Cat Silent Meow: The Reasons Behind It

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The Reasons Behind Cat Silent Meow

Why do cats meow without sound? A cat silent meow is just one of several cat meow types and is quite common. But what are the reasons behind it?

Cats, in particular, are noisy creatures, and a cat meow is considered a unique mode of interaction. Cat owners can verify that their cats constantly meow to interact with them.

When your cat becomes silent, you should investigate a few possibilities. A cat’s quietness may indicate something more serious than just becoming irritated at you for failing to feed her on time. Here are some reasons behind the cat silent meow.

Small Body Size

An older cat’s meow is more audible than a kitten’s, and due to your cat’s small size, undeveloped voice box and throat produce a soft meow. When your kitten matures into an adult, its vocals will develop, resulting in a stronger meow. Nevertheless, this is not always the situation, and your cat can retain this low-pitched meow until adolescence.


Irritability is your cat grumbling sadly under its breath. Out of irritation, your cat may choose to meow, in some instances, softly. If prior vocalizations have failed to produce the intended effects, some felines will murmur meow as a final attempt.

If your feline buddy is quietly meowing out of annoyance or anger, it must be a one-time occurrence. She is prone to react violently if consistently dissatisfied. When your cat lets out a disgruntled quiet meow, please pay attention to its body posture and actions. Don’t be startled if your cat knocks off objects while quietly meowing at them.

Hunger or Thirst

Another reason some cats may generate a faint meow is if they are either hungry or thirsty. This behavior is frequently combined with other cat demeanors. You might see your cat exploring their food container or water bowl while alerting you that it needs to be refilled.

In this situation, the cat silent meow is a way of urging you to give them something to consume. You might want to check when was the last time you fed your feline buddy.

A ginger kitten is eating and drinking from its bowls

Medical Problem

Cat meows softly when something is amiss with them, and they want you to know about it. It could vary from a skin condition to an upset stomach, and their quiet meow could be a request for assistance.

A respiratory virus is one of the possible causes of a cat silent meow. The virus can occur in cats of any age, where infections or sensitivities are the typical causes. If you observe your cat has watery eyes, lack of breath, decreased appetite, or secretion from the ears or nose, she may have an infection.

Enlarged thyroid hormones in senior cats can induce quiet meowing and weight loss. Have your veterinarian perform blood testing and develop a treatment plan if you detect this.

Physical Issues

Your cat may hurt its larynx or vocal cords occasionally. They could have a toy, or an object stuck in their throat while playing, which could cause an injury and restrict their ability to meow loudly.

A tumor could also be why your cat is not meowing at its standard pitch. If a tumor develops near your cat’s larynx or esophagus, it may completely suppress her cat meow or dramatically alter it.

Psychological Reasons

If you have recently moved with your cat, she may still be trying to get used to the new home. Having guests stay over or purchasing new equipment might lead to your cat’s meowing fault.

Loneliness can also cause this behavior, albeit it is more usual for depressed or worried cats to meow continually than remain silent.

A cat’s emotional link with meowing is another behavioral cause for its absence of meowing. Trauma, for instance, could be a reason why your feline companion is deliberately repressing her vocals. Such behavior is frequently associated with signs such as lack of appetite, disruptive activity, or tiredness.

Closeup of a cat meowing

Seeking Attention

Often, when your cat makes quiet meows, it is a technique of signaling to you that she needs attention. Perhaps you’ve been extremely busy and haven’t been able to offer the care she requires or neglected her for a long time.

Whatever the cause, your cat wants you to give them extra love in addition to stroking her. In reality, a cat silent meow can be your cat’s way of begging that you start paying attention to her.

Recent Surgery

Cats with anesthesia-induced surgery would have had an induction, which involves inserting a catheter into their airways. This induction can cause inner soreness, causing them to be unable to produce cat meow for a few days to a couple of weeks.

How to Encourage Cat Meow

A cat meow differs between cats. Some cat breeds meow louder and more often, while others are quieter.

Get some snacks that your cat enjoys to encourage her to meow. Put the gifts in a location where your cat can view them so that they start paying more attention to you. Then, repeatedly say meow to your cat until they meow back at you. When your feline friend meows back, stroke her and give her a reward to stimulate her to talk more.

Generally, if your cat meows gently or quietly, they’re just communicating, and there’s nothing for you to worry about. If you are concerned that something more severe is occurring to your cat, it is always good to take her to the veterinarian for an examination.

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