Balancing the Wet and Dry Food for Your Cat

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Brown Cat Eating from Red Bowl

Are you stuck with selecting the kind of food for your feline? Don’t hassle anymore, as both wet and dry foods are healthy for your cat. However, just ensure that the food you want to feed your cat must be complete and balanced enough to provide essential nutrition to your cat. Nevertheless, you can select any of both but it is suggested to feed your cat both so that it can get nutrition in the appropriate amount.

Cats’ Wet Food and Its Benefits

Cat’s wet food is the one that comes canned, however, you might get it in pouches as well. It usually comes in small size and small quantities, commonly pre-measured portions – making it possible to provide your cat with a variety of different flavors and appropriate balanced nutrition. In addition, some small-sized canned wet food might make portion control way easier. Cats’ wet canned food usually have at least 70% or more moisture content in them.

Cats diagnosed with some sort of certain medical condition may also get benefit from wet food. The more wet food the higher the moist it contains – hence it helps cats with kidney and urinary issues, helping to flush urinary crystals easily as well as reduce the risks of further crystal formation.

Wet cats’ food also helps in combating dehydration, helping felines remain hydrated the whole day and night. Also, to your knowledge, cats don’t often like to drink water but rather opt to eat foods that already contain water and are moist in them.

Some of the major benefits of wet cat food are as below:

  • Easier for a feline to chew
  • Easier to digest
  • Wide range of variety in the diet
  • Helps increase water intake
  • Helps them stay hydrated
  • Make their diet balanced
  • Textures and ingredients your feline would love

Cats’ Dry Food and Its Benefits

Dry kibble or dry food is the choice of many cat owners since it is convenient to feed your cat. Dry food usually comes in larger bags and boxes since its moisture content is less than 20% making its shelf life far longer even after opening. This makes dry food more cost-effective as well.

In addition, there are lesser chances of bacterial growth with dry food, thus, you can keep the food out all day long for your feline in case if you are not home for the day straight. Dry and crunchy kibble helps prevent tartar buildup and plaque on cats’ teeth as well.

If you already decided to get your feline dry food, you have multiple options to buy it in any size since it comes in all small, large and conveniently sized bags. Cats’ dry food is less expensive too in contrast with wet food, also, you can store it for a long period of time as well so it is way pocket-friendly.

Balanced Feeding – How to Mix Wet and Dry Food?

Want to balance your cat’s diet but don’t really have an idea how to mix dry and wet cat food, then don’t fret, we have got you covered. A blending or balanced feeding routine is really effective and helpful in providing your feline with balanced and healthy nutrition.

You may opt to feed your feline with dry food in the morning and wet food in the evening since wet canned food will help make them graze throughout the day. Additionally, you can feed your feline with wet food at night so that it can remain hydrated throughout the night till morning.

Another option is to mix your feline’s wet food with dry food, which will help her consume additional moisture in the meal making her hydrated and moist for the day long. However, keep in mind to appropriately mix and balance the cat’s meal and maintain a healthy portion control to make sure that your feline gets the right and appropriate amount of all calories, moist and nutrition. This will help your kitty maintain a good and healthy weight, also, you can choose your own ratio of both dry and wet food. However, most vets suggest two-thirds of dry food to one-third of wet.

Benefits of Mixing Wet and Dry Food!

The appropriate balance of wet and dry food helps in increasing the metabolism of your feline. Since furry cats don’t often drink clean water, a balanced combination of dry and wet food helps enhance their metabolism and keep them hydrated for a day long.

The right combination and amount of dry and wet food which is rich in nutrition, protein and minerals helps with weight management and oral health of cats. Additionally, the perfect combination of dry and wet food making the meal a high moisture diet enables cats to eat in a lesser amount but enhances their activity levels in contrast with those relying on dry food only.

An Obvious Fact That You Must Know!

Did you know that felines are confirmed meat-eaters and need to eat meat to survive? To your knowledge, cats are confirmed meat-eaters and supposed to eat mean once a day, or else, either will suffer from severe debilitating health conditions, chronic diseases or will go blind if they are not fed meat. In some cases, most of the time cats eventually die if fed solely on a vegetarian diet and were not given enough amount of meat. Meat is the only way to get arachidonic acid, and feline cannot often synthesize niacin from protein. So meat is a must-have for your feline if you want it to live healthy and longer.

Final Verdict!

Each cat is unique in nature also has own preferences and tastes – so it is essential to first address the tastes of your feline and then feed them accordingly. Also, you can consult with your cat’s vet about the diet and food of the cat.