Cat’s Most Favorite Hiding Spots

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Cat's Most Favorite Hiding Spots

Cats are curious, unpredictable, mischievous, and sometimes a massive problem for their parents. Having a cat can be quite troublesome because of her food preferences, litter box habits, demand for attention, and hiding places.

If you are a new cat owner, I hope there is never a single day of your life passed when you don’t find your little cat in every possible place of the house. Though, cats love to play games, including hiding and seek. But the moment you miss keeping an eye on them, be prepared to find her in every nook and corner. This is typical behavior in feline cats that initially lies in their wild ancestry. Feline creatures don’t hide when they feel scared or have unpleasant emotions. Sometimes they hide to find a warm, quiet and comfortable spot for a long nap.

We know how difficult it is for cat owners to cope with their cat’s hiding habits. Therefore, in this article, we will focus on some of the favorite hiding places of cats. So let’s begin!


These are perhaps the most typical hiding place for cats. They are fond of cardboard boxes because they provide them a good refuge. Cardboard boxes are often good insulators and keep the cat’s body warm and cozy.

Not only do boxes provide cats with a comfy place, but they are also a source of entertainment for many cats. They play with them, jump in and out, and use them for scratching their claws or hunting or attacking something. You can make their place more hospitable by putting a warm cushion or blanket inside to help them sleep.

Behind the Curtain

Cats love to hide behind the curtains but enjoy playing with them. They often chase the curtain’s fabric as the moving curtain appears like a living creature. Curtains are usually made from heavy fabric; you might have noticed your cat moving around, rubbing her fluffy body against the curtain to get comfort during the cold. Unfortunately, some cats who have not been trained use curtains to keep their nails sharp as a scratcher. You can avoid your cat’s habit by getting her scratching posts.

A cat is sitting behind curtain


Cats always take advantage of their size, so they try to fit in the dryer or drum of a washer. These are the best hiding places for cats as they are quiet, dark, and very protective. Unfortunately, in some situations, their favorite areas are also hazardous. When the cat hides inside the appliances and the machine is turned on unintentionally, they can drown. Even if the machine is not running, but its door is closed, it can still be very traumatic for cats. Therefore, always check if your cat is inside them before using any appliances.

A cat is sitting inside a washing machine


For outdoor cats, vegetation is the quintessential hiding place. Cats hide in the vegetation in trees, flower beds, bushes, or a nearby field to play safe. Cats use this environment to hide from predators, for example, by building a house in the vegetation. Their behavior also reflects it, as they are often spotted sleeping in high places, similar to the forest of the wild. Indoor cats also do the same with houseplants or in gardens.

Radiators and Heaters

As mentioned above, cats love to hide in places, especially during cold weather. One of the cat’s favorite hiding places includes a radiator. Cats get a lot of comfort when the radiator is not burning hot. For cats, radiators are the ideal spot to stay calm and cozy.


Did you ever try to find your cat behind the curtains or doors and always spot her on the shelves? Cats like high places and shelves are their favorite high hiding place. Whether your shelves are decorated with showpieces or filled with lots of books, your cat will still jump to the height to inspect what is going on in her territory. So, if your cats like to climb shelves, you need to be prepared and careful not to put any delicate things up there.  

A funny cat is hiding in a pile of towels in the wardrobe

Pipes and Vents

Pipes and ventilation shafts aren’t always welcoming for cats looking for a haven. They’re either too rainy or too windy. On the other hand, some may appear to be the ideal place. If warm air is moving via a vent, it may be an excellent place to stay warm. Cats are excellent contortionists and can often manipulate their bodies to hide in places we wouldn’t think they could.


Whether it is your gym bag, school bag, or luggage, bags are the perfect place to hide for purr babies. However, some can be hazardous for cats as they don’t provide enough suffocation to hidden cats. Also, it is unlikely that cats will suffocate in a plastic bag, which can only happen if they become entangled in it. On the other hand, some cats have a habit of chewing bags; therefore, you should avoid using plastic bags in their presence due to suffocation and choking hazards.

A cute kitten is hiding inside a paper bag

Drawers and Cabinets

Don’t be surprised if you find your cat inside the drawers or cabinets. Cats are very clever; they are nimble enough to open some doors and cabinets. They like to hide in these dark, quiet spaces from a busy household. Ensure to check your drawers and don’t leave them closed for a long time; in some conditions, it can be impossible for cats to get out again. However, they make noises to let their owners know they are there.

Car Engines

If your cat can access your garage, she might sneak into the car’s engine for a nap. This is more likely to happen when the weather is chilly. It is because the engine warms up as soon as it is started; it can be tempting to a chilly cat. If you don’t find your cat anywhere, you need to be highly cautious when starting the car. If your cat is startled, she may be unable to come out of the vehicle while it is moving. Also, she may fall out and become entangled in the mechanism.

Wrapping Up

Those mentioned above are the most common favorite hiding places for cats. Though hiding in mysterious places is in a cat’s nature; however, as a cat owner, you should take care and always keep an eye on your cat’s moves. You will never know when a favorite hobby can create problems or become risky.

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