Kurilian Bobtails Look Similar to a Wild Cat, but This Breed Is Exceedingly Gentle; How?

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Kurilian Bobtail cat walking in the park

As the name suggests, the Kurilian Bobtails have a very short tail that looks as if they were either cut off or injured in an accident. But many people may not know that Kurilian Bobtails are born that way, and it is in their genes to have a short tail; who knew genes also determine tail length! Many people may think that this breed is a wild cat at first glance, but they couldn’t be any more wrong.

Unlike the wild cat, Kurilian Bobtails are domesticated and tend to be very gentle. In contrast, the name of the wild cat already tells us a lot about how ‘wild’ it is.

Similarity: Kurilian Bobtails and wild cats have similar fur patterns

A Wildcat and Kurilian Bobtail Cat will usually have dark stripes that run over their bodies, including their faces and tails. Despite having a small tail, Kurilian Bobtails have a fuzzy tail that is sometimes even referred to as a pom tail. Its features make it look as if someone glued a furry pom on a cat.

Kurilian Bobtail looking to the side

A small tail such as that causes the Kurilian Bobtails to have mediocre control of sharp maneuvers.

Difference: wild cats are feral, Kurilian Bobtails are cuddle babies.

Wild cats tend to be quite withdrawn and do not accept human company. When they see any human approaching, they will try their damnedest to get away from them. They will bare their teeth at you, and if it is a particularly aggressive wild cat, it may even attack you. So be sure to keep your distance as they will not hold back once they start attacking you.

On the other hand, Kurilian Bobtails have become quite fond of humans and appreciate having them as a company. They will seek any and every opportunity to be able to snuggle up next to you, and they will follow you around everywhere you go. Unlike their wild look-alikes, they are pretty fond of humans and especially love the company of children.

Similarity: Both of them have similar fur

Besides having similar fur patterns, they have similar fur coats too. Kurilian Bobtails have a short to a semi-long-hair fur coat, which is the same case with the wild cat. It is advantageous for both of them.

The wild cat will have more mobility, and little sticks and dust will often not get stuck when hunting. Similarly, Kurilian Bobtails will have to be groomed less compared to other breeds when they have short fur coats.

Kurilian Bobtail kitten sitting

They can grow out their fur coats, though, so that they can better combat the icy chills of the winter and stay warm until the spring, which is when shedding season begins for both the Kurilian Bobtails and the wild cat.

Difference: wild cats are better hunters

It may be no surprise when I say that wild cats are better hunters. It is because the only way they have of feeding themselves is by hunting smaller animals. Kurilian Bobtails, however, hunt small mice or other vermin more as a way to relieve stress or to have some exercise, rather than hunting as a way to survive.

So they have to hone their hunting skills accordingly. And this is why the wild cat has more hunting prowess than the Kurilian Bobtail.

Some other facts about both breeds

Wild cats tend to have larger teeth, bigger muscles, and bigger nails so that it is easier for them to catch larger prey. Kurilian bobtails, however, lack such features and have features that are more similar to other cat breeds. They may look similar, but Kurilian Bobtails are a naturally occurring breed of a domesticated cat. So it is no surprise that it does not have the same features as the wild cat.

Kurilian Bobtails also have quite some restrictions on their diet. For example, they cannot digest carbohydrates at all, and if you give them foods containing more carbs than fats and protein, it could prove fatal for your cat.

Even if they survive, they may become fragile and may get diseases such as diabetes. On the other hand, wild cats can go many days without eating anything that contains fats and proteins. Because their bodies are better suited to survive without eating for many days. They can even eat carbohydrates for quite a while without any negative consequences.

Little boy holding Kurilian Bobtail kitten

Kurilian Bobtails are also known to be lap cats, and due to their gentle nature, they do not mind being picked up while they mind their business. They are known to be the cuddle masters by some owners, and hugging them seems very comfortable due to their fur’s softness and large bodies.

On the other hand, wild cats will probably not entertain your wishes of cuddling with them and would probably seek an opportunity to attack or injure you. So be wary of a wild cat if you meet one outdoors and keep in mind that they may look similar. Still, the wild cat in front of you and the Kurilian Bobtail you have back at home are two VERY different cats.


Kurilian Bobtails are not related to the wild cat at all, so even if they look alike, you cannot compare them because they technically belong to different species, let alone being from the same genus.

However, similar to the wild cat, Kurilian Bobtails are very active. They tend to jump around and like to climb objects. They are excellent jumpers, love jumping from high places, and enjoy going through an obstacle course.

It is also not a great thing to compare a housecat with a cat born, grows, and dies in the wild, so they are perfectly suited for the environment they are used to.

If both of them switch places, they may even start to devolve into each other. Unwanted features such as big muscles and large teeth will shrink, and a wild cat may start looking like a domesticated house cat or vice versa.

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