20 Interesting Facts About Cats That’ll Leave You Scratching Your Head

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20 Interesting Facts About Cats That’ll Leave You Scratching Your Head

Cats are amazing animals and millions of people around the world keep them as pets. However, there are some interesting facts about kittens and cats that you might not know about.

Amazing Facts About Cats:

  1. Cats eat almost everything we eat, except for grapes and raisins. Grapes are extremely harmful to cats as they can cause kidney failure. However, the reason behind the cat’s vulnerability against grapes and raisins is still unknown. Other foods that you should never feed your cat include onions, garlic, and chives. Onions, garlic, and chives damage your cat’s gastrointestinal system and can also cause anemia.
  1. Cats age 15 times faster than humans do, and this is a fact that we previously discussed. However, do you know that female cats can get pregnant at a very young age? Cats can get pregnant as soon as they turn 4 months old. If humans were to get pregnant that quick, they would have the ability to get pregnant being just 5 years old.
  1. Cats often lick themselves, as this is their way to groom and clean themselves. However, this habit provides more benefits than just cleanliness. Cat’s grooming habit also stimulates blood flow in its body, regulates its blood temperature, and calms it down.
  1. Many American Presidents were proud and happy cat owners. One of them was the great Abraham Lincoln. He was crazy about his cats. He had four cats that lived with him in the White House.
  1. Cats love to sleep. They spend almost 70% of their lives sleeping. That’s up to 16 hours of sleep every single day. The reason why cats sleep so much is to have enough energy to play and hunt when they are awake.
  1. Even though cats love to spend most of their time outside, it is better to keep them indoors as it will increase their life span. The reason why your cat will stay healthier inside is that it won’t get exposed to various bacteria and external parasites that harm its health. Staying inside will also keep your cat clean and safe from various viral diseases.
  1. Grooming your cat is not just a way to clean your cat’s fur coat, grooming also makes your feline friend calm and happy. The reason why your cat loves being combed is that grooming stimulates blood flow in cats. This routine also regulates your cat’s body temperature.
  1. If you think that dogs are the most common pet in the United States, you can’t be more wrong. Cats are the most popular and loved pets in the United States. There are more than 88 million pet cats in the United States.
  1. While cats are comparatively smaller pets than dogs, the same couldn’t be said about the Maine Coon named Stewie. This cat measured approximately 48.5 inches in length and 19.05 inches in height. Imagine a cat this big jumping around your house.
  1. Cats have been kept as pets for over 9,500 years. People back then were as emotional about their cat’s presence as we are. According to the Ancient History Encyclopedia, Egyptians used to love their cats, and in 440BC, it was a ritual that when the pet cat dies in a family, the family members would shave their eyebrows. This was their way of mourning their cat’s demise.
  1. Purring is your feline friend’s way of communicating with you, and purrs are not very loud. Cats normally purr at around 25db. However, a domestic cat in Torquay, named Merlin, has the record for the loudest purr ever. It purred at 67.8db. To put that into context, it’s as loud as a running shower.
  1. Cats don’t perceive humans as their owners or normal humans. Instead, they perceive humans as big hairless cats. This is why they behave with us the way they behave with other cats. If you were wondering why your cat brings its hunted carcasses to you, it’s because it considers you a cat and is sharing its hunt with you. Weird!
  1. Cats love the scent of their owner, which is why you find them sleeping and lying around on your belongings instead of sleeping on their bed. Cats like to sleep on things that have the scent of their owners.
  1. When your cat flips over and shows off its belly, it doesn’t mean that it wants to be played with. This is a sign of your cat’s comfort. It shows that your cat feels safe and comfortable around you.
  1. Cats have very weird ways to interact with humans. One of these weird ways of being friendly includes sticking their butt in their owner’s faces. This is their way of showing affection towards their owner. Eww!
  1. Cats may yawn as a way to end a confrontation with another animal. Think of it as their “talk to the hand” gesture. Cats have a quite savage way of telling off their confronters. To end a confrontation with another animal, cats will just yawn and walk away. This is their way of saying ‘talk to the hand’.
  1. There are some cats out there who know how to swim. However, that doesn’t mean that you will throw your feline friend in the pool straight away, as not every cat can swim and you’ll end up drowning your cat.
  1. A house cat can run at a speed of 30mph, which is faster than the speed of the fastest man on Earth, Usain Bolt.
  1. Cats don’t need filtered water to survive. They are wild animals and if they have to, they can even survive on seawater if freshwater isn’t available.
  1. If they have to, cats can even mate with their siblings as they don’t have incest taboo.

Cats are amazing in their way. They might not be as interactive and approachable as dogs are, but there is no denying that they are some of the most adorable pets that you can adopt.

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