Why Do Cats Look for Warmth?

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Why Do Cats Look for Warmth

After getting ignored by your cat for most of the summer months, how does it feel when they suddenly remember your presence and come to cuddle you in winters? Even though we find it very adorable, those daredevils are just using you for warmth.

Yeah, cats do like to cuddle and show affection to their parents– but to a certain degree! Right now, they are just here to bask in the warmth that you provide them.

Desert Ancestry

Compared to humans, who have a temperature of 98°F, cats have a higher body temperature of up to 102°F. Cats are the descendants of ancient desert animals who used to thrive in hot and toasty climates; therefore, domestic cats are also wired to live and develop in warm climates and don’t appreciate the cold too much.

Cats are sensitive to cooler weather, and those who live in cold climates compensate for the low temperature by seeking out the warmth in your lap, under thick blankets, or lounging in front of the heater.

However, some breeds have developed quite thick furs that help them stay warm effectively. These cats are usually found in colder climates like Maine Coon and Kurilian Bobtail. But the ones originating in warmer areas of the world need other methods of staying warm, including the Sphynx cat, Peterbald, and Burmese cats.

Maine Coon cat and kitten

Warmth and Age of Cats

The age of cats can effectively help you determine how much warmth they may require. Cats also have fewer heat receptors than us; when we feel pain at 112 degrees, cats don’t feel it until it reaches 126 degrees, making cats burn more easily.

Newborns don’t have the ability to produce heat on their own; therefore, they rely on their mothers for warmth. However, they do have a strong sense of temperature; so, they easily find their mother by using the receptors on their face. This is also why you need to keep the kittens warm who have been orphaned because the kittens who feel too cold stop eating and have very small chances of survival.

Effective Ways to Keep Your Cat Warm

There are a couple of ways you can help your cat in getting warm. Instead of letting them sit too close to heat sources like the heater, radiator or fireplace, take precautions to keep them safe but still provide them with cozy and warm vibes. Some things you can do to keep cats warm are as follows:

Use Heated Pet Beds

Cats love it when their beds are warm and toasty. Their fur is very thin, and they get quite cold in the winter season. Using heated pet beds is an effective method as the heating pads inside the beds are pressure-activated. So as soon as the cat lies down on the bed, it heats up and keeps your cat cozy and warm inside the bed.

Don’t Put their Bed too Close to a Heat Source

To stop your cats from burning or getting too close to a heat source yet keeping them warm and cozy, you can put their bed, favorite pillow, or blanket near the heater, radiator, or fireplace. This way, they get the warmth they need and also stay away from a direct heat source.

Cover them with Thick Blankets

If your pretty kitty is feeling cold and has decided to curl up in your lap, but you have some work to do, but still want to give them the warmth they desire, you can compel them to stay in warm blankets. Keeping warm blankets handy in all parts of your home will ensure that your cat never gets cold!

A woman is covering her cat with a thick blanket

Precautions to Take

Cats crave warmth, but their insulated furs and fewer receptors don’t allow them to feel the heat as much as we can. They like to cuddle with warm heat sources but don’t notice the heat until it becomes dangerous.

This problem becomes especially dangerous when people start their heating equipment, like radiators, heating pads, and heated footrests. Your cat goes to cozy up on them or near them and lies there for too long without feeling much heat and gets burned.

You also have to take care of things near the heat sources; cats like to wreak havoc when they find things they can play with. So, keep things like clothes and towels away from heaters and radiators; otherwise, cats can pull them over the heating source that can be a cause for a fire.

A cat is relaxing close to a fireplace

So, the first security measure you should take is to keep your cats away from every heat source. Make sure that their blanket, bed, pillow, whatever they like to sleep in, stays at a safe distance. The next thing you have to see is that no hanging things are kept near the heating equipment, whether it’s clothes, towels, or curtains. Because knowing kittens, an unnecessary fire isn’t far!

Final Thoughts

Yes, cats like to stay warm and cozy; no matter how warm their fur is, these felines crave toasty temperatures.

If they still keep going to the heat source, tempt them with a cozy-looking space. A warm blanket or just scoop ’em up in your arms and cuddle them to death so that they don’t try escaping towards the heat sources because no place is a better heat source than your parent’s arms! Affectionate and cozy!

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