat Obedient?

Cats are supposed to be less social and more independent by nature as compared to dogs, thus cats don’t really pay concern to the commands and instructions and it sometimes becomes tricky to keep them obedient. However, the cat is considered as one of the most intelligent animals having the capabilities to learn plenty of tricks and behaviors.

Dive into the article to learn more about how to keep your cat obedient or how to train a cat!

Learn Your Cat’s Personality

Did you know that cats are way smarter than people and have both short and long-term good memory? Thus, it shows that they are trainable and can learn behaviors quickly as well as they can get away with repeatedly. Hence, it is essential to begin training cat as soon as you can so that it will be able to understand, recognize and learn the boundaries and commands effectively.

Cats remember behaviors and actions and react accordingly. They, like people, react positively to positive reinforcement. They are supposed to reciprocate the same behavior they have been treating at your home. So, always make sure to treat your cat positively and encourage them to reciprocate the same positive way as well. Know a few useful tricks to teach your cat!

Cat Training – Do It Accordingly!

Most cats like toys, food, and attention, and some like all three depending upon their nature and mood – since they are considered as way moody having severe mood swings. You can begin training your cat to keep it obedient by observing its different moods and must concentrate on the things which your cat significantly focuses on.

You can use objects or toys as motivators to make your cat understand that it must have to follow commands and instructions, only then you will be able to keep it obedient for long. Or, you can offer your cat a toy or an object as a reward for positive reinforcement. Make your cat learn that it will be provided with that particular reward for certain good and positive behavior.

Want to know what types of objects and toys you can use as a reward? Consider objects and things like catnip, shrimp, canned spray cheese and tuna, and so on to encourage your cat to follow and adopt good and positive behavior. With these objects you can get your cat’s attention as well, also can divert if it is concentrating on something you would rather not have them paying attention to.

Discourage Bad Behavior

Cats are supposed to be more responsive when they are into punishment. Cats have abilities to understand when they are into something bad however cats do not like punishments, rather respond well to positive behaviors and like to have good rewards and treats.

In addition, punishment may cause your cat to hide from your or to run away. Also, every cat has its own nature and personality and learns accordingly. Thus, encouraging positive behavior with a reward is much more influential in keeping your cat obedient. But what can be the ways to discourage bad behavior in your cat? Below mentioned are a few of the tricks that you can follow to discourage the bad behavior of your cat and keep it obedient to follow your instructions seamlessly.

  • Water Spray Bottle – cats never like to be squirted with water or any liquid. You can use a quick spritz at your cat if it is doing something bad or into negative behavior. However, you have to be consistent and you will see that after sometimes just reaching the spray bottle deters the negative behavior.
  • Shake a Noisy Can – if your cat is doing something it is not supposed to do simply shake a can filled with some pennies or any object to frighten your pet effectively.
  • Schedule a Timeout – you can go with another option to put your cat in a room or bathroom all alone for a while if it is misbehaving or not paying attention to your instructions. You will see a change in its behavior when it will be taken out from the room.
  • Say Something – you can frighten your cat with a certain loud word to abandon any bad or rough behavior instantly. It is an effective and influential technique to keep your cat obedient who are most aggressive.

Address Bad Behavior in Your Cat

You may think that your cat’s behavior is not good or it might be vindictive towards you or maybe your cat is misbehaving, but this is usually not the case. You need to understand that there can be numerous reasons for which your cat is acting in such a nasty way. She may have a medical condition or maybe be stressed over a change at your home or simply might not considering its behavior as wrong or undisciplined.

Note that making your cat fearful of you might weaken the bond that you both have been sharing. Also, redirecting behavior will be a more efficient way to put your cat back on track. Punishing your cat will ultimately lead to more stress and disobedient behavior. However, it is essential to make your cat aware of unwanted and disrespectful behaviors considering significant tricks and ways that really are beneficial.

Encourage Good Behavior

If you are thinking to teach your cat by punishing it physically then you are wrong as it will never bore fruit! Note that you are not supposed to hurt your cat physically – this includes hitting, spanking, hurting, or kicking. Rather you have to encourage good and positive behavior in your cat. Also, always make sure to praise your cat for doing something good and for positive behavior with a treat or reward so it can learn to successfully associate actions with rewards.

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