Subtle Signs Your Cat is Trying to Communicate with You

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Subtle Signs Your Cat is Trying to Communicate with You

While dogs are known to be quite expressive and easily approachable animals, cats share a reserved personality, and it is also not as expressive as a dog. However, it doesn’t mean that your cat doesn’t like to communicate with you.

Cats show subtle signs of love and affection towards people they are comfortable with. They communicate with us quite differently and have their subtle way of communication. In this post, we will be talking about a few subtle signs that cats show to tell you that it wants to communicate with you and wants your attention. Also, you will learn how to know if a cat likes you.

1. Tail Communication

Your cat’s tail can tell a lot about what your cat is feeling and through its tail, your cat is sending you messages. If your cat’s tail is straight up, but it is not completely rigid, this means that your cat is feeling very confident, friendly, and playful. You can experience this gesture a lot when you take your cat out on a walk or to a park where it gets a lot of space to play around. When your cat’s turned towards you, this is a subtle sign of your cat’s affection and friendliness towards you.

2. Expanded Pupils

Eyes speak, and this not only applies to humans, cat’s eyes can also say a lot of things and through their eyes, but cats also try to convey many messages to their owner. If your cat’s eyes are expanded and it is pretty much staring at you, this can mean two things. It might need your attention, or, it is frightened and will either run away or attack. Through expanding its pupil, a cat manages to get more visual information and detail, which helps it to analyze the situation properly and react accordingly. If you see your cat acting this way, it is better to give your cat its space as it can act aggressively and angrily.

3. Narrowed Pupils

Another sign of a cat’s anger and aggression is when it looks at you with narrow or constricted eyes. This means that your cat is angry with you and will get aggressive with you if you try to come near it or act friendly with it. This is when you have to step aside and give your cat some time to cool down. Cats narrow their pupil when they have to attack, as this helps them to see fine details, analyze their target, and attack. When you observe these defensive features in your cat’s behavior, it’s time to step back to avoid any unnecessary altercation with your furry buddy.

4. Chirping

When your cat is chirping adorably, this means that your furry friend wants your love and attention. This also means that your cat wants you to follow them, either to their food bowl or to the carcass of a rat or an insect that they just killed through their predatory skills. Mother cats also chirp to communicate with their kittens, and you will observe this if you have a family of cats at your house. Cats use this tone when they want to communicate with someone lovingly and softly. This is one of the signs your cat loves you.

5. Hissing

This is one of the most obvious ways in which a cat shows its anger towards humans and animals. This is one of the most obvious signs of a cat being mean towards people or animals. Through hissing, cats are either preparing to attack, or, they are warning you to step back, or else, they will scratch the skin out of your body. When your cat is hissing, it’s better to go away and try not to pet it if you don’t want to get scratched or bitten.

6. Licking

Cats lick themselves to groom and clean their body, and when they start licking you or grooming you, this is a sign of their care and affection towards you. Cats only lick people or animals whom they love unconditionally, and if this happens with you, this means that your cat is very comfortable with you and loves being around you. This is a sign of their deep trust in you and they try their best to take care of you. This is how cats show affection.

7. A Gentle Bite

While cat bites are not good and in most cases, it means that your cat is angry with you. If your cat is giving you a gentle bite, it doesn’t mean that it is angry with you. Instead, it means that your cat wants to play and this is why it is trying to pull you. This gesture is quite sweet and it shows that your cat has a very friendly and playful attitude towards you. However, if this bite looks more like a chomp, step back, as it might not be a sign of your cat being playful.

8. Head Bumping

When your cat wants your attention immediately, it will start bumping its head against you, as it is its way of grabbing your attention. When your cat does that, listen to it and do as it says, because if you don’t, prepare to be bitten or scratched.

9. Touching Nose

When your cat touches its nose to your nose, this is a sign of its affection and care towards you. It’s the cat’s version of shaking hands or hugging. However, they are not being overly affectionate. This is just a friendly hello, so don’t start being overly affectionate in reply, or else, prepare to get scratched. The is one of the signs cats love you.

10. Rubbing Its Chin Against You       

Cats love to mark their territory, and when they are rubbing their chin against you, this means that they are being friendly and are acknowledging you as their friend and owner.

The way cats interact with humans is quite different compared to the way dogs interact. They might not be very expressive, but they sure are very loving and friendly animals.

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