Cats Are Awesome and Here Are Some Facts to Prove It!

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Cats Are Awesome and Here Are Some Facts to Prove It!

Cats are, more than just adorable, independent, and curious; they are highly inquisitive, demanding, loyal, and wish to live on their terms. The fact that your cat is sitting in a corner, staring right at you like he/she is plotting a gruesome murder is a common staring factor in the entire feline population. They are aloof, always serious yet they love in their unique way. This will be the motivation for our cat-owners that these straight face, and always judging creature loves us more than food, toys, and scents. Although it is not always visible, cats love social interactions just like us. The good thing about the cat is their furiously loyal nature to their owner.   

Cats are extremely intelligent – you can train them in lesser time as compared to that of a dog or any other pet. Traditional training methods do not work well with cats. Due to this high level of intelligence, cats are independent. They do not rely on you to take care of them – they can bathe themselves, keep themselves busy in exploring a room for hours, sleep, and food is the last thing they need. It is proven scientifically that cats eat once a day. When it comes to safety and protection, cats can protect themselves better than us. Their razor-sharp claws are their biggest weapon – though all the cat owners out there already know that. There are hundreds of facts regarding cats and their behaviors, habits, skills, etc. Let’s start with the most basic of them all – the benefits of cats.

Benefits of Owning a Cat

As a cat fact, the majority of the people surveyed believed that people who own cats are kinder, more sensitive, and compassionate in comparison to other pet owners. Apart from this, cats inextricably bonds with their owner in a short amount of time. The bond of a cat to its owner is directly proportional to the level of trust a cat puts in you. Here are a few of the facts that proves cats are just awesome:

  1. Be Smarter With Your Cat: An experiment conducted, a comparative study regarding which of these owners will be more intelligent: cat or dog? The result clearly showed that cat owners were sharper, highly observant, and intelligent as compared to that of the dog’s owner. Isn’t this great? Your feline helps in the transformation of your intelligence.
  1. Always Alert – Even In Sleep: Cats are always vigilant – you might think they are asleep or couldn’t hear you, but this is not the case. Cats can sleep and hear even in the deep slumber. There is no way you can take a cat by surprise. Why cats are awesome? Well, now you got your answer.
  1. Communication With The Owner: Cats only “meow” with their human when they want to interact. Adult cats use noise as a form of communication – to convey a message that whether they are hungry, or you need to clean their litter box. Another reason for this communication is to manipulate their owner giving into the cat’s wish or desire.
  1. Jumping Six Timer Higher: It is a known fact that cats can make a jump up to six times their height. This is how to see your cat on the fence of the wall, or the roof of your house. They are phenomenal jumpers, probably the best after kangaroos.
  1. Cats Are Individualistic: The amount of independence a cat has will have you second-guessing your existence and importance in their life. Cats are self-sufficient – they do not need abundant effort and time for themselves from you. Half an hour top of rigorous and interactive playing and your cat is good to go for the rest of the day on their own. Cats do not disturb your routine, just make sure you clean their litter box, on a priority basis.
  1. Cat is a “Super-pet”, If Not Superman: There are numerous qualities of a cat and a plethora of benefits of owning a cat. Studies have shown that cats are super-pet, this is, although they sleep more than 14 hours a day, these pets are high on energy levels, alert on the intruder or pest control mission, etc. Moreover, it has been tested that although many people are allergic to cats; if a cat, irrespective of the age, is exposed to a child/children from a young age, they develop strong immunity towards dust allergies, dust mites, etc.
  1. Cats are Healers – Similar to a Werewolf: Another good thing about the cat is they are healers – the purring sound that the majority of the people associate with contentment and happiness, is in actuality, the sound of muscle and bone regeneration. This way a cat lives a long and healthy life. This unique healing ability of felines has given humans a new outlook towards healing and medical transformation – can a human body heal bone and muscle through frequency therapy? Cats are indeed awesome (or for the use of a better word “meow-some!”).
  1. Cat – An Inquisitive Minded Pet: Cats are extremely intelligent with an inquisitive mind that is always curious and looking for the sources of the noise/sound. It is safe to say that cats are still a mystery to science. There are not many pieces of research that indicate the intelligence of a feline. The little there is explains that cats are, undoubtedly, the most intelligent creature. Cats have 300 million neurons whereas dogs have only 160 million. This high-octane and potent brainpower fuels a cat’s intelligence.

There are still a lot of things the world is unaware of about cats – their level of intelligence, being at the top of the list. But, what we do know is that cats are funny – they are playful, easy-going, and emotional. Nothing can beat the effect of coming home after a perplexing day and watching your cat frolic around after his/her toys, acting like a clown, or the way they snuggle up next to you to show their care, appreciation, and love to you. Additionally, cats are hygiene-conscious pets that will never roll in mud, water, grass, or anywhere that is not pristine and clean. Although, they might scratch your leather-bound furniture and give it designs of their creation, but hey! You still love them.

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