8 Interesting Facts About the Temperament of a Bengal Cat

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Bengal cat lying on sofa

Do Bengal cats intrigue you? Are you interested in knowing more about this unique breed of exotic-looking cats? Well, we have got you covered! The Bengal cat is loved by people all over the world, and why shouldn’t it be? The Bengal cat is active, agile, and pretty to look at, meaning it has everything you would want in a feline friend.

However, several things set the Bengal cat apart from other breeds. We have gathered eight of the most interesting facts regarding the Bengal cat that are sure to arouse your curiosity and might even convince you to adopt one yourself.

At the outset, it is important to know that the Bengal cat breed came into existence when wild leopards were bred with domestic cats. This is why some of the habits and behaviors that a Bengal cat displays are different from those of other purely domestic breeds.

1. They enjoy water

Yes, you read that right! A cat that enjoys the water. While most cats run away when they know that bath time is near, a Bengal cat is not one of them. They love to play with water and enjoy being around it. Many cat owners have even told us that they found their Bengal cat in the washroom under a faucet or shower that they accidentally left running.

If you take Bengal cats near sprinklers, you will see them go wild while playing around it! This is why we suggest that owners of these cats install pet fountains for these feline friends to play with them if they are bored. So do not think your Bengal cat is crazy if it likes playing with water: it is just one of its quirks!

2. They like to have feline friends

Some cats want to be the only feline in their home. They do not like sharing the love and attention of their owners with any other cats. This is why if you introduce them to other pets, particularly other cats, they will not be very friendly towards them.

However, you won’t have to face these problems with a Bengal cat! If you have a Bengal cat, we actively suggest pairing them with other felines (another Bengal if possible). This is because the Bengal cat’s temperament is of such a nature that it likes to socialize. Bengals do not mope around or enjoy isolation. They thrive when they have cats of like breeds around them.

3. They are extremely alert

Bengal Cat Sitting

All cats are alert; we know that for sure. However, the Bengal cat is extremely vigilant, even when compared to normal cat standards. This is because of the unique history of Bengal cats. They are descended from Asian leopards, which are perhaps one of the best hunters in nature. Because of their extreme alertness of nature, leopards are such great predators, and this trait seems to have been passed on to the Bengal cat. While they won’t hurt while they are at home, you will find that a Bengal cat is more alert and curious than any other cat you have come across.

4. They love to hunt

All cats are natural predators, but you will not see any cat as keen as the Bengal cat to hunt. Even the Bengal kitten’s temperament is to catch whatever prey they set their eyes on. This is why we would suggest keeping your Bengal cat away from any small pet fish or birds you may have in your house. You don’t want to come home to see your birdcage or aquarium empty, thanks to your pet Bengal cat!

5. Vertical Spaces are their go-to place

If you own a Bengal cat, you will often find them perched on vertical spaces such as the ledge of a door, the top of a kitchen cabinet, or even your curtain pole! This is because Bengal cats love to jump up to high places. Don’t worry about their safety when you see them perched somewhere really high.

Usually, when they go somewhere this high, they know how to come back again. This unique trait can also be explained by their wild roots: centuries of sitting on tree branches while hunting makes it natural for Bengal cats to be attracted to high places in the present.

Bengal Cat

6. They can be easily trained

Few cats display such a high ability to learn new skills as the Bengal cat does. Whether it is learning new tricks, games, or behaviors, a Bengal cat absorbs new information like a sponge! This is why we recommend that you always keep your Bengal cat engaged with games and puzzles that keep its mind active so that it stays in top physical and mental form.

7. They are very hyper

While we know that most cats love to relax and sleep for hours on end, the Bengal cat is not one of them! These felines are little balls of energy that you may find hard to control at times. You will see them roaming around the house at night, jumping up to strange places, and hunting down every rodent in your house.

8. Their fur glitters!

One of the most intriguing features of the Bengal cat is its fur has such a sheen to it that it appears to glitter at times. Even though these felines are usually brown or grey, their fur is smooth, and at certain angles, it reflects light in such a manner that it appears to be glittering. This gives the Bengal cat an aura of beauty, making it even more attractive for cat owners. These unique facts about the Bengal cat are sure to make any cat lover even more intrigued about this unique feline. While a Bengal cat price is a little high, it may vary from area to area. However, irrespective of the price of these cats, we can guarantee you that you can hardly find pets that are more active and entertaining than the Bengal cat!

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