How Do Cats Say I Love You to Their Owners?

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Does My Cat Love Me

How can you say for sure that my cat loves me? Do cats feel love at all? Of course, they do! Cats can become extremely attached to the families they live with, developing feelings of love for them over time.

However, cats cannot simply tell humans that they love them in direct words. This is why they engage in different behaviors and show various love signs. Understanding these signs is the key to decoding a cat’s love as a pet owner.

If you see your pet engaging in any of the following behaviors, these are signs of a cat’s love, and you should reciprocate this with a loving gesture of your own as well.

They Nibble on Your Fingers

One of the most common signs of a cat’s love is that they bite your fingers! This may seem a little strange at first, but hear us out! Cats indeed bite their prey. However, biting can also be a sign of a cat’s love.

If you are a cat owner, you will probably have experienced this. During a petting session, cats often nibble on their owner’s fingers. These little bites are nothing harmful as they do not hurt and do not cause any bleeding.

This sort of nibbling is one of the many signs that your cat loves you. If your cat gently nibbles on your finger when you are sitting free, this is a sign that it wants you to show some love back to it, and you should pet your cat!

Gray kitten biting its owner's finger

They Headbutt You

Another common sign of a cat’s love is that they headbutt or head bunt you. This very strange gesture had puzzled pet owners before any research was carried out on it.

This sign is not only reserved for humans. If a cat head bunts you, it means that the cat slowly approaches you and then touches its forehead to yours. In some other cases, it will rub its forehead with your cheek. You will see your cat doing this with its favorite toys or furniture too! So, if your cat head bunts you, it means that it loves you and wants you to know it. 

We suggest that you react back by either petting your cat or playing with it. This will show your cat that you love it too and is the best way to reciprocate a cat’s love.

Cat headbutting a girl's shoulder

The Back of Their Tail Is Curled

Observe its tail very carefully if you want to know the signs of a cat’s love. A cat’s tail is almost always a dead giveaway of a cat’s emotions. If your cat is moving its tail from side to side, for instance, then this means that your cat is worried about something.

However, if your cat is coming towards you with its tail straight and its edge curved, then this is a sign of a cat’s love! You will often see this when you come back home after a long day at work since your cat is expressing its love for seeing you again.

Another sign of a cat’s love is that it wraps its tail around you. Just think about it, you are standing at the kitchen counter or a table, and your cat comes between your legs and wraps its tails around your leg. This is a sign of your cat’s love since it shows how close it wants to be with you.

They Purr When You Are Nearby

We all know that happy cat purr. A common sign of a cat’s love is that they purr when petted. However, you need to be a bit careful here.

When a cat meows around you, this is a sign that it wants to catch your attention. Maybe something is bothering it, or you just forgot to feed it. Meowing is the sound cats use when they want to attract your attention.

On the other hand, purring is a sign of peace and contentment. If your cat purrs in front of you, it is trying to tell you that it loves you and feels comfortable in your presence.

However, you should learn to distinguish between purring and meowing since they mean different things in the feline world!

Bengal kitten meowing

They Expose Their Belly to You

A sure-shot sign of a cat’s love is that it exposes its belly to you! Yes, you read that right! It might seem strange when you first hear about it. After all, how does exposing your stomach show that you love someone? Well, in the cat world, this is exactly what it means.

To understand this, you need to know the cats’ background. Cats grew up in the jungle, where they always had to look for predators around them. This is why they were always on alert and never became vulnerable in front of anyone. However, when a cat shows you its belly, it puts itself in a vulnerable position for you, where it could easily be attacked.

The fact that your cat is taking this position in front of you shows that they trust you and feel safe around you. This is why this position is a guaranteed sign of a cat’s love! Similarly, if your cat exposes its rear end to you, this is also a sign of a cat’s love.


We hope that our guide helped you understand how cats show their love to you. Cats are truly mysterious animals, and their behavior can be a little hard to decipher at times. We hope to tell you how affectionate cats are in real life through this guide.

Watch out for these little signs of a cat’s love since they tell you how deep a bond you and your pet share. As a cat lover, understanding these signs is extremely crucial!

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