5 Reasons a Cat Contributes to Your Good Health and Well Being

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5 Reasons a Cat Contributes to Your Good Health and Well Being

Cats are extremely important for your good health and well-being. Not a lot of people know this, but cats can have miraculous effects on the human mind and contribute positively to their good health. While we all know that cat owners are famous for being patient, since cats themselves are patient and calm animals, the effects that our feline friends have on human health are even more far-reaching than this!

Lowers the Risk of Allergy

Yes, you heard it right. Having continuous exposure to cats can actually actively prevent you from contracting certain kinds of allergies. This means that there is a direct connection between good health and the exposure you have to your feline friends. One of the most peculiar things found in a scientific study was that young children who grew up with cats were at a significantly lower risk of contracting asthma.

The reason behind this seemingly strange connection is that exposure to cats somehow increases a child’s ability to absorb the chemical called sialic acid. This acid is not a naturally occurring substance in human bodies. However, it is necessary for good health since it reduces reactions caused by inflammation.

Moreover, it also reduces the overall risks of allergies since it prevents your airways from being inflamed. Therefore, adopt a cat for your good health, if not anything else.

Research Related Benefits

Cats contribute indirectly to good health by providing us extremely useful information on human diseases. All research does not mean that cats are harmed or treated cruelly. The best research labs in the world observe all standards of feline safety.

Since cats are mammals as well, the way they react to certain medications for various diseases also found in humans can give scientists tips as to how to develop medicines and treatments for humans for those same illnesses. For instance, cats have Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV).

This is similar to HIV found in human beings, and the research that has been carried out in treating FIV has links to HIV found in human beings as well. Moreover, a type of parasite that causes the illness called toxoplasmosis (T. gondii) and its mutant version found in cats is being used by scientists to make treatments for certain types of cancers in humans.

This is a huge indirect benefit to good health for human beings. Our feline friends could be a source of extremely useful information for us, and perhaps they could hold the cure for seemingly terminal and malign diseases.

Stress Relief

Your feline partners can relief your stress

The silent killer in today’s era is definitely stress and tension. Cats can contribute to our good health by being a good source of stress relief for us. Often times at work, we are exposed to high levels of tension throughout the day. Once you come home, you need to have a proper channel through which you can release your stress.

Some people like working out, but not all of them have the time for it. While activities such as watching television or cooking are good to divert your mind too, they are not as helpful as playing with your cat. You can engage in a range of activities with your feline friends that can lead your and your pet’s good health. This can include anything from games, cuddles, or just spending quality time with them. Chronic stress has been linked to heart diseases and stroke. This shows that playing fetch with your cat or simply having a conversation with them (cats are great listeners!) can lead to good health by preventing stress-related diseases.

Strengthening Bone Health

The purring sounds that cats make actually contribute to good health by improving the movement of our joints and muscles. The science behind this seemingly strange fact is that cats purr at a very particular frequency, and scientists say that this sound can potentially lead to the healing of bones in humans. In fact, doctors are even trying to use this sound on people who have suffered injuries to their joints.

Better Sleep

Yes, cats can help you sleep better. A good night’s sleep is essential for good health. Sleeping for 7-8 hours a day helps keep your memory sharp. Moreover, a restful night’s sleep is essential if you want to be able to function well the next day. Science has also shown that people who sleep for 8 hours a day are at a lower risk of contracting various diseases that come with age. Now, where do cats factor in all of this? Once you get a cat, you will know how great it feels to cuddle with them.

If you live alone, your cat’s presence in your home will give you a sense of security. At times, your feline friend will climb into your bed and sleep with you. This actually helps you sleep better since the warmth and comfort that cats exude help you relax. Surveys have even shown that a lot of cat owners like sleeping with their cats more than their partners. This shows that since cats contribute to a relaxed sleep, they lead to good health in the long run.

Watch Out for Cat Allergies

Take a caution if you have cat-related allergies

However, as a word of caution, we would like to advise you to watch out for cat-related allergies. While cats do contribute to good health, some people generally develop an allergic reaction when they are exposed to cats. If you think that is the case, consult your physician as to the proper medication you should take.

An added bonus!

If you are a cat owner, you probably love your cat irrespective of whether or not they bring added health benefits. However, it is just an added bonus that cats can contribute directly and indirectly to your good health! While cats cannot act as a medicine for any disease, and we would suggest consulting a doctor if you have a particular illness, their contribution to overall good health is undeniable.

If you were on the fence about buying or adopting a cat, maybe these health benefits will push you in favor of getting one! A friend and a stress-reliever, your cat can be your all-in-one! However, in all of this, do not forget to take care of your cat’s health as well!

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