How to Help Your Cat Gain Weight?

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How to Help Your Cat Gain Weight?

Having a cat brings about a lot of responsibility and concern for its health. If your cat is becoming weaker due to a loss of appetite, it is time for a change. The first step to helping your cat gain more weight is getting her examined medically by a veterinarian.

It is crucial to identify whether the weight loss is related to a medical condition. And if it is, then the most appropriate treatment can only be done with the help of pet experts. However, there are several things that you can do yourself to assist with the medication.

Identify health issues

If you are deeply concerned for your cat’s weight because she looks not only weak but sick as well, then you need to take her to the vet. Even if you have done everything to help your cat gain weight to a more ideal level, it won’t be as effective unless a potential health issue is addressed.

The vets will be able to tell you the ideal cat weight based on your cat’s body size and age. In addition, they can also find the leading causes of your cat’s weight loss and prescribe a certain diet accordingly.

A cat is being examined by the vets

Change your cat’s current food and portion size

If your feline buddy refuses to eat the food you currently provide, then gradually changing it with another brand may encourage your cat to be excited about mealtimes again. Thus, you can expect your cat to consume the right amount.

Try incorporating the new brand of cat food with the old one slowly until your cat is used to it. You might also need to gradually increase the portion of food so that your cat’s appetite can grow.

Kitten food

Ensure you get the highest quality of kitten food with no fillers included. This may sound unusual, but feeding your skinny cat kitten food may be just what they need. That is because kitten food is comparatively richer in protein, fats, and essential nutrients for helping a kitten grow; hence, a cat will benefit from it by consuming a higher amount of nutrients.

Premium cat food

The food you currently feed your cat may not be the highest quality and nutrient-rich, which is why cat weight is on your list of concerns. Therefore, you need to look for a premium brand of cat food that is rich in nutrients and does not contain any fillers, artificial ingredients, and preservatives.

Additionally, whatever brand you choose, closely inspect the ingredients section and nutrition facts of the cat food. Make sure it does not contain any unwanted ingredients.

A concept of various foods for cat

High-calorie nutrition gel

In addition to changing the food and the portion size for your skinny cat, you might also want to supplement a high-calorie nutrition gel into its diet to help them gain and maintain more weight. It is specially formulated to provide an additional energy source through the calories so that your cat is more active and healthy, and more importantly, gain weight. Try consulting with your vet for the most suitable brand of high-calorie gel, and then add a spoonful worth to your cat’s regular meal.

Another great thing about this supplement is that cats are sure to love its taste, so you don’t have to worry about your picky eater of a cat.

Provide fresh water

Good hydration is essential for a cat to maintain a good appetite and weight. If your cat’s diet consists of mainly dry kibble, then there is a greater chance of your cat being dehydrated. Now you might be thinking, “my cat drinks plenty of water”. Although that is the case, dry kibble is severely dry and absorbs most of the water in your cat’s body.

A great way to counter that is by providing your cat with fresh and cool water since cats love and prefer freshwater over still water that has been in the bowl for hours. If you can, try installing a small fountain for your cat or give your cat access to a water tap, so she drinks freshwater more often and ultimately stays hydrated.

A Siamese kitten is drinking water from the tap

Feed your cat canned food

Your cat is more likely to enjoy canned cat food because of the high percentage of meat contained inside. The smell and taste of the meat entice your cat to finish the food since it is more fragrant than regular dry food. Not only that, canned food is generally wetter, so you do not have to worry about your cat getting dehydrated and losing weight due to decreasing appetite.

Warm up the food

If your cat has started showing a loss of interest in the food you provide, a good way around this issue is as simple as warming up your cat’s food before serving it. The reason for this has to do with the smell of the food. When the food is heated, it releases more fragrance to attract your cat.

Mix dry and wet cat food

Another way to get your cat more excited about mealtimes is by mixing both wet and dry cat food. Wet cat food provides the same delicious taste and nutrients, with the addition of moisture to keep your cat more hydrated. Cat weight and a good appetite go hand in hand, so if your cat is tired of the dry food you provide, mixing it with wet food is a simple yet effective method to encourage your cat to eat more and put on some weight in return.

Bottom line

Facing the challenge of unhealthy cat weight is no easy task. But with patience and attention, you can help your cat gain more weight. If you have tried everything from my list and still don’t see any results, your last resort is visiting the veterinarian, which will help you out.

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