Cat Meow: What Does It Mean?

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Cat Meow: What Does It Mean?

When it comes to cats, they are one the most vocalized animals besides birds as they have different kinds of meows—ranging from soft meow and yowls to the more aggressive kind such as hissing. One of the most common reasons cats meow is to gain your attention or to let you know how they are feeling.

As cats transition from kittens to adult cats, you may notice a frequent pattern in their meows, mainly because their internal hormones are simply changing. If you ask a cat owner who hasn’t gotten their cat neutered or sprayed, the majority of them will talk about the cat’s urge to meow at night.

Like humans, cats have different personalities; some are shy and introverted, while some others are extroverted and confident. Different personalities reflect the cat’s ability and constant urge to meow.

Let’s look at the various cat voice and what they truly mean.

Common Cat Meow

To start, the most common and normal cat sounds heard by humans are the meows which they speak to communicate with their fellow owners. When kittens are born, they initially meow, which indicates that they need their mothers.

These little kittens meow not only for attention but also to feel safe and warm near their mother’s scent. As kittens grow older, their cat meow gets gradually deeper and louder. Cats usually meow at their owners when they need attention or simply nurturing.

Bengal kitten meowing

Do Cats Miss You When You Are Away?

You might have noticed that your cat meows at you as soon as you come home, which could be interpreted as a gentle warm welcome. In addition, some friendly felines even roam around your feet while meowing and gently hopping on your feet which is done mainly for attention.

Besides friendly cat meow, your cat might meow at you because they feel bored or annoyed at something. If you notice your cat constantly meows at you, it’s probably a sign that it wants to play or wants food.

Deep Chatter Meow

The next kind of cat meow, which is also common amongst cats, is the chatter meow, or you may also call it cat crying. This type of cat meow is mainly done to interact with other cats to either let them know that it’s their territory or as a friendly, inviting gesture.

Suppose you have a single cat who cannot tolerate the presence of other cats. In that case, it might be cat crying if it sees you hold or interact with another cat to let them know they have crossed its territory.

Besides that, some cats might even chatter meow if they have reached their maturity age, commonly between six to eight months. This kind of cat voice may attract other feline cats for mating. If you have noticed a trend in your cat meow, then you should get them neutered or sprayed so that they do not shout or constantly interact with other felines out there.

Domestic cat with open mouth

Purring Meow

Coming to the third one, this type of cat meow is the cutest and most gentle meow that your cat does to interact with humans. Cats might purr at their owners to let them know that they love and appreciate them.

You might have noticed that after you have given your cat a treat or their favorite food, they begin to purr, which is a sign of love shown by your little one. Besides being enjoyable and lovely, this type of sound is also a sign of comfort and safety shown by your cat towards you.

Why Do Cats Smell Me?

Some friendly cats might even sit in your lap or come closer to you while they meow to smell the scent of humans. If you do not know how to identify a cat purring, then you could come close to them and hear a deep and throaty but soft sound in their throat.

Among the different cat voices, almost every cat owner adored and appreciated the purring meow.

Hissing or Angry Meow

By far, the most dangerous and annoying cat meow is hissing, which cats do when they are highly agitated at something. Your cat might hiss at some of your unfamiliar family members or other creatures, letting them know it is angry and ready to attack upon sudden movement.

When your cat performs this type of cat meow, it is best that you either keep your distance or let it calm down or distract it by playing with its favorite toy. You can even give them a sniff of their treat.

Kurilian Bobtail cat hissing at a Birman cat

Nature of Cats

One thing about cats is that they can be easily distracted from something. For instance, if your cat keeps shouting at another cat outside the window, you could easily change their emotions by playing sounds that catch their attention, such as rat noise, birds chirping, or the sounds of nature.

Besides hissing, your cat may show other movements or body posture indicating they are angry, such as wiggling its tail, widening its pupil, and angry front body posture. However, if your cat is hissing more than usual, it is best to take it to a local vet. Your cat might be in pain and suffering from a disease.


Hopefully, you are now aware of the different types of cat meow and what they mean. Since cats cannot speak your tongue language, they will try to communicate with you through different pitches and vocals of meow. You must pay close attention so your cat does not feel lonely or left out.