Why Does My Cat Squeak At Me?

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Why Does My Cat Squeak At Me?

Why does my cat squeak at me? Why can I not figure out the reason behind this? Leave your worries behind as we will explain every aspect of the reasoning behind this concern, and rest assured, it is nothing to be apprehensive about.

Older cats, such as mothers, usually cat squeak at their kittens to indicate that she wants their attention and wants them to follow her. If your cat does not have any companion or fellow cats, then she may be squeaking at you as a means of telling you to give them your attention. Or they ask your attention to something they have just discovered or is important to your cat.

In addition, cats squeak to express their happiness or excitement in some cases. So yes, you do not have anything to worry about for the most part.

Your cat’s age factor

A very cute kitten

Moreover, the cat squeak sounds your cat makes can also depend on how old your cat is. If your cat is no older than, say, eight months, then it is perfectly normal for it to cat squeak, and it may just be the way they talk at this early age.

However, if your cat is older than that and has just recently adopted the habit of squeaking out of the blue, then there is a change; it means something else.

Is it related to my cat’s diet?

If your cat does these things while squeaking:

  • Rubbing themselves, especially their faces against you or scratching your legs
  • Laying down on the floor
  • Sitting and looking at you
  • Squeaking with force and with their eyes shut

Then the cat squeak sounds may have something to do with their physical health. Your first line of inquiry should be if they regularly drink water and eat properly. Also, make sure your cat has access to fresh water instead of the opposite.

It may have to do with your cat’s bathroom routine

Next, you should check your cat’s fur, especially the base of their tail, to see if it is matte or clean as usual. If it is matte, it indicates that your cat has been facing trouble going to the bathroom.

A small Scottish kitten in a red plastic litter box

In addition to that, keep an eye on your cat for the next few days to see if your cat is regularly cleaning itself and if it isn’t, then something may be wrong. If you have noticed any irregularities or changes in your cat’s bathroom habits, try to change its bathroom space or area and make sure it is as comfortable as possible.

Moreover, a cat should go to discharge its waste at least once a day or two, so make sure this is the case for your cat as well. If neither of these things relates to your cat squeaking and everything is normal, then you might want to consider taking your cat to the vet. There is a slight chance that they might have a urinary tract disease that causes problems to your cat with urinating.

They might be playful and attention-seeking

On the other hand, if your squeaky cat meows or your kitten squeaks while playing and jumping around the house, or when it follows you around with its tail upright and ears forward, then they may just be seeking your attention and is trying to tell you to play with it.

If this is the case, you might want to comfort your cat by regularly petting, playing, and talking to your cat to know they are in a happy and safe environment. In addition to that, sometimes a kitten squeaks or a squeaky cat meows in attempts to tell you that they want to go outside, especially a male cat.

A young couple are playing with their lovely cat

If you are sure that your cat will not run away and that there are rarely any stray cats around your area, then you might want to give your cat the liberty to roam outdoors and consider installing a tiny cat door for your cat’s convenience.

However, providing a handful of toys such as a stuffed toy or a special playground should keep your cat satisfied and happy indoors.

Your cat’s squeaky meows or kitten squeaks may be their discovery!

That’s right. If your cat does not frequently make cat squeak and only does it every once in a while, it may not have a deeper meaning and may be a trivial thing. However, this does mean that your cat may have just discovered a new form of communication and are nothing but excited to give it a few tries.

The only thing left for you to do in this case is to support and praise your cat’s squeaks, and it’s a newly learned ability; it will help them feel more loved! 

Art of imitation

Yes, we know what you are thinking, but hear us out. Cats are also known to imitate the tone of voice their human speak with them.

Therefore, if you have a high-pitched voice or intentionally make it sound high-pitched when communicating with your cat from time to time, then it is likely that your cat’s squeaks are their way of imitating you and your voice.


Although in most cases, your cat’s squeaks are nothing to be too concerned about as most cats like to make these cat squeaks when they see something peculiar to them, such as a bird outside the window, there may be a need for you to take them to the vet in other circumstances.

If none of the above reasons seem familiar, then your cat may just be squeaking for no apparent reason. However, this may mean they have a breathing problem in some cases, and you should immediately take your cat to a vet.

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