Why Does My Cat Meow When I Talk To Him?

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Why Does My Cat Meow When I Talk To Him

Many cat owners around the world have experienced their cat interacting with them in the form of polite and friendly meow that catches everyone’s attention. Unlike humans, cats cannot directly speak your tongue language, and for you to pay attention to them, they have the habits of cat meow.

Now you might be thinking, how does my cat communicate with me differently with just a cat meow? Cats actually have a way of catching your attention by making slightly different cat meow such as a deep meow, purring, hissing, etc.

Do cats meow more at you as they get older?

Well, you may not know this, but cats actually have different types of meow, which, if you pay close attention, you will be able to understand. As cats transition from their kitten-hood to being a proper adult cat, you might have noticed that their cat meow becomes frequent and of something they do without any real reason.

One of the reasons cats meow is solely because they are maturing and their hormones are changing, but they could also be doing it as they want attention and love.

A cute little kitten is meowing in the garden

Form of communication

One of the prime reasons cats absolutely love to meow at you when you talk to them is because they are simply trying to communicate with you. In the cat’s world, cats have different personalities as well as different ways to communicate with each other. That form of habit can be applied to humans too.

If you listen closely and observe when the cats meow, you will understand that they interact with you and want you to understand them better. However, one thing to note is that feral cats actually do not meow as much as other domesticated home cats. It is a way for them to release their anger and frustration and let humans know that they can attack them.

To ask for food

You might have noticed that when your cat is hungry, it will come to you and will cat meow in such a polite and calm manner. This habit usually develops in cats when they are brought up and treated with respect. Over time they learn to respect and appreciate their provider, hence the cat meow.

As mentioned earlier, cats can have different personalities ranging from being extremely shy and introverted to being completely angry and confident. Although scientists and other cat experts believe that it is not an easy task to interpret cat and kittens’ meowing, one thing that you could observe is their pattern of cat meow and how it linked to their actions afterward.

Sign of love

Perhaps the most common understanding for humans and cat lover owners is that cats communicate with you to show that they appreciate you for taking care and loving them. You may not be aware of this, but cats actually have a favorite person they come to when they feel content and full of joy.

If you spend considerable time playing with your cat with his favorite cat toys, give treats once in a while, and always provide food when the cat meow, your cat will undoubtedly gain your trust and will come to you whenever he requires nurturing and comfort.

A veterinarian and a cat in his hand

Cat might be in pain

Besides your cat meowing at you as he needs love, attention, or food, your cat might also be meowing at your because he is in extreme pain. If you or anyone in your house notices that your cat or kitten meowing is occurred frequently than usual, then it is best to consult your local veterinarian.

Most of the time, cats consume pieces of leftover food or dirt from the ground, which causes bacteria to infect their stomach and intestines, causing them to have diarrhea or other diseases. Hence it is advisable that you take an hour out of your day to take your little loved one to the veterinarian, who will properly examine him and prescribe the required medicine.

Your cat wants playtime

Just like children, cats and kittens also love to play around with objects that excite them, such as moving balls, noisy ringing bell balls, scratch pads, fur sticks, etc. You should know that besides providing your cat with a proper diet and health, you are also required to play with your cats.

One of the more important reasons your cats should have playtime is to not suffer from obesity. If your cat randomly comes near your face while you are lying or on a sofa and politely meows at you while sniffing you, then it is likely that your cat wants you to play with him.

Types of cat meows

If you own a little kitten or a grown-up cat, one thing that you may have noticed is the different kinds of cat meow that your cat does, depending on what he needs. The most common one besides normal cat meow is purring.

The main reason behind purring is to show that he appreciates and loves you. Your cat might purr or softly cat meow at you if he feels trusted and full of joy.

Moreover, if your car hisses or deeply meows at you when you talk to him, it is most likely that your cat wants you to leave him alone because he is angry or agitated. This type of meow lets the owner know that you have crossed his territory and want you to leave him alone for some time.


To conclude, it is crucial that you pay close attention to your cat’s meow and try to understand the reason behind why he is doing so. Besides providing your cat with a proper diet and health, you should always be cautious of the different types of meow to confirm that your cat is not suffering from any pain or feels lonely.

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