5 Essential Living Needs for American Wirehair Cats

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American Wirehair Cat

Are you interested in getting an American Wirehair? These cats are cute, cuddly, and deceptively strong! They have a sweet, docile nature, which makes them the ideal pet. We would recommend adopting an American Wirehair since they would make a good addition to your household.

However, these felines need some special looking after to ensure that they are clean and healthy. We have compiled a list of the 5 basic points that every American Wirehair owner should know since they form the basics of caring for this unique breed.

 The characteristics of American Wirehair Cats

American Wirehair cats were traditionally used as barn cats to keep out rodents and rats. The male American Wirehair can weigh more than a whopping 12 pounds, making it a heavy feline. These cats usually have a full white coat, or a white undercoat, with thick and “wired” fur. They have broad chests and strong muscles, making them one of the strongest feline breeds. They are generally low maintenance and are often happy in simpler, peaceful settings.

1. Keep them supplied with toys

American Wirehair cats are quiet-natured. Unlike some other breeds, they do not need to interact with human beings continuously. They are usually pretty happy with their own company and love to sleep for hours on end. For instance, you may find your American Wirehair sitting on a window ledge and staying outside all day without really being bothered.

This does not mean that you should not give Wirehairs attention; all felines need love and care! However, it does indicate that American Wirehairs will not make too many demands for attention and are preferred by those who have busy schedules. However, to keep these cats mentally stimulated and active, we always suggest keeping them supplied with toys.

Whether these are puzzles, chew toys, or softballs, always ensure that your American Wirehair has something with which it can keep itself occupied so that it does not get lonely or sad.

2. Brush their coat regularly

American Wirehairs get their name because of the nature of their coats. They have “wired” fur, which is present in 3 distinct layers. This fur is curled and usually very strong. This means that American Wirehairs do not shed as much as other breeds, reducing the risk of inducing cat-related allergies.

However, this does not mean that their fur does not need maintenance. As an American Wirehair owner, you must brush your coat regularly after 1 to 2 days, and you must do this gently. Quick brushing can cause pain and breakage, making it essential to go slow and gentle. There are special brushed available at larger pet stores that are designed especially for brushing American Wirehairs. Invest in one of these brushes to make it a pleasant experience for you and your cat.

3. Clean out their ears

Having thick fur has its advantages, but it comes with a few downsides too. While the thick coat of American Wirehairs protects it from the cold and other harsh environmental conditions, it can also lead to some problems. The most common problem that American Wirehairs face is a huge build-up of wax in their ears which is hard to spot because of the thick fur covering them. As a responsible American Wirehair owner, clean out your cat’s ears gently and frequently. This is important since too much wax can lead to infections and make it harder for your feline friend to hear.

4. Bathe them with a mild shampoo

We all suffer from oily or dry skin, and just like us, so does an American Wirehair cat! Due to its thick fur, American Wirehair cats are more prone to suffering from dry and oily skin conditions than other breeds. This is why it is essential to bathe your American Wirehair cat frequently with a mild shampoo.

While your American Wirehair may not enjoy bath time too much, you must go through this if you want your American Wirehair to have good and healthy skin. If you see any redness on your skin’s cat or see it scratching itself too much, consult your vet since this could be indicative of a bigger skin problem.

5. Keep them indoors

Like we told you, American Wirehairs are sweet and docile. While they may have lived in the wild a while back, they are generally domestic cats and not too good at handling fights with other felines. This is why it is essential to keep American Wirehairs indoors if possible.

We know that you will have to take them outside for walks and the like at times, and we even recommend this; these outings should be monitored at times. Keep your American Wirehair’s transactions with other stray cats to a minimum to prevent them from catching parasites, diseases and getting into fights.

Who are these cats ideal for?

American Wirehair cats are ideal pets for a lot of different people. If you want a quiet pet, who does not make a lot of noise, these felines are the best possible pet. Many single people also buy these cats since they are easy to look after and do not get bored even if there are not too many family members to play around with. American Wirehairs also make good pets for people with small children. These cats are calm yet fun, making it easier for kids to play with them without tiring your babies out.

Final Thoughts!!

We hope that our guide on the essentials for keeping an American Wirehair cat helped you out. These cats are rare, but if you do end up adopting one, they make great pets. They are a good addition to any home and do not require too much maintenance. However, you must follow our tips for looking after them if you want them to remain in top physical and mental form.

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