Joys of Owning a Cat

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Joys of Owning a Cat

Pets bring immense joy into the life of their owner – the unconditional love, support, and care makes these creatures a health booster. Be it a dog, cat, or any other pet; their unswerving support to its owner is admirable. Cats are low-maintenance – they are indeed the best pet one can wish for. There are numerous benefits of owning cats; the cuddle buddy is both sweet and independent. Among numerous reasons as to why should you own a cat, if you are hesitant to own one; cats do not require human assistance as often as other pets do. They explore everything on their terms- you will never have to worry about your cat being hungry; they will inform you one way or another what they want, when.

Cats are extremely independent yet affectionate. They will curl up next to you, or in your lap as they please, whilst you are reading a book or sitting by a fireplace all by yourself. This simple act of affection from cats releases the stress of a long day. Scientifically, it is proven that when a cat curls up next to you, petting them releases all the chemicals that de-stresses you, aid in lowering anxiety, depression, etc. Cats are eccentric and have their worlds; but once you are a part of it, you wouldn’t give it up for anything.

Reasons “Why” Should You Own a Cat

The adaptability of cats makes them a perfect domestic pet. Irrespective of your living arrangement and the space; cats adapt according to their surroundings. This is one of the primary reasons why people often opt to acquire a cat as a pet. Do not let the size of a cat mislead you – they can play like a dog, be lazy like a sloth, hop around like a rabbit; cats are a complete bundle of joy. We have compiled a list of the most compelling reasons why should one own a cat. This should give you a clear idea of how your life is going to be a roller-coaster ride as soon as a cat steps in it.

  1. Decreases probability of Heart diseases: Numerous studies have demonstrated that cats are health boosters. Stroking a cat decreases the likelihood of depression, lowering the level of stress in a body which is amongst the biggest factors of cardiovascular diseases. The advantage of a cat includes reducing stress levels with risk of heart afflictions, especially decreasing the chances of strokes, approximately by 31 percent. 
  1. Felines are Low Maintenance: Among all the pets’ cats are the least costly and of low maintenance- one of the most appealing characteristics. Unlike dogs who require weekly-basis grooming, training, daily walking trips, heaps of toys, and loads of attention; cats are perfectly fine with the least bit of attention as they do not like to be disturbed. Other than this, cats are a perfect fit for any apartment or small living space – they will spend hours exploring a room and all of its corners, nooks, and crannies.
  1. Anxiety relievers: Apart from heart diseases, a cat lowers anxiety levels in its owner. Today’s life is hectic and stressful; so a dull act of stroking or petting your cat lowers your anxiety level. Studies have demonstrated that the purring sound your cat makes normalize blood pressure, soothes anxiety, de-stress, reduces the chances of heart problems, and calms the nervous system. Cats help in anxiety and other stressful elements of a long bad day.
  1. Cats are Eco-Friendly: Food that a cat consumes is a fish, chicken, beef, duck; in short, whatever protein intake form a human has, the cat shares it; so no environmental hazards. Furthermore, cat’s utilities and resources they utilize in their lifetime have negligible impact on carbon footprint in the environment.
  1. House, Yard, and Garden- Rodent Free: The joy of owning a cat is that your house, yard, and garden shall always be rodents, mice, or mole-free. With a cat as a pet, you will never have to pay fumigation or avail of any house cleaning service in regards to rodents, ever.

Cats are easily entertained – you can play with them with absolutely nothing and they will enjoy it for hours. Another advantage of owning a cat as a pet is that you can play with them anywhere without the fear of destroying furniture. With a mere ball of yarn, a little creativity, and a pinch of imagination you and your feline will create an amazing bond. Few other entertaining tips to create a bond with a cat are as simple as the one stated above are:

  1. Use Smartphone: “Talking Tom” is an application that keeps your cat intrigued regarding all the noises. You can download other apps such as catching a mouse or any other such game that appears on screen and keeps your cat’s senses on high alert.
  1. Bubbles All the Way: Anything that is out of the ordinary will spike a cat’s interest into it. Bubbles are one of them. Blow bubbles in front of your cat and watch them try to catch and eat it. You can even engage your cat’s interest with a balloon. The more something is out of their reach, the more they want to catch and inspect it.
  1. Hide & Seek – the ultimate game: Cats love playing hide and seek – the old fashion game with a little twist. There is one simple rule: hide your cat’s favorite toy under a blanket or bed; and watch them scavenge it.

Owning a pet has multitudes of advantages – social, health, physical, etc. but the one thing that surpasses all of these advantages is the mere joy of watching your cat running towards you as soon as you come back home after a long and hectic day at the office. Talking to them while petting and them purring will give you immense pleasure and tremendous joy as well as you will relieve anger, anxiety, or any other negative energy you might be feeling out, without actually knowing the perks of having a cat.

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