15 Breed Differences of Heritable Behavior Traits in Cats

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15 Breed Differences of Heritable Behavior Traits in Cats

Before getting into the breed differences, it is important to understand that domestic cats don’t have a pedigree history of their lineage. Still, the purebred cats do, and the hybrid cats are cross-bred with the other feline varieties. This means that the traits in cats will be different according to their breeds and types.

Breed Differences in Social Behavior

The breed differences of cats can be recognized through their behavior traits and their social behavior as well. E.g., the British Shorthairs tend to have the highest probability for decreased contact with people and the outside world, whereas the Korats have a low probability of being that way.

Turkish Vans, however, displayed more aggression towards people, whereas the British Shorthairs were more aggressive towards strangers.

Differences Between the Breeds in Case of Non-social Behavior

The Cornish, the Rex, the Korat, and the Bengal cats are some of the most active breeds, and the British Shorthairs tend to be the least active breeds of all times. The Blue cats are the ones that tend to be shyer towards novel objects, and the Cornish Rex and Persian cats are the least likely to do so.

Then there are house cats, the Maine Coons, the Turkish Vans, and Norwegian Forest cats, each possessing different behavioral traits. But they are still more likely to perform the wool sucking. However, the Russian Blue cats aren’t likely to do so. Their behavior traits are much different than the other breeds.

A bengal cat is jumping
A Bengal cat is jumping

Types of Cats and Their Characteristics

Cats are small mammals that belong to the Felis catus species and have different behavior traits depending on breed types. Most of them might be domestic species, while others might be from the family of Felidae.

Cats can either be domestic cats, house cats, or wild cats depending on their lifestyle. The Felidae family species of cats tend to have much of a healthy body. They have sharper teeth and retractable claws.

They tend to have fast reflexes and can easily survive and kill small prey.

Most cats tend to have a sense of night vision and smell, but it can be heightened depending on the type of cat, and the behavior traits might vary.

Types of Breeds and Their Characteristics

Certain cats tend to gain more recognition and popularity due to possessing more unique personality traits and different behavioral traits. They have physical appearances which tend to be stunning, and certain breeds live much longer as well.


This is the cat breed that has been popular since the 19th century and originated in Thailand. This breed of cats was formerly known as the Siam. This was a foundational breed of the Oriental Shorthair, Sphinx, and the Himalayan.

Siamese cats tend to have distinctive features and behavior traits that differ from the other breeds. They tend to have marking, the points which are their areas of coloration on the face, tail, ears, and feet.

Moreover, their body is much slender, and they have a larger head. Siamese cats are known for their intelligence and vocal skills since they have good people skills.

Siamese cat relaxing on wooden floor
A Siamese cat is relaxing on wooden floor


Persian cats are known to be quite popular cats that are referred to as having a smushed face. These cats tend to have a long fur coat and come in almost any color, including flat faces compared to other cat breeds.

Moreover, they have behavior traits quite different from other breeds. They are known to be relatively quiet than the others and are described as sweet cats. They love to lounge around and tend to enjoy attention and affection. Moreover, they don’t usually demand attention as much as they enjoy it.

Persian cat sitting in front of a door
A Persian cat is sitting in front of a door

Maine Coon

These cats are typically known for having a very large structure and thick fur coat, making them difficult to overlook once you’ve seen them. They tend to be one of the most famous and popular breeds of cats and have distinctive characteristics and behavior traits. They are known to be quite friendly but also very goofy.

They aren’t huge on personality, but they tend to be family pets that people enjoy having around them.

Moreover, Maine Coons are mostly obedient, but they sometimes behave like pack animals. Most of them tend to have polydactylism and extra toes, which means their feet appear larger than others. The coloration on them is mostly brown tabby but can also come in many other colors.

Maine Coon sitting on white table
A Maine Coon is sitting on a white table


The Ragdoll cat breed typically gets its name due to its docile temperament and tendency to go to a limp whenever they are picked up. They are pretty similar to a ragdoll. The behavior traits of this cat breed also differ from those of the others.

Ragdolls’ appearance is similar to the Siamese cats with the pointed color patterns. However, they have more distinctive blue eyes and tend to have more dog-like personalities. Ragdolls are also known for having behavioral traits, which are calm, gentle, and being sociable at the same time.

They can be affectionate without seeming as high maintenance. Ragdolls have a devotion to their owners just like dogs do. It is said that they are also attuned to emotional needs, which makes them more of a companion animal.

Ragdoll cat standing and looking back
A Ragdoll cat standing and looking back


This cat breed tends to be wild-looking. Bengal cats’ marking makes them seem like they belong to wildlife or a jungle more than a home. However, regardless of this physical appearance, they are still domesticated cats. They tend to be talkative and also require a lot of exercise.

The physical appearance shows that they come in many colors and patterns as well. The Bengal cats tend to be extremely intelligent, very curious, and active. These behavior traits tend to be distinct from some other cat breeds and are passed down through the generations of this breed.

Moreover, it is important to note that Bengal cats get to be very destructive and might cause many repairing costs. However, they are always fun to have around a quiet house.

