Home Treatments for Cat Skin Allergies

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Home treatments for cat skin allergies

Have you noticed extra itching, skin rashes, extreme hair loss, or irritation in your cat lately? This could be a massive sign of cat skin allergies. Typically, skin allergies are immensely customary in cats, so there is no need to panic.

According to veterinarians, more than 10% of felines are affected by different kinds of skin allergies caused by flora, food items, and fleas. Most of the time, skin allergies in cats can be treated at home without having to worry about professional help.

However, it becomes necessary to consult with a professional in the case of chronic skin conditions in cats. On the flip side, home treatments for cat skin allergies can be given a go before rushing them to a vet.

Are Home Remedies Helpful for Cat Skin Allergies?

Home remedies have emerged as the most traditional and significant source of relief for a cat with skin allergies. Many different kinds of remedies have been picked up over the years as an instant relief for cats because of how preventive, harmless, inexpensive, and simple they are.

Although, there often be a hurdle in matching the right kind of home remedy treatment for a specific skin allergy. So try every remedy independently from the other to determine what works best for which type of allergy.

Causes of Cat Skin Allergies

There are other considerations to keep in mind regarding cat skin allergy treatment at home. If your furry friend has developed a rash, accelerated hair fall, or is found scratching way more than usual, try to find out the cause of the allergy first.

One of the ways to find out the root cause of skin allergies in cats is through their diet or food items. Are they getting a complete and healthy diet? Because a comprehensive and healthy diet can surely go a long way to prevent any kind of cat skin allergy.

Itchy cat scratching its skin

Home Remedies for Skin Allergies in Cats

With that being said, now let’s jump into the most tried and tested home treatments for cat skin allergies. Starting from:


Oatmeal is a tried and tested common remedy used for years to treat a cat with skin allergies. It is mainly used to counter serious itching problems in cats. It stands to be the most beneficial because of its comparatively high concentration of components like protein and fat. With high protein components, oatmeal comes with a concentrated quantity of amino acids as well.

You can use oatmeal for treating skin allergies in cats with the help of three simple steps:

  • Soak the cat in an oatmeal bath with warm water. Or pour warm water and oatmeal mixture over the infected areas for instant relief. If there are rashes somewhere, you can even try gently rubbing oatmeal over the infected area.
  • Once the oatmeal has been massaged and sat in your cat’s skin for 10 minutes, gently wash it off with warm water. The warm water is used to retain moisture and keeps the skin protected.
  • Other than this, you can even add oatmeal to your cat’s everyday meals. But make sure to make it a supplementary meal in the cat’s everyday diet because it is used for treatment at the end of the day.
Oats in wooden bowl

Essential Oils

Other than that, essential oils like coconut oil can also be used as a remedy for a cat’s skin allergies. This type of remedy is undoubtedly the best for itchy skin conditions in cats with flaking and dry skin. This is an immensely healing component because of its antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal qualities and its accelerated concentration of lauric acid. Hence, coconut oil has proved to be an immensely relieving remedy for allergies caused by viruses or bacteria in cats.

Coconut oil and other essential oils like olive oil can also be used as a home remedy for skin allergies in cats. It is perfect for the cat’s skin health and ear edge dermatitis. The components in olive oil, like polyunsaturated fatty acids, help keep a cat’s skin healthy.

Use cotton soaked in essential oils to gently rub on the cat’s skin and find your cat getting instant relief from itching and dry skin problem.

Essential oils in bottles

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar can also be used to keep fleas and ticks off the cat’s body while you deal with allergies and skin problems. If your cat is fighting flea problems, try spraying a 2:1 ratio mixture of apple cider vinegar and water on the fur and keep them at bay.

As you know how fussy fleas can be, you might need to spray two to three times a day to treat your animal for ticks and fleas issues.

Plain Yogurt

Yogurt, which is unsweetened, plain, and unflavored, can also significantly help fight off cat skin allergies. If your cat faces severe skin allergies, apply plain yogurt to the infected areas and see instant relief. Yogurt has a cooling effect on the cat’s skin.

Plain yogurt has components, like bacteria, that can help digestion and strengthen the immune system. This component also helps your cat’s skin fight off any possible infections or allergies.


Last but certainly not least is lemon as a home remedy for cats’ allergic reactions. Lemon contains citric acid, used to treat skin allergies naturally because of its robust quality. You can use lemon diluted with water and spray on infected areas of your cat’s skin to treat itchiness and skin allergies. Although, make sure you avoid your furry little friend’s eyes while spraying lemon and water mixture into their fur.


In the end, these are not all. In fact, there are plenty of other components and home remedies that can be used for cat skin allergy treatment. Although, if your cat is allergic to any of the items mentioned above, it’s best to consult your vet before trying the home remedy.

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