Is Oriental Shorthair a Breed of Domestic Cat?

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Portrait of an Oriental Shorthair cat

Oriental Shorthair cats are one of the cutest breeds of cats available, but that’s not all. They are also super loving and love showing their affection for people. If that sounds like the kind of cat you would want to keep, then oriental cats are for you!


Oriental Shorthair cats are medium-sized cats. They can weigh anywhere from 7 to 12 pounds and are generally about 8 to 12 inches in height. Their coat length, which is their fur, is short. This is a great thing for people that live in warmer climates. Cats with thick fur in warmer climates are more at risk of falling ill due to the heat.

White Oriental Shorthair cat looking back

They wouldn’t be able to take it. Imagine wearing a fur coat out in the summertime! Cats feel hot, too, just like us humans. Oriental Shorthair cats are also low maintenance in this sense. They do not require you to turn the air conditioner on all day which would rack up the bill.

Vocal kitties

Oriental Shorthair cats love talking! A cat’s way of communicating is to meow, and boy, do these cats love meowing. They are very communicative and openly vocal. If your oriental shorthair wants to eat food or needs to use the litter, they will let you know. These are not cats that shy away from asking for anything. They are also a great companion if you are up for a chat!

Friendly Cats

Oriental Shorthairs are such sweet little creatures. They get along well with anyone. You can call your guests over and bring in your cat to impress them. Your oriental shorthair will be able to turn on the charm and win your friends over! They are also especially great with children and can sense that the child is harmless and innocent.

This makes them want to play with the child more. Don’t worry about your oriental shorthair scratching your child or hurting them; they are very sweet, friendly cats. Another great thing about this breed is that they get along great with other animals too.

Oriental Shorthair kitten

So, if you have any other animals and want to adopt a new kitty, oriental shorthair cats are the way to go. Many cat owners have multiple cats that are of different or even the same breed. If this is the case, oriental shorthair cats are a great breed to adopt and take into your home because they greatly get along with other animals.


Training cats can sometimes be difficult. Unlike dogs, cats do not live to please their owners. However, oriental shorthairs make it easier on you. They are fairly easy animals to train. You can easily potty train them, so they only use the litter and not anywhere else in your house. You can also teach them to shake your hand and greet you or run toward the ball when you throw it.


These cats love playing around with humans and other animals. You can play with your oriental shorthair all day, and they won’t get tired! It is almost as if these cats have an unlimited supply of energy.


Oriental Shorthair cats have an average life span of anywhere from 12 years to 15. They are generally healthy cats if treated well. They are not very high maintenance in regards to their health, but like any other animal, there are certain diseases these cats are more susceptible to.

One of these is Amyloidosis. Amyloidosis is a very serious health condition. In this, an abnormal protein named Amyloid deposits itself in the muscles and tissues of these cats, which can cause their organs to fail, or even death of these sweet creatures. Unfortunately, this condition is not something you can prevent because it is not something that forms due to the cat’s environment. Rather, it is inherited by the cat at birth.


Relaxing Oriental Shorthair cat

These cats are super low maintenance when it comes to grooming them and keeping them clean. Cats lick themselves to keep clean anyway, but a good scrub once in a while never did anyone any harm! Oriental Shorthair cats have very short coats, which are super easy to care for.

All you need to do is brush them daily so that no tangles or knots form in their fur, which will cause them pain. You can also invest in a good cat shampoo to keep your oriental shorthair clean. These cats do shed all year round, but the amount of fur they shed is comparatively less than many other cat breeds.

Special care

Oriental Shorthair cats are easy enough to take care of in regards to their fur. However, they do have large ears that require your special attention. You can take your oriental shorthair cat to the vet for cleaning or do it yourself at home. These cats have bat-like ears and because they are so deep. You can get a cotton swab and wet it with some warm water. Gently rub your cat’s ears from the inside and the outside with this cotton swab. Do this a few times a week, which should keep them clean enough.


These cats are especially smart. They are great at reading cues and very quick learners. That is why Oriental Shorthair cats are so easy to train. To keep their brains stimulated, you can play with these cats, it will keep them active and young. Oriental Shorthair price is usually around $600, which is worth it because these cats are very sweet and friendly. They love being around people and get along great with other cats and animals too.

However, always be mindful of any harm that may come in the way of these cats. Teach your children and train your other animals not to harm these cats and stay friends with them. The friendlier you are with these cats, the more love and affection they will show you. There is nothing to not love about these adorable cats!

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