How to Choose a Good Vet for My Cat?

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How to Choose a Good Vet for My Cat?

Pets require regular health checkups, so you must look for the right vet for your pet, especially cats, as they are very proud & moody creatures that they are. After asking around for a potential vet, you need to consider a lot more things when choosing a vet for your cat.

Visit the clinic beforehand

Unless the situation is so urgent that it can be life-threatening for your cat, it is a good idea to call up the clinic and ask for a visit. Most vets for cats will be more than happy to allow you to visit and check out their facilities. It is also important to see whether or not your cat will be comfortable there.

Talking to the cat’s vet might also help you understand how much experience they have with cats and how they deal with them. Many vets for cats have a lot of knowledge and are passionate about cats. So, if that is the case with the vet, you can have peace of mind that your cat is in good hands and is being cared for by proper and experienced professionals.

Ask if the clinic is an ISFM Practice Member

The International Society of Feline Medicine (ISFM) is a veterinary division of the International Cat Care. The members of this society have complete access to the latest, greatest, and highest quality information on all of the latest developments and research in the veterinary care of cats. To find out, you may ask the vet themselves.

On the other hand, you may be able to see a certificate of the ISFM in the clinic’s waiting room or the checkup room. When looking for a vet, finding an ISFM member is always a good decision.

Check is if the clinic is accredited as a Cat-Friendly Clinic

The International Cat Care has highlighted the importance for cat vet clinics to be ‘cat friendly.’ ISFM encourages their clinics to have an environment that reduces stress on cats and makes it so that the visits for you and your cat are pleasant. Clinics have to achieve the minimum standards to be accredited as Cat-Friendly Clinic.

Some Cat-Friendly clinics have a ‘cat advocate’ that works to improve cat care in the clinic. You can have a chat with them as well if you have some questions. Certain vets for cats will go above and beyond to ensure that the patient cats stay as happy and comfortable as possible.

Find out if any of the staff is a member of the ISFM Academy of Feline Practitioners

Vets for cats, just as doctors that treat humans, have taken further studies to specialize in treating felines and have more profound knowledge in this field of veterinary medicine. Vets for cats who have achieved specific qualifications and demonstrate their additional expertise in the care of cats are awarded the membership of the ISFM Academy of Feline Practitioners.

Similarly, other members of the clinic’s staff, like technicians and nurses, can also do further studies in this area to gain more knowledge. Nurses and technicians who have achieved the ISFM Certificate or Diploma in Feline Nursing generally have a much better understanding of the treatment of cats. This may increase the cat’s vet costs but are usually worth it for the peace of mind as these vets for cats are as experienced as they get.

A cat owner holds her cat on hands and a veterinarian is examining

Observing the staff’s attitude towards your cat

Cat vets will want to examine your cat, but you should observe how they approach this task. A good vet will not immediately remove the cat from the travel basket you brought it in. Instead, the vet will perform the examination gently and will not try to unnecessarily restrain the cat, as cats tend to get agitated when restrained too much and sometimes will even begin to panic.

The same goes for nurses and other staff as well. You will get a very good impression of how they will handle and interact with your pet cat.

Is the environment cat-friendly?

Simple things can make a big difference for your cat if it has to be admitted to the clinic. Vet for cats may provide comfortable cages where cats may be kept (soft beddings and places to hide are always appreciated by cats). All wards are separated species-wise (your cat must not be disturbed by barking dogs).

The vet may use synthetic pheromones similar in scent to those cats produce to communicate with other cats. These can help make your cat feel more relaxed. When you’re paying for your cat’s treatment, don’t be afraid to ask if they have things like this setup.

Veterinarian in mask shows onto screen performing ultrasound investigation of cat abdomen in clinic

Special care cat vets

Many clinics out there offer specific services like grooming, vaccinations, allergy tests and teeth cleaning, etcetera. Although they may not seem like they are that serious of things to go to a cat specialized vet, keep in mind that you could damage your cat’s ear while bathing it or something like that.

If you have the extra money and want to be safe, you should spend it on having a vet for cats that take care of your cat. Other than just hygiene, other clinics offer some very unique services now. Many vets for cats offer holistic forms of treatments such as homeopathy, acupuncture, and chiropractic care.

What is the situation?

You can do your research all you want if you are not in an emergency to visit a vet for the cat. However, what should you do if you do not have a regular vet for cats or if they are not available in the middle of the night? In this case, you should look into some 24-hour emergency services in your area.

Looking up something online like ‘Emergency Cat Vet’ can help you find an off-hour treatment center if your cat is in serious need of a vet in the middle of the night. This is just like an ER but for cats. Keep one thing in mind, though, that you’re most likely going to have to pay a lot more than a usual trip to your regular cat vet clinic.

It is your pet’s right that you spend that money on its care as they are a member of the family. Besides, the cat vet costs don’t matter when the little pompous puffball finally comes back home.

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