Best Outdoor Activities You Can Do With Your Cat

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Best Outdoor Activities You Can Do With Your Cat

Have you ever noticed your cat staring outside the window? Is it because she is looking for prey? A bird or is it that it’s just curious? It’s curious because you have made sure she’s well-fed and never goes hungry. Taking your cat outside of the house is just as healthy for humans. Taking your cat outside for an adventure or a walk may stimulate her and make their mood happy.

But before you and your cat go outside, you both need to be prepared. Your cat may feel nervous initially, but gradually, it will adjust to the new environment.

How To Prepare Your Cat To Go Out?

You must have noticed that cat parents are now taking their cat-child outdoors for walks because everyone is tired of staying at home due to the pandemic. Ensure you use a proper leash to protect your cat from potential dangers such as dogs, other cats, spikes, litter, cars, birds, and other predators. Cats are sensitive and very gentle animals.

If you use a leash, it might get injured, and you don’t want that. Instead, try using a soft homemade or customized harness, or grab her in your arms if it’s a tiny kitty. Do not try to pull the cat’s collar through a harness or a leash. Instead, make it wear a soft cotton harness around the neck, with an elastic harness that is expendable and flexible.

Black cat walking with harness and leash

Daily Training

If your cat is young, train him to walk with a leash for a few minutes and gradually increase it to 30 minutes daily. Make sure you practice in an area with flat land and grass-like your garden or in a neighborhood park.

Try to go late at night or early morning when there is not much crowd. Your cat does not need distractions while training. Allow him to first adjust to the outdoor environment. The weather must not be too hot or too cold; otherwise, your cat might get irritated and may not move at all.

Ensure you give your cat a treat, a biscuit, meat, or milk once you’re home. Cuddle her, kiss her and bathe her. Your cat will get excited to go out for a walk the next day.

Urban Exploration

You can take your cat out for a walk. Your cat has been trained to walk outside the house with a leash, and you can visit any place you want, a theatre, a park, friends, or a neighbor’s house. Stay prepared to pick up your cat if a dog or a truck is approaching you. Do not hesitate.

Your cat’s reflexes are high. If it sees danger from far enough, it might jump on your arms or a nearby bench to make sure it’s safe. Do not panic or try to hold it or pull its leash. Instead, stay there for a few minutes, make sure the danger has passed by and the cat feels safe, then you can move on.

Driving with a cat

Go Out for a Drive

Let’s start from the beginning. Your cat feels anxious while it’s inside a car. Try to put her inside a cage or a card box so it won’t move much. Now, drive slowly and carefully so your cat won’t fall off the seat.

It’s recommended to train your cat to sit in a car comfortably while they are just a kitten. Try to implement the same method in training the driving as you did with the walking. Don’t punish but give him treats and rewards for listening to your instructions obediently. 

A woman is walking with her cat at the beach


Go out for a picnic with your cat. Have her play for a while without a leash or a stretchable harness. Allow your cat to observe the wild birds, stray dogs, and other cats. You can also allow her to play with them freely. Don’t worry, and they will not run away. They’ll come back to you if you call them. Let them have a little fun, and they deserve it. Get a mat and a blanket, have lunch and rest for a while.

You can visit places like a forest, a lake or a pond. Splash some water on your cat; let her splash some on you. Allow her to play with a ball or a thread. Going to the same place like a garden, park, or a neighborhood can be pretty dull for you and the cat. Go hiking in a mountain or canyons and walk with your cat.


Your cat is as much of a social animal as you are. Just like humans, they need training on walking, running, hiding, and staying safe. It requires a little freedom, and sitting inside 4 walls and one roof can be pretty depressing for them.

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