Six Domestic Cat Breeds That Are the Largest

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Closeup view of a domestic cat

Domestic cat breeds come in all sizes. They come in tiny sizes, as well as large ones. However, larger domestic cats are more in demand these days, probably because of how adorable they are!

Domestic cat breeds

Many cats have been bred to be domestic. This means that they will not survive for long outdoors or without proper owners who will keep them inside their house. This is because their genetics have changed due to getting bred in a specific way. This means they have become cats who love luxurious lifestyles. They are not born with the ability to fight that well anymore, at least not as well as wild cats.

So, these domestic cat breeds need to be protected and kept safe inside the house. Do this, and your cat will forever love you!

Domestic shorthair cat

This cat breed has mixed ancestry. This means that it does not belong to any specific ancestry or one specific breed. They are named ‘domestic shorthair cat’ because their fur coat is short. They are found all over the world, including the Philippines and Britain.

Traits of domestic shorthair cats

These cats are usually very friendly and loving. They love showing humans affection. It varies from cat to cat, but these cats generally are very playful, even with strangers. It may take some cats some time to warm up to their human friends, but you will notice that they will not want to leave your side once they do.

Gray domestic shorthair cat

They are usually 12 to 15 pounds in size, which means they are on the larger side of average domestic cats. Because their coat is so short, it is easy to keep clean. If you have one of these kitties at your house, perhaps plan on purchasing a shampoo and conditioner – one that is made specifically for cats.

This will keep your cat’s fur sleek, silky and soft, as well as clean. Because these domestic cat breeds have shorter hair than the average cat, you should be able to clean and brush out any tangles that occur too. Tangles often occur in a cat’s fur. It is important to brush their fur out so that this does not happen, as it can be difficult to cut out and painful for the cat.

Siberian cat

This cat was made to be cuddled. Siberian cats are one of the largest domestic cats. They are large and also have a lot of furs. These cats can weigh up to 26 pounds, so before you adopt one, make sure you have the capacity for that kind of weight in your lap!

Portrait of a Siberian cat

The Siberian cat is a domestic cat breed, and it is supposed to stay inside your house rather than roam the outside world freely. A fun fact about this domestic cat breed is that it has a waterproof fur coat. This is because it has an oily guard fur coat.

Ragamuffin cat

This is one of the biggest domestic cats. They can grow up to 15 inches in height and weigh about 20 pounds. These cats are very cuddly too and have huge eyes that will melt your heart. They are very playful and easygoing.

These cats also get along with other animals great. So, adopt this domestic cat breed if you have other animals in the house. Even if you have other breeds of cats in the house, perhaps adopt this breed because these cats will not be getting into fights with your other pets. A fun fact about these cats is that even though they are so large, they don’t grow fully until about four years of age. Before that, they are not fully grown.

Ragdoll cat

Ragdoll cats are one of the largest domestic cats. The average weight of these cats is anywhere from 20-25 pounds. These cats are very beautiful to look at. In almost all cases, they have piercing blue eyes, and they have very oval-shaped eyes. They also make great family pets, as they are also very friendly cats.

White Ragdoll cat

They get along with other breeds of cats very well, and even other animals such as dogs. They are very calm cats and friendly, too. If you invite your friends over, watch as this domestic cat breed makes friends with them!

Turkish van cat

This domestic cat breed is one of the most friendly cat breeds. It is just like a large ball of fur. It can weigh up to 25 pounds, so make sure you have space on your lap when you adopt one of these cats! This domestic cat breed commands a lot of attention from her parents and generally to everyone around her.

Your Turkish van cat will want to play around you all the time and be the center of attention in the household. These cats are very loveable and are the perfect pet if you live alone and need a loyal companion.

Maine Coon domestic cat breed

Sitting Maine Coon

This domestic cat breed can weigh up to 20-22 pounds. They are one of the largest domestic cat breeds. The Maine coon cat has a very soft coat that is and silky to the touch. These cats have very long and bushy tails. This is one of the reasons that these cats break the record very often for being the largest cats, because of their huge tails!

They are also very friendly and great with children. They do not bite or scratch and understand that children are not a threat to them. These domestic cat breeds are very large and super cuddly. They love to play and be played with. They love being around humans and enjoy interacting with other animals, including other domestic cat breeds.

If you decide whether to adopt a domestic cat breed, choosing one of these would be the best choice you can make!

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