Can Birds and Cats Live Harmoniously?

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A Black Cat and A Pigeon

As is often depicted in cartoons, both outdoor and house cats are likely to stalk and pounce on birds. Thus, such behaviours are instinctual in nature, if there are any chances to overcome such natural instincts in order to make cats and birds coexist harmoniously? We will see in the article!

Why Can’t Feline and Bird Just Get Along?

You already have an idea that cats are way carnivorous hunters. It is their nature to seek out smaller, fragile prey and devour them if possible. In addition, birds are sort of appealing and alluring to felines because of their bright and glittering colors as well as quick movements.

You can experience it on your own as well, just try to dangle something very bright and engaging in front of your feline and you will see that how quickly it will get excited to catch and captivate it to devour it. Birds make the perfect prey for felines because they seem to be challenging, thus, felines usually have a hard time resisting a bit of fun before their actual meal.

Cats and Birds Coexistence

Irrespective of the natural instincts of a cat and a bird, you can make these creatures live a bit peacefully under the same roof just by a little bit of hard work and effort. Nonetheless, you will have to ensure that your feline doesn’t go physically closer to your bird – since you don’t want to lose any of your pets because they are affectionate and compassionate enough to live long with you.

In order to make your mission accomplished, you need to understand your pets’ personalities first. Since each bird and cat are different in nature. Some cats might not acre about a bird while others may make it their obvious target to get at a bird. Thus, you need to understand the type of your pets’ personalities so that you can better assess if you should let them live with each other or need to be more careful.

Ways to Help Feline and Birds Cohabitate Peacefully

With a little bit of hard work and consistent efforts, you can make these guys cohabitate together way melodiously.

  1. Introduce Them Early

The key to form a healthy bond between your feline and bird is to make them introduce themselves to each other as early as possible. However, if you already have your pet – a bird, and are looking to get e feline, we would suggest you start with a kitten as an adult or old aged cat might be hazardous to your bird since it may already be set in ways that you cannot do anything with. Also, if you have a wild or large bird like a cockatoo or parrot, be aware that the bird may harm your kitty as it can also be quite perilous.

  1. Try Having Them Interact with Each Other

One of the effective ways to make both of your feline and a bird introduce is to make them recognize each other presence under the same roof. However, don’t try to leave them quite alone in a room together. We suggest you to have a bird caged, at a certain distance to begin with your mission. If you see that both animals seem calm and peaceful then you can further try to move them a bit closer to each other.

However, pay special focus to your bird’s reaction and behavior, as if at any point the bird seems stressed or anxious, it shows that you must take a break and avoid moving them closer for now. Following the same strategy wisely, you will be able to get both of your feline and bird right next to each other. Make sure to never allow your feline to jump, pounce or approach the cage rather stop it with a firm “No”.

  1. Don’t Encourage Play Between Your Feline and Bird

Thinking to encourage your feline to play with your bird? One of the very worst things to do for sure! Your feline may start viewing your pet as a toy to play with. In addition, what looks like mere playing perhaps escalate to more aggressive behaviour eventually. Rather, make sure that both of your pets are way calm and composed in each other’s presence under the same roof.

  1. Discipline Is the Key

Feline often are way destructive in their nature so if your cat simply cannot resist, a spray bottle would be the palpable and appropriate object to use since cats usually don’t like to get wet. Try getting a cheap spray bottle with water and spray it on the face of your feline every time it seems to jump or approach the cage viciously.

Also, make sure to be present whenever both of your pets are in the same room. However, if you must have to leave your house anytime, consider keeping your feline in a separate room with some of its favorite toys to play with peacefully.

  1. Never Allow a Cat Inside a Bird Cage or Aviary

Whether the bird is in the cage or not, do not consider allowing your feline to spend time in a bird’s cage or aviary at all. This will make your furry cat think of such areas or places as its own, thus, it will develop a sense of territorial claims or ownership that can be hazardous for your bird eventually.


It is an obvious fact that a feline is way more hazardous to a bird than a bird is to a kitty, a large or wild bird is still able to do some harm to a kitty. Birds like large parrots have strong and sharp beaks and claws that are enough to harm a feline. Furthermore, they can easily grab, harm and bite a kitty. So wise is to keep an eye on both of the pets to better prevent any unexpected danger to their lives.

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