A Bengal cat sits on the sofa
A Bengal cat is sitting on a couch


This breed of cats originated from Ethiopia. This breed of cats tends to have a lot of distinctive features and behavior traits that distinguish them from other breeds. They have a unique and branded look, including pointy and tall ears, a muscular body, and a wedge shape of the head.

However, the behavior traits of this breed include being extremely active, and they are also curious as they tend to follow their owners around to know what they are up to. They are very playful and also considered to be quiet, intelligent, and they enjoy human company. They tend to be extremely attached to their family and enjoy a lot of space for performing activities due to being extremely active.

Abyssinian cat sitting on floor
An Abyssinian cat is sitting on the floor


The Birmans tend to have a color-pointed feature and physical appearance in their cats, making them look similar to a Siamese or a ragdoll. They tend to have medium eyes and a primary trait that makes them seem quite different from a few other breeds. Their behavior traits help them feel distinguished from the other cat breeds.

Their marking and personalities greatly vary as well. Moreover, this breed of cats has the behavior traits like being extremely gentle and playful and very friendly and curious. However, what sets them apart is their loving and friendly nature, which all breeds don’t have.

Birman kitten in front of flower background
A Birman kitten is standing in front of flower background

Oriental Shorthair

It is a cat breed with the most loving, curious, and chatty traits, resembling the Siamese parent breed. Even if the physical appearance is similar to another breed, but combing the personality, the behavior traits are very distinctive.

However, when you catch a glimpse of these cats, you might think of them as Siamese due to their slender look and might see a glimpse of another breed. They have green eyes and many patterns and colors as well. They have long hair but lack fur.

These cats have a very captivating physical appearance and have a winning personality.

Oriental Shorthair cat relaxing at home
An Oriental Shorthair cat is relaxing at home


This breed of cats tends to be highly outgoing and people-oriented. Its behavior traits mostly include being extremely naughty. They tend to love attention a lot and can be talkative as well.

Moreover, they are also very intelligent, playful, and love to cuddle. They love to purr. This is one of the breeds that never really shed and have a unique look due to all the fur. Sphynx cats are considered royalty due to their sophisticated look. Due to their playful and goofy nature, these breeds gain a lot of attention and popularity and are greatly loved.

Sphynx kitten lying on carpet
A Sphynx kitten is lying on a carpet

Devon Rex

This cat breed has a lot of energy. It tends to be very active, which is its most recognized personality out of all other behavioral traits.  Moreover, this breed is also enchanting to look at, and in terms of behavior traits, it is loved.

Devon Rex cats tend to have very wavy hair, which is also short and soft. They have slender bodies and enormous ears, which is a distinct physical appearance. Moreover, they can easily be trained as they have universal behavior traits as well.

A Devon Rex cat is relaxing on a bed
A Devon Rex cat is relaxing on a bed


The Himalayan cats have an extremely remarkable and noticeable presence. The behavior traits of this breed include being extremely smart, very affectionate, and devoted to people they are attached to. They tend to be very close to their owners and might also be a little too sensitive to abandonment issues.

Hence, it is best not to neglect them. Moreover, these cats tend to be a sub-breed and cross between the Persian and the Siamese. They have achieved variations in their physical appearance because this looks very attractive. They love attention and have extremely playful personalities.

Young Himalayan cat
A Himalayan cat is sitting and looking to the side

American Shorthair

This is another breed of cats that tend to have behavior traits, including being overly friendly and playful, and seem to be surprisingly accepting of other pets in one household. 

They have a very laid-back and mellow personality, which is one of the distinctive behavior traits. This is an all-American breed of cat which tends to be highly intelligent as well. They have a round face and very short ears and are medium-sized. They tend to have a gentle nature and are popular with children.

American Shorthair kitten sitting on chair
An American Shorthair kitten is sitting on a chair

Turkish Vans

These cats’ personality includes the behavior traits like being extremely energetic, playful, and full of life. They tend to require a lot of attention and have the tendency to be the favorite pets in a household full of pets due to their loving vibes.

Moreover, they have powerful hind legs, which means they are excellent jumpers and can jump good heights. They like to be cuddled and are very affectionate as well.

Turkish Van cat looking up
A Turkish Van cat with different eye colors looking up


This breed of cats has distinctive behavior traits; they are pretty smart. Korats tend to be very laid back in nature as well and are very cuddly.

They are playful and active, but their attachment and bond with family are their main behavior traits. It makes the cats act more affectionately, and they tend to have the instinct to keep their families safe. Moreover, they also tend to be skittish and very aloof, especially around strangers.

A Korat cat with yellow eyes
A Korat cat with gray fur and yellow eyes

Norwegian Forest

These are the cats that tend to have behavior traits that are lovable and very popular. This breed does certainly live up to its tumultuous history and appearance as well.

Norwegian Forest cats are known to be very sweet, gentle, and also shy around new people. However, when they open up, they are highly social, friendly and can even be affectionate once they get comfortable.

Sitting Norwegian Forest cat
A Norwegian Forest cat is sitting and looking to the side


In conclusion, the different breeds indeed have very different behavioral traits. Most of them have very distinctive personalities and physical appearances. It is important to understand that these breeds inherit behavior traits and are passed down to the next generations.


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